Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass!

We’re giving away one (1) Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass from the very limited edition MAC Kitty Kouture Collection. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us why you want to win.

All entries must be submitted by March 10th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws.

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Good luck!

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398 thoughts on “Temptalia Gives Away Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass

  1. KITTY

    twitter; bebekitty [; thanks much !

  2. Joy

    I’m a dazzleglass whore and would love to win a free Dazzlepuss. I can’t afford to buy one at $28 + Tax + shipping a piece. So hopefully I’ll be one of the lucky ones to win a free one! Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed! . . . . . Thanks for offering this chance for a free dazzleglass. Whoever wins it (hope it’s me) will be so lucky!

  3. I would love to win this, just to say I’ve won something off Temptalia! I’ve been wanting to win anything, really!
    Subscribed to RSS, too.

  4. Msviolet

    I’d love to win this, I’m headed back to school next month after being out of school for 5 years (thanks a lot, soon to be ex-husband) and there’s no way I’d be able to buy things from this collection with paying for tuition and no financial aid! Aaaaargh! Pick me please! mzviolet on twitter

  5. MARI

    I definately need to add this to my stash, since I did not buy anything from the HK collection!! Fingers crossed!! 😉

  6. Shelly

    i would love to win the Dazzleglass for starters they look awsome, secondly i really really wanna expand my mac collection i absolutly ADOREEE hello kitty….i am completely obsessed with it and i really really really want to try them out aswell as cherishing the packaging… lol i sound like a freak but who cares just wanna tell u my love for these Dazzleglass!!

    nuff luv

  7. Soscia

    id like to win!

  8. jade

    I want to win because i having an awful week..
    i’ve been super stressed over school and im breaking outt D:
    plus i really love hello kitty!

    twitter kieunga24

  9. Kat C.

    I really want to win this. I love love hello kitty as a kid. now she’s on makeup, how can i resist? =)

  10. Dini23

    I want to win this since I dont own any dazzleglass and it’d be nice to add at least one item from the hello kitty kouture into my collection!

    twittername: dini23

  11. Joli

    I’d like to win because I can afford it other wise. Stupid adult responsibilities! LoL

  12. Shaee

    i need it, i want it!!!

  13. Joli

    I’d like to win because I can’t afford it other wise. Stupid adult responsibilities! LoL

  14. I really want to win the Dazzlepuss dazzleglass because I don’t have enough money to buy it and I really want that dazzleglass. I love dazzleglasses so much that when I use them, I get too scared to run out and want to buy more.

    Twitter: FabDiva20
    I’m also subscribed to your RSS

  15. Lisa

    I love dazzleglass but if I bought a $35 lipgloss – my husband would probably divorce me!!!

  16. ms.mad

    i would really love and appreciate winning a new limited hello kitty dazzleglass! the color looks amazing! thanks

  17. Melissa

    I love this oh please…hello kitty dazzleglass!! I want to win… \:P
    Twitter: macbaby1818

  18. Katarina

    I would love to win because the gloss is lovely and I don’t think it will be sold in my country.

  19. shana

    i’ve never owned a dazzleglass, and i love hello kitty!
    twitter shanasaurussrex

  20. Connie

    i would love this because i love hello kitty and i just don’t have the funds for $29 dazzleglass :/
    twitter- babyradish

  21. I would love to win because I simply cannot afford these dazzleglasses, and I’ve never tried a Dazzleglass either! They look amazing and super cute!

    Twitter: Kajitsu

    Following RSS through email

  22. Jasmine

    Hi, I’d love to win this because it satisfies my hunger for all things pink and beautiful, and I haven’t had breakfast yet. Stay beautiful!


  23. rena

    hoping to win something from HK’s collection! i’m too broke to buy =\

    twitter lilgirlee, rss’d

  24. bunny

    I want to win because they’re so gorgeous!

  25. Pinkar15

    I want to win this because I’m a mom who is almost 40 but still tries to keep herself youthful and well taken care of. I work full-time and would love to have this to keep me great and beautiful.

  26. Halifax

    My internet crashed before I saw my entry posted, so appologize if this is a double post.

    HK and sparkles, my favorites. Thanks

  27. April

    I want to win this so much, the HK dazzleglasses are just so beautiful!!!
    I love Dazzleglass so much that I bougth all the colors released last year.
    An this time it’s Hello Kitty!!! The crystal charm is gorgeous! How can I miss that out? :)

  28. Lexi

    I want to win. :)


  30. zoe77

    i would like to win this because it looks beautiful and id like to try a dazzleglass; and im too broke to buy it myself!!

  31. Tasha

    Wow another dazzleglass giveaway! :) I’d love to win this! :)

  32. cleung341

    I would love love tpo win because I’m a poor fulltime college student. Spending what money I have on overpriced school books instead of MAC!!!

  33. vicky!

    i want to win because everything HELLO KITTY makes me happy!

