Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away Kitty Kouture Dazzleglass!

We’re giving away one (1) Kitty Kouture Dazzleglass from the very limited edition MAC Kitty Kouture Collection. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us why you want to win.

All entries must be submitted by March 7th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws.

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Good luck!

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582 thoughts on “Temptalia Gives Away Kitty Kouture Dazzleglass!

  1. Jan

    me. :)

  2. Jan

    i would love to win because i am a full time college student that is trying to save money especially for my boyfriend’s 22nd birthday which is next week. i want to get something nice for him because he gets me really nice things that he works really hard for. i love him. and i cant affor a $28 lipgloss.

  3. JT

    I want to win this, because I am a student, and I cannot afford such an expensive adorable dazzleglass lip gloss! I have entered all the contests, and it would be a dream come true to win something! Thanks for your time!!

  4. VanessaMarie

    I would love to win!! Never tried a dazzleglass!

  5. Evelyn

    thank u for opening this opportunity to us!

    im sure a lot of other people have better reasons, but im a high school student who is unfortunately, addicted to mac
    i just recently turned 16 so i haven’t really gotten a part time job yet, barely affording my cravings for mac
    some of my lusts i couldn’t even get like the redhead msf! :'[

    ive never actually won anything that involves luck or a drawing of any sort, if i won, it would make my like. life. hahaha
    im also a huge packrat so i would keep the packaging for probably forever ;]

  6. I would loveee to win this because I’ve never tried dazzleglasses (ugh!! i know >_<) AND I don’t own ANYTHING from the HK collections yet :(

  7. Allison

    i want to win bcause i have never owned a dazzleglass and one from hello ktty would be amazing!

  8. I want to win a Kitty Kouture Dazzleglass because all my money was spent on the first Hello Kitty collection :( and these are too cute to pass up.

    twitter : pandalum

  9. Veronica

    I would love to win this dazzleglass because I would like the opportunity to really decide what I think about it as opposed to feeling obligated to like it because I spent 33.50(CDN) on it =D, thank you for the opportunity!

  10. I wanted to buy one so bad but i cant afford to =( hours got cut at work so now i dont even have enough money to have home phone, or cable lol i suck

  11. Kimberley

    i want to win this please, they look sooo pretty! :)

  12. Lisa

    Wow, awesome contest! I’d love to win this dazzleglass because I’ve just had a TON of midterms and assignments to write lately, and winning this would definitely brighten my day! Thanks Christine!

  13. mopan

    I would love to win because I have an unhealthy obsession with Hello Kitty. :)

  14. Jasmine

    i’d love to win this! i’m a huge fan of hello kitty, but i can’t afford to purchase the kitty kouture stuff :(

  15. I would love to Win a Dazzleglass becasue i’ve never had one!!! and i’m gettin into MAC and i have like 2 shadows and 1 lipglass. Pick me pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. teresa

    Hii! I would lalaLOVEE to win the dazzleglass cos it’s just absolutely perfect for mee. I love hello kitty, i love pink, i love glitter and i love makeup! However MAC is on the pricier side for me… so I try to avoid it. I really really LOVE the packaging on it though!

    My twitter acct name is lalalovely :)
    thanks for your timee!

  17. Lesli

    I would love love to win this Dazzleglass, I hear they are awesome products and the packaging on this it too cute!! Love

    also am subscribed to RSS :)

  18. kelly

    i would like to win because i’m too broke to buy it lol

  19. Sonya

    I would like to win because I’ve been a Hello Kitty fan since I was 8 (25 years! OMG!) and can’t buy any HK Couture due to the fact that I paid off my husband’s child support with my tax return. I went the high road for him and our bills so that down the road, we won’t have any problems… unfortunately, that means no MAC until I find a second job. :(

  20. Angela

    I would like to win since I’m a make up addict… but a poor one. I’ve never won anything either so that would be completely awesome. I already follow you on twitter. I’m fadeout

    Thanks for doing this! :)

  21. I would love to win the Hello Kitty Dazzleglass because I have a passion for Hello Kitty and makeup. I love Sanrio and their characters and Hello Kitty is my favorite of all. I am a full time student who is obsessed with hello kitty and makeup. I’m about to graduate next week from Nursing school and this would be such a great graduation present. I have no money at this time since I’m a full time student and I do not work. My tuition is almost $30,000! I’m finally done with school and I hope I can win this product because I feel like i really really really deserve it!


