Thursday, February 19th, 2009

We interviewed supermodel Heidi Klum, so check it out! :) We were VERY lucky to score this interview, as it seemed like mostly traditional media was invited (like E! News, OK Magazine, etc.!). Even though we didn’t have a lot of time to ask questions, it was really great and so exciting to meet her!

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26 thoughts on “Temptalia & Pursebuzz Interview Heidi Klum NYFW

  1. kat

    Oooh shes so pretty in person :) Wow you guys must have had such a great time! I’d be so stoked to meet a VS supermodel haha! You guys work so hard on your blogs/websites though, so you totally deserve it!!

  2. nice, girls! lucky you – and lucky her! =)

  3. Socaltrojan

    That is so cool! I am so jealous! I have always wanted to go to fashion week! She seems really nice and down to earth. I like how she only wears makeup for events, because when you are that gorgeous, you might as well let your natural beauty show! What was your favorite part about being there? How did you score this interview if it was generally for more mainstream media? Did you happen to run in to her there and ask her to give a short interview or was this more formal where you actually set this up with her people in advance and had credentials for the press junket?

  4. Liz

    I am incredibly jealous of you ladies. I would die if I met Heidi!!!

  5. ooooh, thanks for this post Christine. AS other peeps said it, you’re so lucky! I’m not a big celebrity person but I adore Heidi. She’s gorgeous and seems like a very nice person

  6. Lena

    That was a very interesting video.

  7. Meta

    Wow! Fabulous job guys! You guys held yourselves with such composure and professionalism! And you manage to get a decent time with Heidi also. Great job again!

  8. sprut

    great interview! I was really surprised about what she said about false eyelashes, which I have never had any luck doing myself. I think I might try what she said about doing mascara first even though it says not too. I figure if it works for Heidi… 😉

  9. viv

    oh wow!! you guys are so lucky!!! to have met heidi klum!!! i always watch project runway for her 😛 she’s gorgeous 😀

  10. Kirsten

    She doesnt seem very friendly…but that’s really cool that you met her

  11. Zsofi

    great interview!!!
    You did it like a PRO!!!!!!
    In my eyes its a meeting of beauty celebrities :-)

  12. styrch

    How did you manage to score this?? That is SO cool! :)

  13. styrch

    By the way, it would be AWESOME if you could provide transcripts for this and other videos. The background is so loud it’s a little hard to hear what’s being said. Also, it’s a website design best practice to do so (great for accessibility reasons).