  34. I want to win!:)

    Twitter: DazzleGlam

  35. CandyDoll- Grace

    I would love to win this because as many have stated, 1) i cant afford this myself 2) i havent bought a mac gloss yet 3) kitty kouture!!
    4):S and free things that you dont have to pay for are always really cool!!!!

  36. OK…so as a stay-at-home mom, I really appreciate being able to come here and get info. on future MAC collections, and the pics are great! So…why do I think I should win a dazzleglass? I don’t know…maybe because earlier today my 3 year old dunked my mop in the toilet and then drug it through my house…how’s that for a start? Staring at the dazzleglass in all of it’s “sparkly-glory” might just take me to my happy-place that I so desperately need at a time when I have toilet-water on my kitchen floor.

  37. I would love to win because my little sister is lusting after one of these glosses (she’s a massive HK fan!!) and I would love to surprise her with one :)

  38. Fonda Wong

    I want to win because i spent all my money on the normal hello kitty collection, so i have no money to spend on the HK kouture collection which happens to be expensive! please be me!! =D

  39. Shelle

    I would be ever so grateful, to win The Hello Kitty Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass! I think it’s fantisic that you are giving a chance to us to have and even though I never win anything, and even if I don’t win, I really appreactie the chance that you are giving me and hope that the one who wins does indeed appreactie it like I would.
    Thank you temptalia!!!!

  40. Shelle

    I would be ever so grateful, to win The Hello Kitty Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass! I think it’s awesome that you are giving a chance to us to have and even though I never win anything, and even if I don’t win, I really appreactie the chance that you are giving me and hope that the one who wins does indeed appreactie it like I would.
    Thank you temptalia!!!!

  41. tricia c

    i wanna win cause i love dazzleglass

  42. Brittany


  43. alice

    i really want this one, school has cost so much lately and i had to buy a plane ticket for spring break lol.

  44. Chloe

    I would love to win! !
    Twitter: xSparklezZx
    I follow your Twitter and I am a sub to your daily feed!

  45. Diana

    I would really like to win because I’m a new MAC convert and I would love to collect this limited item.

  46. Norma

    Hi! I would love to win because Im addicted to makeup. Thanks!

  47. Bernice

    Hi !
    Wow, you are very generous =)
    So thanks for making this contest.
    I don’t own any MAC products and I am very new to make-up and if I win this, it’ll be really special & great =)

  48. RuBie

    I want to win one because being a poor student, I can’t afford MAC makeup… Stupid Australian prices! :(

  49. Cara

    I want to win the MAC Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass because it looks like a beautiful lipcolor with cute packaging!

  50. I would love to win this!

    Twitter: Nicolah

  51. I want it because it’s not available in Europe (yet)!

    twitter: DeltaCephei
    rss feed: already subscribed


  52. Sara

    Oooh!! I absolutely LOVE Hello Kitty!! 😀

  53. margot

    Oh my god !!! I’m a dazzleglass lover and a Kitty fan (and Dazzlepuss is THE colour I want !!). This would be so great to win it !!!
    Plus in Belgium we can’t get them … and something tells me that on ebay it will be pricey !

    I’m a twitter follower : MAClicious

    and I just subscribed to the RSS thingy (lol)

  54. Adriana

    I would like to win this new item from M.A.C. because first of all I am a M.A.C. addict! A second reason is that this period due to an accident I don’t feel very well so…this wonderful color might make me feel better…just I’d like to win…From Greece with love…many many km away..

  55. jenn

    I’d like to win because I am way to frugal to buy one, but would love to have one! lol:)

  56. Lisa

    I love the Hello Kitty Kouture collection! But not the prices…So, let’s give me a chance to touch the nice Kitty dream!!!

  57. i want to win because I adore hello kitty:) lol

  58. I would lova to win because Mac make-up products are the best. They are very dependable. They keep the make-up true to shade and are very beautiful. With Mac there an inmense array of make-up looks that we can come up with. Dazzleglass is incredible, it makes us feel beautiful. Our lipps are supple, moist and look amazing with dazzleglass. And by the way I love Kitty.

  59. Nars

    Hello Kitty Dazzleglass? Because both HK and Dazzleglass are every girl’s dream! twitter = narifertiti

  60. I’d love to win because I’ve been a huge fan of HK since middle school (I’m 24 now and still have her stuff all over my room), but the economy has left me unemployed and on an extremely tight budget. I can barely afford rent/bills, let alone anything from either HK collection.

    Plus, I never win ANYTHING. 😛

    twitter: nuclearxcupcake

  61. holly

    I’d love to win this because I want a dazzleglass!

  62. supriya

    I would love to win! Twitter – guddu81

  63. Deniz

    I love MAC and I love HelloKitty. Unfortunately, this collection will not come to my country (Turkey) and therefore I am not able to buy one. And even if it would come, probably I could not afford to buy one. I desperately want this dazzleglass, it became my obsession since I saw its photo on MAC’s website!

  64. Miira

    I want to win because I love hello kitty and ive been waiting for this launch, but I promised everyone I wouldn’t even look at this collection because of the price. But I really want to win :]

  65. Lysanne

    I would love to win!:)))

  66. Mary Thi

    I need to win because I don’t have a similar color in my stash yet!

