Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Temptalia is in the process of moving to new digs!

Over the past week, we’ve been slowly but surely migrating Temptalia from its original server to newer, beefier, faster, more awesome dual servers. Though our old server could typically handle our day-to-day load, we all know what a drag it was on MAC-days.  We are hoping with the increased speediness of our Big Daddy servers that this move will address many of those issues and prevent the site from slowing down (period, hopefully!) or timing out on you when we’re experiencing a heavier user load.

If you’re seeing this post, that means you’re already experiencing the site from its new home.

If there were periods where you couldn’t access the blog, that means that, unfortunately, you experienced (along with us) the agony of growing pains!  The move will be completed in the next 24-48 hours, but the majority of users should have access in the next 12 hours.

Unfortunately, some comments may have been lost in the move, though we have done as much as we could to minimize any loss.  We have re-entered approximately 100 comments manually (so if you asked to be notified of a follow-up reply, that data was lost; we assumed you didn’t, for purposes of manual re-entry) but inevitably, not all of them were caught and moved over.  I deeply apologize for this and hope you will continue to leave comments in the future.  Thank you for your understanding :)

Here’s hoping the site is way faster!

P.S. – Why coffee beans as a header? Because after only three hours of sleep and spending all day yesterday nail-biting over server woes, I NEED IT. LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS!

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20 thoughts on “Temptalia is in the process of moving to new digs!

  1. raquel

    I think you guys are amazing!! Congrats on Temptalia’s growth!

  2. Andrea

    Smooth transition in my opinion. Thanks!

  3. awww good luck with the big move my dear friend! I know how stressful and headache-y that can be ugh! I hope all went smoothly! So far you’re loading up super fast on my side, LOVE 😀


  4. Nora

    Good luck! Hope the move isn’t too taxing. Remember the makeup will be there in the morning. :)

  5. Good luck with everything. I just gave you a big shout out on my last video. I always look forward to your emails…your emails make Sephora and MAC very happy sometimes…however, make my checking account cry…lol. Anyway, I don’t know if you will every hear or read the shout out in my side bar of the video, but I you have definitely grown on me. I have unfortunately had to stop following some blogs because of lack of time, but I have to keep you forever:) xx Jennifer

  6. Dummy me…if you want to see the video, just email me at [email protected] as I don’t want to advertise myself on your blog and I can give you the link or I think you actually have my website according to the above form that is filled out. No big deal, I just want you to know that all of your hard work has paid off. My last video was to let everyone know that I am so proud of getting to 10,000 which is no big deal to some, but I am so happy and my goal is to only take four months to get another 10k by promoting on the home page. I just did a fund raiser for Haiti and it felt so great to do something positive. Had it not been for YouTube and the help of a great supplier I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Jennifer

  7. Casey

    Yay for the new move! I am so addicted to this site…I love it..I’m on here everyday to see whats new!

    I’m drinking coffee too. Speaking of coffee….Burger King will start carrying Starbucks in the near future. I will miss their old coffee since its my favorite but I know a lot of people love Starbucks!

  8. Lindsay

    Christine, this is so good to hear! You are so on top of posting everyones comments that when mine didn’t go through, I thought I may have insulted you in a comment or something! Haha! I’m such a worry wart! Anyway, good luck with the new servers and what raquel said, temtalia’s growth!! Im addicted to your site and check it at least 5 times a day! Thanks again and good luck!!!

    • No, no, never! LOL. 99% of comments come through – it’s usually spammy comments or else someone trolling “u r s0 ugli3z!!!” that don’t make it through.

      Thank you! :)

  9. Luisafer

    Yey!!! Congratulations!!! keep growing and being awesome!!!

  10. Yay! Congratulations! This is wonderful news! I just found your site recently but I love it! All of your tips and reviews are so helpful! Keep up all of the good work!