Friday, April 24th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

When was the last time you sorted through your stash? Did you toss anything? Discover old favorites?

Temptalia's Answer.

It’s probably been a month or two, but I did find some high end glosses I forgot about!

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19 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – When was the last time you sorted through your stash?

  1. Faye

    I just went through my stash about two weeks ago. I had acquired a bunch of lippies and wanted to integrate them into my fairly organized stash.

    I got rid of about 3 lipsticks that I just never really warmed up to. My biggest surprise was just how much stuff I have. I mean I knew, but when you count it up it sort of hits you (about 186 glosses, 179 lipsticks, for example). This should prevent me from future hauling. It probably won’t, though :).

  2. Liz

    That’s a never-ending process! I just partially sorted through my nail polishes, trying to weed out similar colors, and I’ve done that with eyeshadows and lip colors too. I do a lot of swapping! I should really weed through again, because I just added a bunch of new nail polishes (augh! can’t resist!) and I have already overloaded my storage system.

  3. Kristina

    I decided to go through mine yesterday after coming home with my Rose Romance goodies. I didn’t really get rid of anything.. I just re-organized and discovered a few items I’ve been neglecting for quite some time.

  4. JO

    i havent really reorganised for A LONG time but getting a new storage case for my birthday in a weeks time so when i fill that up (hopefully not literally as its HUGE lol) i will have a good reorganise then….it needs it. My current box when i got it i thought would be an over kill…..but it was nearly full when i 1st put my makeup in it….a few months later its over flowing lol. I have a box that came free with my huge 1. It has my mac makeup in atm.

  5. about 2 days ago when I got a whole lot of new stuff from NYX and was about to put it all away when I realized nothing else fit in my case so now I have to buy a new one to fit all my new goodies! 😀

  6. Cat

    When I moved in Dec but its time for spring cleaning.

  7. Eunice

    my collection isn’t actually big at all so sorting them out and allowing myself to buy more is not difficult 😛 but i can’t ever imagine myself throwing anything away…unless it’s gone bad. even if i have similar colors, i force myself to find something different between them, especially with nail polishes 😀

  8. Like a month ago when I was cleaning through everything. I found some really neat jumbo eyecrayons that I use as a second base. They’re fabulous. Best part? I think my mom got them from the dollar store randomly one day. AND THEY DON’T CREASE! <333

  9. Emm

    Honestly I only go through when I need room. Otherwise I notice products I hardly use and get rid of them.

  10. genduk26

    yesterday. i organize things way too much :-(

  11. Natalie

    Last night – got a new vanity table!

  12. Nicole15

    Actually, just last weekend. I am in the final stages of my makeup re-organization/storage project & there were some items i forgot i had & love. so happy to ressurect them!

  13. Anitacska

    I don’t really need to reorganise it as my stash is pretty organised into boxes and makeup bags, and I have written on every box what’s in them, plus I have a sort of catalogue of all my high-end make up that shows where each piece is. :) I know it sounds anal, but as my stash grew over the last couple of years (I bought a LOT of new stuff esp on Ebay and now getting more and more into Mac), I really needed to know where everything was and what I have.
    Also, I’ve got a system that every week I use make up from one brand (this week is Mac week), so every Sunday evening I dig out what I have from that brand. This way most of my stuff gets used.
    I have one box full of drugstore brands that I hardly ever use, I might give some of them to my sister. I gave her a nice little bag’s full in October when I sorted through my stash, incl lipsticks and glosses and eyeshadows that I don’t use anymore. (Getting more and more into high end products nowadays.)She was very happy with it, so might do it again sometime soon. :)

  14. Leah

    About 2 weeks ago or so, I went through my stash and completely reorganized. I tossed out a garbage sized bag of items that went bad and B2Med the rest. I am very meticulous about organization so it wasn’t too difficult except I found so many products that I hardly use!

  15. A week or so ago, I don’t sort it though often, although I love doing it and I save it for special occasions, and it makes me happy! :)

  16. kat

    About a month ago… I just tossed out some old mascara samples (they irritate my eyes if more than half a year old!) I never really have to reorganize, though, my stash is always completely organized and everything has it’s own spot. OCD, much?

  17. Denny

    About two weeks ago. I don’t have too much (although I would like more of it). It’s organized in a 4 tier storage box. I have eyeshadows & mascara in the 1st, blush in the 2nd, lipsticks in the 3rd and glosses in the last drawer. I wish I had a 5th drawer b/c my eyeliners are in a jar on top but this system works for me. :-)

  18. Christy

    I try to reorganize at least once a week. Just to make sure everything is within reach and clean. I put them all in a storage unit that has 5 plastic drawers. I have a lot though, so I’ll rotate out what I’m currently using (I put these in a plastic tray on top of the storage unit) and swap for some other items.

  19. Bettina

    today actually, my roomie and I organized it all too..she hated how it was so she helped put it in a way she thought was better and I agreed..threw a few things away but not tons.