Friday, January 25th, 2008

Some exciting news developed this morning, as Temptalia was mentioned briefly in an article called The Key Sites which lists ten of the hottest beauty blogs, by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). The Key Sites is an accompanying article to Beauty In the Blogosphere, an article that talks about the growing influence of beauty blogs on the industry and compares and contrasts some of the issues concerning print vs. blog reviews and usage.  Thanks to WWD and Matthew Evans!

The Key Sites
Ten of today’s hottest beauty blogs, with self-reported readership figures.

Temptalia (
On Site: Ways to learn about beauty in an environment that fosters curiosity.
Founded: October 2006
Readership: 500,000 page views, or 150,000 visits, a month.
Blogger Bio: Founder Christine Mielke, a law student at Santa Clara University, devotes up to 30 hours a week to Temptalia.

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33 thoughts on “Temptalia Mentioned by WWD as One of the Hottest Beauty Blogs!

  1. Tanya

    WoW! thats huge, I am sure this will drive ton new traffic to your site and increase your marketabily :) Congrats on a wonderful step for your website!!

  2. congratulations, the recognition is more than earned!!!

  3. Katherine

    So exciting – congratulations! And as bart said, very well earned.

  4. How exciting!! This a big deal :) Congrats!!

  5. Congrats Christine. Your hard work has definitely redeemed itself.

  6. Joy

    Congrats Christine!! Amazing and well deserved! How do you handle being a law student and putting 30 hrs into the blog??? Me adore!

  7. Carrie

    congrats! That is awesome!

  8. Congrats!! You so worth it!

  9. Lindsay

    Congrats! Your site is awesome!

  10. tricia

    yay for christine!!

  11. lala

    😉 you go girl!!

  12. Madeleine

    Way to go Christine!

  13. taj

    congratulations, Christine !!!
    Thats really really GREAT ! ! ! !

  14. Zsofi

    no surprise at all..
    i always knew,that You are the best on the web 😀
    i really don’t know how You do the law school and the site together.
    but i hope,that You will continue what You are donig right now.
    role model 😀

  15. CRiSTaL

    Congrats! =)
    I appreciate all you do, I really enjoy your website! =)