    <333francesclaire [=

  22. Vivi

    I’d love to win cause winning it would be the only way for me to get my hands on it, I’d love to buy every MAC product that is released but this is way outta my budget right now.

  23. PK

    I would love to win this because I have one Dazzleglass and would love more! The Hello Kitty Dazzleglasses are so versatile, and I would love to see how many different ways I can wear them! :)

  24. ashlee

    awww, temptalia is too sweet for doing all the giveaways hehehe loves it lots! 😀

  25. I would like to win because I Love MAC and can barely afford it, I missed out on the entire Hello Kitty Collection because I was sick and I would love to win a lipgloss :) it would be such a great pick me up….I never win anything & winning this would make me so happy!

    thank you


  26. Sandy

    ohh myyy gooodness pickk meee!
    twitter- iMakeupx3

    I think I should win because I am a unemployed high school student who is absolutley addicted to makeup and this would make me so happy that I prob. wouldnt by a dazzleglass in a whilee! &+ my parents would appreciate itt.. :) this is the only thing from the collection I want.. so they save a little .. ehehhehe

  27. Ali

    i’d reaaally love to win bc i love makeup… MAC especially.. and the entire HK collection.. and this website (i check it obsessively LOL).. and im broke (boo college)!

  28. anna

    i never had any MAC products so i would love to try one! i am also a subscriber

  29. Glosslizard

    I’d like to win because I loooooooove lipgloss! 😀

  30. Shelly

    I’ve been a Hello Kitty fan since I was weee little, however, due to certain circumstances, I couldn’t have all the flashy toys and accessories I wish I could. Having this dazzleglass of Hello Kitty would definitely be my little girl dream fufilled!

  31. Shruti

    Omg your so sweet to be giving this away and ahh what i wouldn’t do for one they look so pretty but $ 28 is too much for a full time college student and it be great if i won this since im a dazzleglass fanatic and love HK and can’t afford this rite now :(

  32. I would love love love to win because my passion is makeup. I’ve wanted this so bad but I can’t really afford it so winning this contest would mean so so much to me. I would be so appreciative and ugh, it would just mean a whole lot.

    Twitter: ThatGirlShaeXo

  33. Bona

    omg! i would like to win!!!

  34. Liz

    I would love to win b/c I have never used a dazzleglass before and I would like to try it. With two little ones and being out of work, I would feel silly buying one so it would be awesome if I could win one.

  35. xKiKix

    i would love to win dazzlepuss…
    i have been obsessed with hello kitty since i was a VERY young girl… and now recently i just spent a lot of money on the hello kitty collection and i’m practically broke since i have to pay for tuition all by myself…

    winning this would be a great… please…???

  36. ann

    Yes please!!

    I would like to win since this entire collection has robbed me blind and I can’t afford to get either of the Dazzleglasses, no matter how shiny and pretty they are. And it’s almost my birthday! Thanks!

  37. paige

    honestly, i just want one & i’m poor. simple as that :)

    come to think of it, i actually haven’t bought something from mac in a loooooong time. since this summer i think lol.

    twitter: paigemasterflex

  38. soscia

    id love to win this!

  39. ann

    Yes please!!

    I would like to win since this collection has already robbed me blind and I can’t afford to get either of the Dazzleglasses, no matter how shiny and pretty they are. And it’s almost my birthday! Thanks!

  40. Judy

    I would LOVE to win a Hello Kitty Dazzleglass because I think it is super cute & feminine, I adore anything Hello Kitty, and love love love any shade of pink!! It would be a great present for the celebration of my real kitty’s 18th birthday (April 7)!!

  41. cloudburst

    I would love to win a Hello Kitty Dazzleglass because I’m saving for grad school & can’t afford to buy one for myself – plus I love MAC! Thanks for the contest :).

  42. Sa

    I think the colour is beautiful, but I just can’t afford it on my own. I’d rather be able to feed my actual kitty!

  43. Lingping

    I’d love to win it, because I love dazzleglasses and Hello Kitty, and it is hard to get Mac where I live.

  44. Because I’ve never owned a Dazzleglass!

    Twitter: audgepodge1

  45. iris

    i’d love a dazzleglass! the formula is excellent… if i had a bigger beauty budget, i would wear dazzleglasses everyday!

