Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

I thought I’d share some lessons I learned while traveling this past February to NYC. Some beauty related, some not so beauty related… but hopefully they’re either entertaining or helpful (maybe even both, if I’m lucky!).

Lesson #1:  Pack Lighter

I am a master packer. Seriously! I do an incredible job of cramming everything I need into one carryon suitcase and one carryon “personal bag” (aka super large shoulder bag). I don’t like to check in my bags, because so many bags get lost, and I know makeup (especially MAC) is often stolen out of bags as they make their way from point A to point B. So if I can, I carryon! Both my carryons were quite heavy, which made lugging them up the jetway stairs kind of a drag, so definitely need to look into lessening the actual weight! I also packed more makeup than I used, and if I had been more forward-thinking… I would have realized I wouldn’t have needed all that makeup!

Lesson #2: Travel Size Everything

I actually would say I learned this lesson several trips ago, but I think it’s a good one to share nonetheless. Buy empty travel sized containers for all of your beauty products. Things like shampoo, conditioner, cleansers, toners, etc. often come in larger sizes than we actually need for our trip. For four days, I certainly didn’t need an entire 8 oz. bottle of cleanser! MAC came out with several travel sized containers a year or two ago, and I really love them. I frequently use them when I travel, so I can lessen the weight of what I take, plus the room they take up!

Lesson #3: Bring a Pillow

If you’re able to, bring a pillow on the plane. Whether it’s inflatable, a neckwrap, or a stuffed animal… BRING IT! Especially if you’re taking a red-eye. I didn’t think I would sleep on the plane, but I just might have dozed off for an hour or two had I had a pillow of some sort. On the way back, I used the hermit crab stuffed animal I bought at FAO Schwartz as a makeshift pillow and got an hour of shut-eye. Consider this a lesson learned!

Lesson #4: Re-Shape Your Body

Since it was Fashion Week, I wanted to slim down, but quite frankly, I suck at getting my fitness on. So, instead I cheated and wore Yummie Tummies underneath my sweaters. It was perfect, though, because I needed to layer with a tank top underneath anyway to add some warmth, but the shapewear kept my waistline looking a little more svelte! They’re comfy and not restricting at all; just feels like a tank top almost!

Lesson #5: Minty Fresh Mouth

Fashion Week is not for the fainthearted. It’s go, go, GO! the entire time you’re there. This translates into lots of treks to the nearest Starbucks for some delicious caffeine-infused concoction. Unfortunately, coffee-breath is not so happening when you’re meeting supermodel Heidi Klum. But neither is chewing gum a particularly sophisticated habit! Solution? SuperSmile Whitening Gum! Conveniently packaged in individually wrapped (like sealed entirely), I can toss a couple in my purse, a few in my camera bag, and some in my pocket. Very high in minty freshness, your mouth is no longer the coffee-shop-of-horrors within a few chews. I kept meaning to try their Quikee, but I only was able to pop in a piece of gum during my on-the-go travels.

Lesson #6: Less is More

I originally feared that I didn’t have enough events, meet-ups, etc. planned, but goodness gracious, I had just enough! Any more and I would have collapsed on the spot. So my new rule of thumb is plan, plan, plan for delays and impromptu opportunities along the way!

Lesson #7: Do Research Beforehand

I really wish I had done some more research regarding places to eat in NYC. I had wanted to get some amazing Italian food, but it didn’t really pan out. So next time… I will have it! But I know now that I need to get a list going and mark down the areas they’re located so I can refer to it on-the-go! (Also need to get some New York Cheesecake… hello!)

Lesson #8: Don’t Get Lost

This seems like an easy thing to say, but don’t get lost! Don’t get on the subway when you’re not a seasoned public transportationist! (Totally made that word up!) You’ll get lost and miss your event! Pay up and take a taxi!

Lesson #9: Plan to Blog

I planned different events and the like, but I didn’t plan time to blog. I just assumed I would have the time, and it turned out I really didn’t. Next time, I’m definitely going to set aside times to blog so I can do more blogging while I’m busy adventuring and it isn’t a bunch of posts all at once!

Lesson #10: Give More Kisses to Loved Ones

Gotta get in more lovin’ with the loved ones before I leave. Includes the boy, the familia, and the puppy!

