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Definitely will when I get older. I would love a breast reduction now, they’re just far too big for my body. Alas, I’m only 19 and since it would greatly upset my parents, I’ve decided to wait a couple of years.

Never! I think enhancing one’s face and body with make up is one thing, but changing the face/body completely is another thing. I think people should embrace who they are. Sure, everyone has their imperfections – but I think it’s a challenge to live with those imperfections. If everyone looked perfect… good god! think about what would happen to the society then…

if i had the money a boob and nose job
sometimes i get my lips injected with restylane
it hurts but looks great

i thought about it after having my 1st baby. my tummy wasn’t the way it was any more and i had annoying strech marks! i want to get a tummy tuck and a breast job when i have the chance. prolly after my 3rd or 4th child. šŸ™‚

I think I’d have to say I might! I’ve always felt my nose looked disproportionate to the rest of my face, and it bothers me quite a bit. *lol* So maybe in the next few years, hopefully before I ever get married! It’s just one of those things you feel would complete your look, but isn’t fixable with makeup. Sometimes it takes a little something extra. I don’t agree with going overboard with the surgery thing, and fake looks scary, but if it’s subtle and natural-looking – why not? Hopefully no one will ever be able to tell!

I’ve thought about having plastic surgery time and time again. My body’s been missing a major chest muscle for as long as I can remember, resulting in an uneven chest size (one C cup and one A cup). Even though I add padding to the uneven side, I still get self conscious when I’m out in public with people or trying on clothes. It’d be really nice to have even breasts just so I wouldn’t have to wonder whether my padding is showing, and be able to wear a lot more different tops without worrying how it would look on the affected side of my body. But unless I outgrow my fear of going into major surgery (especially since its not life threatening), I’ll have to settle for the way I look instead.

I highly doubt I ever would. To me, choosing plastic surgery it’s like a person’s choice of lifestyle. I choose not to have it because firstly, I don’t have the money. Nextly, I’m really fickle so one moment I may like this, and change this, and the next moment I may regret. I think plastic surgery is really for people who have sufficient funds and sufficient commitment, and that indeed, they need a certain amount of courage to go under the knife.

Already had some done. I rec’d breast impants. A respectable C-cup. Love it, but I have no desire to do anything else.

i would probably never do anything to my face, but i do want to get a breast reduction in the next few years — they are just always in the way!

I get my lips injected with Juvederm. I LOVE it! I highly recommend it if you have ever thought of doing it, just make sure you put some time in selecting a doctor. With the full dental block, you shouldn’t feel much pain! When I get older I will probably do more injectables in the face for wrinkles and such, I just don’t need any now as I am only 22. (They did put some of the juvederm in my chin though, just a tiny bit in the crease to enhance the look of the lips. I thought it was a weird idea at first when the doctor suggested it, but after he did it it looked GREAT!)

If my eyes ever look like my grandmother’s (by that logic, if they ever look like my dad’s) I would think about having something done… poor grandma spends hours daubing liquid foundation on the puffyass bags. It’s one reason I got into makeup, and now if I got the opportunity I would tell her to go for Select Cover or something less time consuming (and fruitless). I also have a deviated septum that makes my nose uneven, and worse makes it hard to breathe if I’m sick or have allergies. I’d love to be a nosebreather for once in my life… While I was in surgery anyway, I’m sure I would make my nose just a tiny bit less bulbous, but I really like it the way it is. Just make it EVEN so one nostril isn’t bigger than the other, that’s all I ask!

after breastfeeding 2 kids i’d like to find a way to get the extra fat left over from pregnancy injected into my boobs so they don’t look so sad. it’d be lipo without the waste.

I technically have had plastic surgery, I had a mole removed by a plastic surgeon. it was like the size of a dime and a medium brown color with hair ew…and also i would like to have a breast reduction as they’re like DDD or DDDD and it’s impossible to find a bra that fits these days (which bothers me more than the size of them, though they are heavy to lug around) but since they have to remove the nipple the milk ducts get sealed off, and I want to breast feed when I have kids, so if I haven’t managed to get them to shrink through exercise then I’m pretty sure I will have a reduction after I’m done having kids. Other than that I think it’s kind of a waste. I guess like for example Kate on John and Kate plus 8 who had lost all her weight but had just that extra flap of skin, if I was in a situation like that I would, but I wouldn’t have liposuction or anything like that.

I would lift my breasts and get a tummy tuck and lipo on my thighs get butt implants. but on the real side im to affraid so i dont know if i would do it or not.

No, I don’t think so. While I’m definitely not perfect (as no one is) I don’t think I’d want to change using that method.

I mean, have you seen Meg Ryan lately? She was beautiful before! Now she’s had so much plastic surgery that she’s totally messed up her face! So sad…

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