Vietnamese Tea Ceremony Centerpieces

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Lastly, we will have a Vietnamese tea ceremony shortly before the actual wedding ceremony.  Bouquets were handmade by Noaki.

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25 thoughts on “Vietnamese Tea Ceremony Centerpieces

  1. Melissa

    The use of brooches and rhinestones is so pretty, very classy and classic.

  2. Tricia

    Omg I could just DIE. All of these are so gorgeous! Will you be wearing a traditional Vietnamese wedding dress too? :)

  3. being Vietnamese, I didn’t even know we had a tea ceremony.. LOL

  4. Emy

    Pretty! Are you doing anything to celebrate your German roots as well?! That’ll be a hot wedding!

  5. Nicole

    When I read your tweet about a tea ceremony, I was like she has to be Vietnamese! Didn’t know that about you!

  6. Didi

    This is gorgeous! Are you going to wear an ao dai? I can’t wait until my wedding when I can wear one.

  7. blueraccoon

    I love the red and gold, it’s so warm and lovely, and the jewelry accents are perfect!

    • I can’t wait to just have them in the house as decor, haha!

      • blueraccoon

        Are the flowers real, or silk? Just wondering if they have a shelf life or if you get to keep them indefinitely :)

          • blueraccoon

            Oh, that’s fantastic. I envy you :) Mine were all real so all I have now are pictures. Much smarter your way! (Although I have a ton of favors from the rehearsal dinner that will last the rest of my life. thanks, mom-in-law.)

            • I still haven’t figured out what to do with favors! What did you do?

            • blueraccoon

              (replying to me since I can’t reply to you) For the wedding itself we didn’t do favors; we made a donation to Doctors Without Borders and everyone got a card saying that in lieu of favors a donation had been made in honor of the bride and groom. Something like that. My MIL gave us the rehearsal dinner, which was way over the top but whatever, and she did a book theme, so we have these little foam books that are black with white “pages” (it’s just foam) with our names and the date printed on the front. Something like that. The problem was she ordered way too many, so we have them everywhere. And always will. *sigh*

            • Ooh, donation – that is smart! :) I might do that!

              LOL! My mom has tons and tons of extra invitations and the like. I think I have about 3 extras!

  8. Amy

    That’s amazing you’ll incorporating your culture into your wedding! I would love to do that for mine too<3 Western dress for ceremony then traditional flowing red Chinese gown for reception and tea ceremony also!