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28 thoughts on “Temptalia in NYC for NYFW Fall 2009: 10 Lessons Learned

  1. cloudburst

    I hadn’t even thought of makeup getting stolen from suitcases…it both creeps me out that someone would steal someone elses used makeup but also makes me angry to think someone would stoop to that level! I always carry my makeup with me on the plane simply because I would cry if my bags were lost along with my expensive brushes, cherished LE items etc…

  2. i remember not that long ago, we weren’t allowed to bring even powder makeup on the plane. I’m not exactly sure why. I remember my mom telling me about this newspaper article where this lady bought a lot of makeup from a DUTY-FREE shop and then had to throw it out before she went on the plane! They just wouldn’t let her on the plane with eyeshadows or something! =S I’d be super pissed. Other than that, i wanted to say that LUSH Cosmetics carries a lot of solid shampooes and moisturizers with tins that could make packing toiletries SUPER easy/less messy! =)

    • I know, isn’t it crazy?

      Koren was telling me how lipgloss and creams aren’t considered liquids anymore — at least not for the quart-sized liquid bag rule!

      I tested it out, and I made it through with no problems 😀

  3. Carrie

    This is a great list! Travel always teaches so much.
    OK so this will sound like an ad, but whatever: I know I’d be totally clueless in NYC without my trusty New York Moleskine notebook–it has lots of maps and space to write down restaurants and other addresses, etc, for pre-trip planning. I’m a small town girl, so whenever I go to the city I HAVE to take it along!


  4. Faiza

    Number 10 is a good one. We should always show affection to the people we love! :)

  5. hmmm, I travel quite a bit and I have never had anything stolen from my bags. Other than that, great list.

  6. Catherine

    Those are some excellent tips. I have and and always will carry all my makeup and other valuables with me as a carry-on bag. I’d be devestated if I found that any of that stuff was taken :( MAC is way too expensive to be treated lightly. Also i have learned to only take necessary makeup. The last time i traveled, I traveled way too heavy, packing more than i actually used and it took up tons of space. Never again! Gonna get me some travel sized bottles and whatnot :)

    P.s My hello kitty soft vanity case is gonna be excellent for traveling. It has tons of space and lots of compartments for brushes and more!

    • Same, Catherine! I avoid checking in as muchhh as possible. Who knows what I’d do if I went on a long trip, LOL.

      Glad your HK case is going to be a great traveling bag!

  7. Janelle

    If you haven’t done so yet, I always check Yelp.com for restaurant reviews and they cover almost every city. Good list!

    • Tanya

      I soooo agree with the Yelp.com suggestion :) Being a vegan, I also like to use happycow.com for vegi reviews…its so nice having a handy website to find good food choices when traveling. I ALWAYS use one of those websites and have had nothing but great eats while out of town which is a plus :)

      I also am a firm believer in bringing a pillow, I dont travel ANYWHERE without my temperpedic pillow, I will pack less shoes instead of living without my pillow. Its sooooooo worth the good nights sleep it helps me get.

      • I use Yelp all the time, but I swear, most of the restaurants we like only get 3-4 stars, and all of the 4.5-5 stars places we have tried… we didn’t care for!! LOL, I don’t know what that says about our tastebuds ;P

    • Yelp doesn’t steer me very well for restaurants thus far :( I swear, every time we go to a really well-reviewed restaurant, we’re not so impressed, LOL. I think we just have bad taste!

  8. Last Fall was my first FW and it’s overwhelming and exciting at the same time. You’ve listed some excellent points, both for traveling and for attending Fashion Week. Flexibility is key–that and comfy shoes! 😀

  9. Monica

    I don’t go to NY often but I always take the subway and never have a problem! I always ask for help and people are always nice and willing to tell me which way to go. I definitely have a hard time packing light but I never leave my make up to be checked

  10. MiMi

    A good Italian food place in NY is Carmine’s in Time Square. Its pretty popular so I’m sure u’ve gone there already. Great Japenese n Sushi place is Koi in the Bryant Park Hotel. Good Spanish food is either Sofrito or Cabana. N nothing is better than Junior’s Cheescake in Brooklyn! lol…. We all def learn a lot from traveling. I just recently stopped checking in my bags. But i hate the size rules they have for all the liquids n putting it in a quart sized bag. it can get annoying sometimes!

  11. Lauryn

    I wish I had known you needed places to “see/eat” in NY. I know the city like the back of my hand, since i live 20 minutes away. Touristy areas as well as some of those best kept secret places! Next time, lemme know!

  12. Danielle

    Loved reading this entry! I have never heard of yummie tummies before, but I am definitely going to check out their site right now. :)

    • They’re pricey, but they fit well (without making you feel like a stuffed sausage) and they look good on their own. I like using them as layering tanks underneath sweaters :)

  13. I’ve never heard of Yummie Tummies! I definitely need them so I will check them out tomorrow. I saw they’re $62 but if they work…