Friday, September 18th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Where do you get your inspiration for your makeup looks? Share!

Temptalia's Answer.

For me, it’s really based on whatever I’ve recently bought. I tend to involve those new purchases into the look I’m doing at the time!


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23 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Where do you get your inspiration for your makeup looks?

  1. Diana

    i usually don`t have inspiration,to be true… i know how to do my make`up and it looks really good,but i like to diversify the make`up look,so i watch fashion shows,tutorials on youtube,stars on the red carpet,beauty editorials… may sound stupid…. but this things never cease to keep me inspired :)

  2. New products Ive bought, new makeup collections, what Im wearing, a certain look Im going for, a specific colour combination that Ive seen somewhere… Really, everything around me inspires me to do pretty makeup, haha 😀
    I also love looking at peoples FOTDs online to get inspiration :)

  3. Usually my emotions. If I wake up feeling down, I wear brown to warm me up, its like a comfort thing. Colour effects my emotions and mood strongly, so I use makeup to balance me out when I feel off. If Im feeling pretty good that day, or Im going somewhere special, I do my makeup to reflect my mood.

  4. Julia

    I mostly get my inspirations from favourite celebrity make-up Nicole Scherzinger, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears at her prime

  5. I think a lot from runway shows and places like this or Specktra!

  6. For me, its based on my mood pretty much, I dunno where but Im always coming up with great ideas. I think Im self inspired

  7. Although I have started collecting pics of looks I like, I never feel adventurous enough to start and try recreating them. So my biggest sources of inspiration are bloggers and YouTubers.

  8. Miss_M

    I get inspiration from magazines, pictures of celebs online and tutorials on blogs and YouTube.

  9. sandra

    Well I got a lot of inspiration from you ofcourse, from Karen, Makeup Beautyblog, some Dutch blogs and the Make up artists at MAC 😉

  10. Kajsa

    From Youtube mostly, that and my fantasi :)

  11. TT

    I get inspiration from Fashion magazines, colors within clothing, playing with new makeup purchases and Mally Roncal!!!

  12. Cat

    I get a lot of inspiration from magazines, celebs and you.

  13. Nicole15

    A lot of times, my inspiration for a daily look comes from the clothes I am wearing & the color combos they have on them. When I am itching to do something more out of the box, I draw inspiration from beauty blogs, youtube videos, fashion mags, etc.

  14. Ribbons

    Yeah new products I’ve just bought or looks I’ve seen in tutorials or in magazines or on telly. I try to link things in with what I’m wearing but sometimes I do it the other way round and my clothes match my make up. I tend to do a huge colourful look if I’m not feeling my best, it brightens me up and bit and i can hide behind it easier.

  15. Alexis

    Makeup blogs like yours and Karen’s, editorials on current trends, sometimes other women on the street, but i think for the most part is just my mood or if I’m inspired by a bright/dark lip or an intense smokey eye…

    I love experimenting with my makeup – lately I’ve been uncovering some shadows I haven’t worn in a while. It’s the equivalent to shopping in my closet to freshen up an old wardrobe!

  16. Dee

    From blogs, youtube, just from seeing what I have…from clothes(like if i see a color that i wish was an eyeshadow). Definitely magazines, red carpet events. From other people’s makeup.

  17. Christy

    Anywhere really. Blogs, magazines, catalogs, celebrity gossip blogs, youtube, MAC face charts, runway, etc.

  18. amy

    Base on what I feel like and the occasion, the products I recently bought and I could see which colours I would like to work with. Graduating from a design program, I can easily dream up tons of looks without too much help.

  19. Anitacska

    I circulate my make up and try to use everything at least twice a year (I have a big collection), so tend to pull out certain products that I use any given week, eg this week I’m using my YSL eyeshhadows/palettes. So my looks are based on whatever products I’m planning on using that week, and I wear clothes according to that too. Sounds anal, but I need to do it like this, otherwise I’d never use half my stuff, lol.

  20. Bridgette

    Youtube videos but its mainly what is in my imagination.

  21. Tattoo Girl

    I think alot of my inspiration comes from things I see at work. I work in a “crafty” type store. I may decide one day to try to copy the pattern on a piece of scrapbook paper or something weird I saw the day before. Odd, I know!

  22. Jessica

    I Get My Inspiration From Youtube Videos And From This Web Site Lol So Thank You! 😀

  23. For evening look:
    runway, magazine, celebs, bloggers and youtube gurus like u.

    For daily makeup:
    mostly the color of my clothes and my new products.