  46. Brenda

    Pick me pliz…
    I love Mac and hello Kitty
    pick me pliz…

  47. Natalia

    Hey Temptalia!

    I’d love to win a Hello Kitty Dazzleglass because I am a total MAC fanatic and this would certainly be a great addition to my teeny weeny collection i have so far =)

    twitter: lilmissbunny23 & subscriber

  48. i want to win because i ran out of money to buy something that expensive =(

  49. Gina

    i want to win b/c i do not own any dazzleglasses! I would love either one!

  50. Mary

    and also I’ve never had the opportunity to own any MAC lipglasses and they look fantastic and beautiful on the lips
    And because I simply adore the packaging, SO CHIC!

  51. Amanda

    Dazzlepuss, please…it’s gorgeous in the tube and in the swatch! I love hello kitty and swarovski crystals, too. I’m following on twitter as sweet8684girl and I’ve subscribed to your rss feed, too. Do you have a list of winners who won your other HK items? Just nosey, lol.

  52. Mary

    I love hello kitty.
    I love dazzle glass.
    I love the packaging.
    And I’d love to own this one!
    Thanks for putting out this contest :)

  53. iv always wanted something from MAC Hello Kitty line…but never got a chance to invest.

  54. Vanessa S

    I want to win because I dont have any other Dazzleglass – and this has Hello Kitty! I’ve loved sanrio stuff since I was a kid :) I love the whole collection and the things I have bought already but I am looking forward to collecting more, and more MAC in general!

    Twitter: Nessie & subbed. good luck all!

  55. I need me some kitty bling!!! =P Every girl needs some blings in their life. So, what’s more bling than having crystals paired with dazzleglass. =) Ultimated bling-ness. LOL.

  56. Neena

    i’d love to win this because I still haven’t had a chance to grab any of the Hello Kitty by MAC products and it would be nice to try something from the collection

  57. HoneyBrown1976

    Seeing as I have no MAC at all in my collection, can I have this? lol

  58. Macaddict

    I am a Dazzleglass collector!!! Please pick me!
    Twitter name Macbeauty
    Thank you so much!

  59. Eileen

    I wish, I wish, I wish that I win this prize.

  60. Courtney

    I want to win because this would be my very first MAC item! I have just gotten into makeup and I’ve happily been sucked into the MAC world…but I didn’t know where to start. So I’ve been watching the MAC communities on Livejournal like crazy trying to get tips and information, and am finally ready to start purchasing I think! The thing I think I would be most comfortable starting with would be my lips :) After I find the perfect lip colours, then I want to try eyeshadow. Wow, I wrote a novel! haha. Thanks for letting me enter!

  61. Shefali

    Hey Christine! Thanks for the review! I’d love to win because I’ve been studying so hard and have not had ONE SECOND to really shop online or go to the stores to pick up any recently released MAC items. I could really use this as a reward!

  62. Dieu

    I never tried dazzleglasses before and since this is from hello kitty, it would me it soo much better!

  63. DevilishDoll

    I want to win because I really love Dazzleglasses and this is so pretty. Sadly, I can’t afford to buy one. Also I never win anything. =(
    My Twitter is MissDynamite696 and I subscribed to the RSS.

  64. rena

    i would like to win cuz hello kitty rocks my socks!
    twitter: lilgirlee, rss’d

  65. woww.. the packaging looks so awesome<3 i’m definitely trying not to buy any more lippies.. especially with having no money!! i wish i’d got a LG from this collection instead of cutester.. BUT.. you know, it’s too late now :( but i’d totally love to win!

    twitter; xkhaotik

  66. Adde

    I would like to win this dazzleglass for my sister she really loves hello kitty and I don’t have a job and i’m currently studying so I don’t have the money to get if for her or a present neither, and her birthday is at the end of this month so that would surprise her a lot!

  67. mich

    wish i could win!

    twitter – teasecake

  68. Mira

    I’d love to win because of the super cute hello kitty chain! I’m also a student and sometimes I lose the motivation to study. But maybe if I had this on my desk, it would remind me of why I’m in school – to work hard so that I can buy these luxury items myself someday! Thanks Christine!

  69. ostermeyer

    Would love to win this – thanks much!

  70. Naz

    i love hello kitty and have never owned a dazzleglass before. this would be perfect for me! twitter: Tubbay

  71. crystal

    i would love to win! i dont have any money and i wish i had this!