  67. Hanna

    I would like to win this luxury lipgloss for I’m a huge sucker for pink lips and from looking at the swatch it looks like crushed diamonds in a tube.

  68. Sa

    I’d like to win because I’d love to give it to my friend as a gift, whom I think would really love it.

  69. Morgan

    I must win this! I can’t afford to buy this right now and i know I will forever regret not adding it to my makeup collection. This is the cutest lipgloss I’ve ever seen!!

  70. Amanda

    I would love to win! I’ve been trying so hard to win something from the mac hk collection, right now it’s just not in the books for me because i’m unemployed! but please pick me and good luck to everyone else!

  71. i would love to win this because I cannot afford the MAC Kitty Kouture line- and I would be sooo happy if I won!!! lol who wouldn’t?!

    twitter: whiterz

  72. cindy

    i’d love to win this and i think that right now every one needs a pick me up,lol,the other day i bought a lipgloss from the CCO(mac lipgloss,cost me 10.00,we have a very thight budget) and my husband got mad at me(we’re good right now)but i don’t work and i almost never buy anything for me so,that day instead of feeling happy with my lipgloss i felt very sad,but later he told me that when we have a little more money??? he’s going to buy me another lipgloss lol,sorry for the long post.

    Twitter name ;cindiaz
    an RSS follower

  73. Guro

    I would love to win as I’ve heard so many great things about MAC makeup, and I want one so badly! And it’s really hard to get them as
    the closest store that sells MAC makeup is two hours away and they don’t have a big selection, so the odds of them having what I want are really low. :( The other option is buying online, but most sites I’ve checked out have really high international shipping prices and I don’t want to pay more for the shipping than for the actual product itself. Anywho, I’d love to win and keep up the great site! 😀

  74. I still dont own a dazzleglass – and nothing from HELLO KITTY. Especially the next store with COURTURE is miiiiiles away and not able to order here in Germany. I wanted a DAZZLE GLASS so badly, as I am into gloss not for long. I wish I could win one 😉

  75. Alyssa

    I would love to win! I ‘heart’ Hello Kitty, and I’ve been looking for some color to brighten up face. Here’s to hoping for my first dazzleglass \(^o^)/

  76. Shruti

    I would love this hK dazzle glass cause they are gorgeous

    twitter: cocolicouss

  77. Evelyn

    I love Dazzleglasses, Hello Kitty and Swarovski crystals, so this would be an awesome combination! =]


    Twitter: ivita519
    Subscribed to your RSS.

  78. Valerie

    Wow, would love to win. Can’t spend money at the moment on such things

  79. Gaby


  80. Julia

    I would love to win! Thanks!

  81. ooh i’d love this!

  82. Mishy

    Me me me please!

  83. Calista

    I’d love to win this because pink is my color and I love Hello Kitty and MAC!

  84. I would love to win because the colour is gorgeous!

  85. Zoe

    I want to win because this awesome product is not available in my country and I am a huge kitty lover! Nothing beats having kitty on such a pretty lipgloss.

  86. I would love love love to win the Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass because I really really adore the packaging and I think the color is absolutely beautiful. I also do not have any of the Dazzleglasses and would love to try it!

  87. Natalia

    I would love to win the Dazzlepuss Dazzleglass because it looks to pretty and I would love to have at least one thing from this collection =)

    twitter: lilmissbunny23 and subscriber

  88. Vivian

    Oh, Christine! It’s nice of you to give one of this away.. I kind of wanted it but beacause of financial situation that I couldn’t. This a keeper item for the collectors! :)

  89. i want to win because it’s too expensive for me to get! =(

  90. Kish

    I would love to win this because im just starting off with makeup and I really want something from MAC!

  91. Danielle

    I still own a Hello Kitty Lunch bag that I was given for my 2nd birthday. I still use it too. This would be a wonderful addition to my slow growing Hello Kitty collection that would be a lot bigger if I had more money XD

  92. Kish

    I would love to win this because i cant get myself to buy it. =\
    Too expensive.

  93. Adrienne

    I would love to win this because they never released the Hello Kitty Kouture collection in my country. I was really itching for the launch, kept looking at your site to see the pretty products. When the launch finally arrived on March 2nd, I was very sad to learn that we don’t get the Kouture products here. I totally would have bought a Dazzleglass because I love Dazzleglass and I love Hello Kitty. AND I love Swarovski! I own heaps of Hello Kitty bags and Swarovski necklaces – and this Dazzleglass is definitely something that belongs into my life. Plus, the only Dazzleglass I’ve ever had is almost empty. This is pretty much my only chance to get my hands on this product!

  94. Kella

    I would love to win bc it would make me happy :) I’m subscribed to all your stuff. Twitter and RSS. Twitter name is: Kella86

  95. bananarchy

    I’ll play

  96. alyne

    i want to win because i am in love with dazzleglasses and never had a chance to buy!!
    plus march 10th is my 19th bday!