DIY – Jet Black Swarvoski Heels (In Progress)

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

One shoe finished! :) I’m going to be doing a (hopefully) brief how-to video + time-lapse of its mate. This one took 6.5 hours spread over four days. I used black patent leather Enzo Angiolini heels with Jet Black Swarvoski crystals in 10ss, 12ss, 14ss, 16ss, and 20ss. I’m trying to decide whether or not to put crystals on the platform — suggestions? I like it as is, but I’m afraid others might think it looks incomplete!

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78 thoughts on “DIY – Jet Black Swarvoski Heels (In Progress)

  1. joey

    I love it the way it is, plus the platform would probably be the first area to get bumped/lose crystals! Will you do my wedding shoes:-)

  2. Love! My sisters are insanely into blinging out their gear with Swarovski crystals. I’m forwarding them this post! -I actually like the way it looks with the bare platform. Just my opinion. :-)

  3. I vote yes on doing the platform and I think it would look cool if you did the inside(tan side) of the heel ;D

    • I was thinking about the heel when I first started it and figured I’d wait to see how it turned out. Thank you for the suggestion :)

      • Jae

        My only concern with doing the tan part is if you have the problem like I do of putting your foot on something like a barstool foot prop and slipping until the heel catches, you’ll lose a lot of crystals real quick.

  4. aubrey

    BEAUTIFUL! Leave the platform as is for sure! Its perfect. :)

  5. Danielle

    Looks great!! I think you should leave the platform plain though, it gives a nice contrast(:

  6. Eisa

    No! leave the platforms like tht it looks just AWESOME! i want them! :)

  7. Bernice

    In this pic, it kinda looks incomplete without the crystals on the platform but after reading the comments I have to agree with most people. I imagine that when you’re actually wearing the shoes and seeing them from the front, they’ll look stunning so in the end, I vote no to completing the platform :)

  8. Esther

    I love it with the platform plain like it is now. it makes it look more sleek :]

  9. Don’t do the platform! Once you start wearing them it is more likely the crytals will fall off the platform and then your shoes will definitely look incomplete! Great job though… they look fab!

  10. Brooke

    I vote leave the platform as is! Looks great so far! I want to go buy a pair of shoes and crystals ASAP.

  11. Nikita

    This is lovely! Personally I’d skip doing the platform so it offers a little visual contrast :)

  12. Morgan Christine

    I love it the way it is!!! It might be too much with the extra.
    I vote keep it this way! Great job though :)

  13. Kate & Zena

    NO ON THE PLATFORM, WOMAN!!! It looks fine. I think the crystals stand out because of the patent leather platform.

    Let me put it to you this way: do you really want to be the bride with different sized crystal packs, glue and tweezers in her bridal purse (on top of the tissues, the lipgloss/stick, powder, mini sewing kit and whatnot) so that whenever one falls off you can run like her dress is on fire to the bathroom to do plastic surgery on her shoe? Hm?

    I didn’t think so.

    Axe the platform.

    By the way, is Mellan going to take part in your wedding?

    • LOL, these aren’t for my wedding or anything :) When I did the wedges, those were for the wedding and a practice run for the real deal, haha! The best part about using black patent as the base was actually that you can’t really tell if a stone is missing – because it’s black and slightly shiny already.

      Oh, goodness, no, Mellan will be at home, safe and sound.

      • Kate & Zena

        Well, it’s the same idea.

        Aw, poor Mellan. Of course, he’d probably tear up everything, eh? Or interrupting the ceremony with SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK of a squeaky toy. I’d like to think Zena would be kind and stay in one place, but the only way you’d get Zena to do that is if you’d constantly treat her. She’s nuts. Cute, but nuts.

        • I have no idea what Mellan would do… other than he would make himself the center of attention 😉

          • Kate & Zena

            Dogs always manage to steal the spotlight, don’t they? :) Zena sure knows how to; it’s practically her specialty…aside from sleeping! When my grandma was in the rehab center/nursing home, I’d bring Zena with me to cheer her up (Zena’s not a trained therapy dog, but she practically qualifies for one. They nursing home lets dogs and cats that are well trained and friendly come in) and boy, did she steal the scene. She practically ran the joint, going up to the residents in wheelchairs with a bright grin, butting into rooms to get pets, then the nurses and the secretaries…she had them wrapped around her little paw within a visit. If I came, they always asked where Zena was. I’ve frequently joked if I made a ‘like’ page for her on FB, she’d have more followers than Bo Obama, the First Dog. Aye. Charms everyone she meets with the big ears and bright smile.

            I wonder if she does it just to torture me as she knows I’m not a people person. It’s like, “OOOO! PERSON! LET’S GO! LET’S GO! LET’S GO! MUST FOLLOW! HI! HOW YA DOIN’? MY NAME IS ZENA AND THIS IS KATIE AND KATIE IS MY PET! SEE????? PETMEPETMEPETME!!!” *wags three inch stumpy tail viciously*

            • You are lucky to have such a charming dog :) Mellan has exuberant-dog-greeting syndrome whereupon he acts like every new person he sees is the first person he’s ever seen. Which, if you’re not a dog person, is kind of a lot of labrador all at once. He does the full body wiggle!