  72. Claudia

    I want to win it because I don’t own any dazzleglasses and a hello kitty one would be a great way to star a collection.

  73. sej

    When I was little I would get to pick out one Hello Kitty stationary item whenever I got straight A’s. HK takes me back to being little and I used to be obsessed with stationary then (still kinda am) and am obsessed with MAC now. It’s no wonder that I like both and I would LOVE to win this!!!

  74. Ashley

    Because when Hello Kitty meets ‘koutour’ meets a dazzleglass it is a match made in heaven and a diva’s dream come true. They call me divafeva.

  75. Renee

    I’d like to win because I’m starting to collect Mac products and I’m saving up for one of the msf’s coming out from the grand duos collection, and trying to collect scraps to get something from the sugarsweet collection coming out the week afterwards

  76. I would love to win this!

  77. Fluff

    I’d love to win because I’ve been so down in the dumps lately! My face has been breaking out like never before and leaving all sorts of scars. I’d really love a little miracle to happen! :)

    dreezy @ twitter

  78. Elena

    Aw, me me 😀

  79. Sara

    why do i want to win? i will tell you why, christine. i am POOR. poor poor poor. i am a full time college student and when i am home on breaks i work at cvs for 7.65 an hour (that is my wage after working almost 3 years there, mind you). haha so if you pick me that would be awesome. if not, that is ok too. so sweet of you to give this away!! ancientbruises on twitter. and still failing at getting on your rss feed :/

  80. charmy

    I have yet to buy a dazzle glass! How great would it be to have HK has my first one :)

  81. Annika

    I’d love to win, as I’ve never had a dazzleglass :)

  82. Alysa

    OMG how amazingg! I’d LOVEEEE to win because I’m SERIOUSLY addicted to makeup and that for me is like to equivalent of sex for a nympho! lol. But seriously NEVERRR owned a Dazzleglass and i loveeee Hello Kitty but was forced to skip KK, I have a 16 month old and a week week old baby!

    Thanks so much Christine! This is wayyy generous of you! :)

    Twitter- BeautyKween08


    • Alysa

      OMG My mommy brain is MUSH. I meant FOUR week old baby*

      Sleepless nights stumbling through feedings and diaper changes has completely killed my brain cells :(

  83. wenvers

    Because Im a dazzle glasses addict!
    Twitter: wenvers

  84. Mikki

    Because I’m worth it.

  85. Nell

    I love dazzleglasses more than any other gloss, and that

  86. Hi Christine! I’d love to win because I have yet to try out the HK line! Thanks for the opportunity!

    twitter: katrina_v & subscribed

  87. SANDY

    Well it would be nice winning especially since I never win… i just really like hello kitty .. please

  88. SANDY

    It would be nice to win!… please!

  89. MMaryy

    I’d love to win because it’d be the perfect graduation present. :)Graduating from a Masters program is hard work and took all my MAC money for the last year!

  90. Natalie

    OMG pleeeeeeeeas I would really to win this

  91. Melia

    I’d love to win it because I can’t wait for this to come out yet…. International releases from MAC take ages to come out.
    Twitter: kmelia

  92. Elle

    Oh my god DO WANT. Following on twitter: _vexy

    RSS is on Google Reader.

  93. Elle

    I forgot to say why!

    Because I looooove this collection, but I haven’t been able to afford ANY of it due to having to pay for school and stuff and losing my job.

    Plus, they’re so effing adorable!

  94. RuBie

    I want to win because I’m now back in Australia (was on exchange in Canada before), and MAC is soooooooo expensive here! I’m only a poor student… :(

  95. pia

    I want this because who can resist a Hello Kitty treat??
    twitter : piazee

  96. Jenny

    I’d love to win because I love me my hello kitty!! :)

  97. Lisa

    OH YES! One more time, I’would like to win this Dazzle glass…

    Me, me, me!

    Lisa from France

  98. OMG, I so would love this! I want to win! Why? WHY NOT? LOL! But really, I’m a devoted fan of! And I couldn’t really afford to get any HK anyway.

    I also follow your RSS and Twitter (mariahgem)!! 😀


  99. Martha

    I want to win because I am a Dazzleglass Virgin! And this would be such a nice way of being introduced to the wonderful world of dazzling Lips!

  100. Maren

    I would like to win because I can