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I’d definitely rather be caught in slob-wear. I feel like you can make even the bummiest of outfits look good if you’re rocking some great makeup but a fantastic outfit can be completely pulled down if your face isn’t together.

Slob-wear! Makeup brings out the fierceness in all of us!=D The confidence it exudes will definitely let everyone know, especially him, that we are put together and tenacious!

Hmmmm, I don’t really care. Either is fine, and both is even better, because my ex has seen me like that many times when we were going out. 😛

I’d rather be caught in slob-wear. A vivid face does a lot to pull together the ugliest of outfits!

slob wear!!

because though you can look ok with make-up…you can always look even better!! with it on.

No makeup—I’ve never worn a ton and not all the time. They’ve all seen me barefaced and I go out that way frequently.

Definitely not slobwear! Flattering clothing is key.

No make up. Most guys think I look “cute” without it on, so for me it’d be killer to have on some sort of sexy outfit to make them drool and curse themselves =P

No make up, boyfriends see you without it all the same, so what’s the big deal? Unless I had a massive zit – then I would prefer slobby clothes!

Without make up – bare faced! My boyfriend should have seen and loved me while I had no make up on. I dislike slob wear because it feels unhygenic.

Definitely slob-wear! I tend not to dress up too much(my work is Physics research and doesn’t really call for dressing up), so what I generally wear probably isn’t much better than slobwear (everyday it’s jeans and a cute t-shirt). However,I wear a full face of make up everyday and I don’t particularly like peoplele seeing me without it on. 😉 I have pretty bad skin and make up can make it look flawless, so I’d def want to be wearing my make up if I met an ex.

Slob-wear, no question. Because a well-done face of makeup can fix any outfit. And I’m not terribly dressy anyways, jeans and tees are my daily wear.

Totally Slob-wear. He’ll forget what I was wearing, but if my face doesn’t look nice or “like normal” with make-up on, he’ll remember that I looked awful!

Slob-wear all the way! I am extremely pale, so no makeup makes me look like I’m sick, or worse, a corpse! When people see me without it they are usually surprised, so they probably wouldn’t remember what I was wearing anyway. I have really good skin though, (touch wood), just really pale.

Also my slobbiest clothes are not really that bad. I’m not a sweat pants kind of girl so it would just be jeans and a t-shirt anyway. With the right makeup I can pull that look together no problem!

no makeup! A) He liked me without makeup and B) when I see him i usually spot him before i get close enough for him to see if I’m wearing makeup. Plus if I am dressed smartly it sends the message that I am suceessful and doing fine

No make up.

LOL I was actually seen by an ex whilst in slob mode and, though I don’t care about him anymore, I felt stupid. When you see your ex you want to be looking hot, so they’re like “Damn…” I have nice skin and features [I think] so I really don’t NEED to wear make up, but I love to, so I do. That’s why I’d rather be seen with out make up vs the other option.

Hypothetically, I’d rather be caught without make up. (Which is ridiculous because I’m obsessed with make up). But thankfully, I look decent without a full face of make up. The only reason why I wouldn’t want to be caught in slobwear is because, (and I’m just stating facts here) his wife always wears slobwear! So hey, why not stand out by looking like, “Yeah that’s right, buddy, after all these years I STILL take care of myself!”

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