              She probably does!! Dogs are totally like that!

  14. Beth

    Leave it! It’s perfect as it is. Less is more!
    I feel like it’s just on that border between classy and tacky, and not to be offensive, but I think that a fully crystal shoe is a bit tacky.

  15. Amy

    Wow they look amazing! Personally I would prefer the platform to be left the way it is… You have incredible patience! :)

    • Thank you, Amy!

      It’s actually really, really relaxing for me – because it’s mindless in the sense that it’s not hard, and there’s no real pressure (since it’s a personal project, though I am naturally impatient), but requires enough brain power and focus that you can’t think about 1329847234 things. Better than TV! 😉

  16. Olivia

    Love them!! I like them as is. No need to do the platform in my humble opinion, looks completely finished to me!!

  17. Alina

    I vote for leaving the latform but doing the inside of the heel like Kimberlee suggested :)
    These look so gorgeous Christine!

  18. Nicole

    Leave it as is. Thought of Loubitons when I saw them. This is bedazzling gone good!

    • Thanks, Nicole! It seems like all the peep toes have the platform done, too, but it also seems like the way the material is laid out, it’s necessary (because it’s wrapped around the platform, rather than connecting to with a nice horizontal divider).

  19. No, leave them as-is!! These are super-cute, but I almost feel like doing the platform/underside as well would be too much, y’know? (I’m a sucker for mixed textures, and shoes are no exception.)

  20. Janie Leonard

    I’m wondering how well you think these will hold up, since on your wedding shoes it’s just the wedge, but on these the material will stretch and move? They are stunning and I think you should leave them as is, no platform and no heel :)

    • The glue is pretty industrial strength, so I don’t think that any slight stretch/movement would be problematic. They’re patent leather to start, so they’re more structured, too. :)

  21. Aurora

    I love the shoe as is! Beautiful just beautiful !!!

  22. Veronica Urban

    Love the blank platform! Nice contrast in texture, it looks elegant and by no means unfinished. Please leave it as is. Can hardly wait for the time lapse.

  23. Sarah

    I like it without the platform crystallized. I think they look amazing!!

  24. Patricia Cortez

    so lovely, loved them as they are

  25. Lyss

    I love the heels!!! Where did u buy your crystals from? Uhm but on the heel I think they look fab now but I think it might look so much better with the platform done and I liked the persons suggestion about doing the heel!! They would be so gorgeous!!! :) you have a lot of patience Haa :)

  26. Jessica

    I think they look fine the way they are ! Leaving the platform will give the shoe more of an interesting texture instead of all crystals :). You should do a Christian loubiton inspired shoe with the crystals just under the arch and heel :)

  27. christina

    maybe crystals on the platform would be a little bit over the top.
    i like them the way they are

  28. Love them! <3 <3 They look lovely as they are. Volcano crystals are amazing!!! I am to do a volcano pump by the end of the year. You can never have too many crystal covered shoes though. 😉 I have a pink peep toe pumps with aurora borealis, silver ballerina flats with aurora borealis and am in the process of doing black diamond pumps. I plan on doing ruby pumps, pale blue peep toe pumps, volcano pumps, hematite ballerina flats and maybe a pair in pale pink. Once you start it is very hard to stop 😉

    • What flats did you use? I’m still trying to find a good pair – it’s hard to find structured flats!

      • I used a pair from H&M that were plain siler with a sequined ruffle on it. I cut the ruffle off and added a pair of good insoles for comfort. I did use glass AB crystals, not Swarovski. Had I been using Swarovski, I think I would’ve used a pair from Ecco or Nine West. I wore them once to a MAC event and for standing in them for 2-3 hours, only 3 few rhinestones came off.

        What base color do you plan to use for your volcano’s? I was thinking royal blue or a deep purple. :)

        • I wanted to snag a pair that were red – I was thinking that would work :)

          • Red would work quite well with volcano :) Or even olive, fuchsia, or gold. Volcano is the multi-chrome of the crystal world. It seems to compliment nearly any colour it is placed with. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

            When I finally get around to the volcano crystals, I was thinking deep purple round toe pumps and perhaps painting the underside gold. The black diamond pointy toe pumps I am working on have a dark metallic pewter base, so am planning on painting the underside silver with some gold fx powder mixed into it. Of course I may just contrast them completely and do royal blue on the underside 😉

  29. Sarah

    I love them the way they are. so professionally done.
    Great job Christine.

  30. I think it looks great the way it is! No need to bling up the platform in my humble opinion. Gosh I need to start a project like this!

  31. Sara

    leave the platform blank. i think it’s better that way.

  32. I love them with the platform bare!
    I think I may do this to a pair of beloved red suede heels that have got all scuffed over the years – but would red rhinestones be a bit much???

  33. Wenz

    Leave platforms blank! They are gorgeous as is!
    Christine I admire your focus & patience, the end result rocks!!

  34. c

    leave the platform unchanged. Blacken or red the sole. Nice work!