MAC Blacklit Electric Cool Eyeshadow

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Looks kind of gross! Spongy, pliable texture. Like puddy or play-doh really… This is how mine arrived.

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46 thoughts on “MAC Blacklit Electric Cool Eyeshadow

  1.  shauntechguy said it looked like rubber.  I gotta agree!

  2. theNotice

    The strangest beauty-related thing you’ll see all week » @temptalia MAC Blacklit Electric Cool Eyeshadow

  3. JenniferElizabeth1

    Good god, is the silver the pan? What is wrong with MAC? Bounce was horrid, then they “reformulate it” to make another horrible monster. Sad.

  4. thatssojessy

    Wait a minute-was this supposed to be a cream or something? I’m so confused on how the product arrived like this.

  5. Guess it melted with the heat. It’s not hot weather friendly. lol.

  6. BlakeNorwood

    omg that really disgusts me.

  7. CynthiaCyndaquilRamirez

    This looks awful! I won’t judge a book by its cover but… yuck!

  8. bigblackcock

    Overpriced, sparkly Play-Doh! 😀

  9. GriggioDC

    @temptalia does it remind you of chanel’s illusion d’ombre?

  10. hayley_beaumont

    I wanna poke it.

  11. michelle652

    u can poke it back into place it just squishes back, i went to a mac counter and they purposely broke it like that then poked it back into place.

    •  @michelle652 Yes, I know! This is how it arrived, and I absolutely do not touch a product until after I photograph it – no smudges, fingerprints, etc. :)

      • michelle652

         @Christine (Temptalia) i totally get it! its dissapioting too for a product to come so ugly!

      • jennyh

        But you touch the Illamasqua cream blushes. Just curious what harm there is in popping it back in place with a toothipick and leaving a disclaimer in the review?

        •  @jennyh I only do that because I can’t get it in focus otherwise :(  I’m not skilled enough to get it to capture because of the surface being so matte/flat.  So rather than having no photo, I have to make an exception for some products like that!  It’s also very important to show the *state* that a product arrives in, IMO!

        •  @jennyh I also received about a few dozen emails/comments complaining about what I did do the Illamasqua blushes, so I don’t even plan on doing that to them any more (and for that reason, am not reviewing any additional ones until I know how to photograph things better since I’m very, very amateur obviously!).

        • jennyh

           @Christine (Temptalia) Ok, I didn’t mind what you did to the blushes, I just curious about it is all. 

  12. clinger4msu

    I have been uninspired lately by MAC. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I have bought anything. I miss some of their discontinued formulas.

    • WonderMlkyBitch

       @clinger4msu I absolutely agree. I thought I was doing so good on my “no buy” until I thought about it…I’ve been on this “no buy” for almost 2 years now.

  13. Deb

    Ew…pass. I wasn’t interested in them anyway, but I can’t believe this is considered a $22 eyeshadow. I’d expect more from Claire’s.

    • jennyh

      She hasn’t even reviewed them yet, how do you know they aren’t worth $22? You don’t think a Claire’s eyeshadow can be damaged in shipping too?

      • Deb

         @jennyh I don’t always need Christine to review to know that I don’t think something is worth it. Everything MAC makes isn’t spectacular, although they’re the brand I reach for most often. This product does not meet my purchase criteria; if it meets yours, then great. I stand by my opinion.

  14. shontay

    I bought 4 of these yesterday. I love them. Great texture and so pigmented. Mac has won me over again (at least for this collection).

  15. gilded_lady

    I played with these in Nordstrom. Some (like the lightest pink) seemed sheer, others applied pretty heavy. I made a comment about the creasing in the ad and the rep was all “That’s just her eyelids…but you should wear them with primer.” Uh huh.

  16. Looks like a piece of an old tire! Weird…

  17. Margaret Jacobs

    Wow, what happened there?

  18. Javi Paz

    is it like a pigment?

  19. Victoria Ditrich

    Oh god, wtf?

  20. Beatriz Henrique M. Maia

    it kinda looks like the chanel illusion d’ ombre in mirifique

  21. Carly Malm

    I’m actually really curious to see how it swatches…

  22. Andy Sheehan

    u must do better!!

  23. Margarita Vitasa

    These shadows are pretty amazing! I want 7 of them….

  24. Pera Barajas

    Most permanent and pro products are so much better. Stick with those and there is a lot less disappointment.

  25. Liz Notestine-Miller

    Wonder if your package got thrown around a bit. Cause I’ve heard nothing but great things about these

  26. Stephanie Claxton

    Does anyone know what the texture of these is like?

  27. Crystal G Pacheco

    The texture is kind of bouncy and very blendable all you have to do is press them back into shape it’s not broken

  28. Kathy Thompson Seigle

    …but do they crease?

  29. Kristi Marie

    It’s the hot weather… I ordered a few lipsticks this week and hope they aren’t melted!

  30. kelly

    Well, that’s more than a little disconcerting! Yikes!
    I’ve been hoping these would be like Buxom’s Stay There shadows. I love them. My hopes aren’t too high right now though, meh.

  31. Kathy S

    Waiting for the review, but I don’t hold out much hope. Those things creased on their own model. On the other hand, I’ve never had anything crease while using the NARS eye primer. Sooo, I’m waiting for the review.

  32. Jennifer Hilton

    If these are simlar in texture to the Maybelline Bouncy Blushes, then it’s probably just the nature of the product because you will come across Maybelline ones that look like this if they have dropped or handled too roughly.

  33. Tam Darling - Makeup Artist

    Im going to pass on this.