Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

When there is a makeup sale/coupon, do you buy more than you should? Do you feel compelled to make a purchase? Or are you good about sticking to your wish list?

Temptalia's Answer.

I always feel like I gotta get in on the deal, even if there is nothing on my list. I’m trying to resist, though!

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27 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – When there is a makeup sale/coupon, do you buy more than you should?

  1. Depends on how much of a discount it is, just like the NYX 50% off sale, I went crazy :)

  2. Natalie

    Oh yeah, I’d go and find something to buy, if there is more than 15% off discount. MAC, Sephora and Urban Decay F&F sales etc are the bad temptation ones


    maby idk ,

  4. Fia

    Always! I´m impossible in that way! Probably 20% more than I was planning buy, I take home when there is “cheaper” with a coupon. Luckily, I don´t buy much clothes ;).

  5. *sigh*
    Yes – and that’s why the stores have those sales… to attract the suckers like me!! :)

  6. Huai-Ann

    I do! It’s horrible. I usually buy a ton of stuff (actually the amount depends on how good the deal is, haha) and then I feel guilty afterwards. haha!

  7. deepblue

    I buy always more than I should, so I need no coupon to shop – I do it always – but when I get one, it’s my complete financial disaster ;-)

  8. oh, and I’m a sucker for free shipping
    (which MAC has today… code BRONZE at checkout)

  9. Avatar of Arielle Arielle

    coupons are my gift and my curse! I love them because the gert me more stuff but on the other hand I always go above ad beyond my wishlist :)
    Either way, with or without a coupon, ya girl is dangerous!

  10. Saira

    I do sometimes get tempted to buy products if there is a make-up sale on or if I have a coupon, especially if there are new products out that I want to try! I can be good at reining myself in at other times if there isn’t anything that I want to buy, though (though I don’t find that very easy, lol ;o) ).

  11. lesleykat

    i spent over $200 at my last sephora trip. it was 15% off for beauty insiders. i wasn’t as bad as others at the sale. I saw one girl buying every last bottle of mystic tan. i swear she had about 20 bottles!

  12. definitely! and I hate it but have to get in on the good deals too! I justify it with just saving money lol even if it’s not a lot.

  13. Jackie

    not necessarily, it depends on what company is having a sale.
    for example i skipped out on the nyx sale, but when the sephora f&f sale came around i bought some stuff even thought there was nothing on my list.
    ha i give in to temptation.

  14. cloudburst

    Yes – I usually buy more than I should – I end up getting a lot of things on my long term list, like when Sephora had the 15% off (first itme it was valid in Canada) I got a lot of NARS things that I had been meaning to get eventually. I also got a Clarisonic as well! It was worth it.

  15. kat

    Depends on the deal. I wouldn’t buy something I didn’t want or need just because it was on sale.. but it’s a good chance to try out stuff you wanted to try but weren’t sure if you would like it or use it often. It’s also a great time to get caught up on your permanent products in MAC, which tend to get left to the wayside in favor of LE collections, haha!

  16. Sarah

    I went to an event yesterday where i got 15% off a load of high-end brands. i just got a couple of things from NARS that i’ve been dying to get anyway and two chanel glossimers. (again, what i’ve been wanting to get for a while.)

  17. Stephanie

    i always overbuy things when there is a killer deal going on. especially mac, sephora, urban decay, and too faced.

  18. Nic

    I do sometimes feel compelled to buy when there’s a sale, but I almost never end up buying things that I wouldn’t normally buy or that I didn’t already want. They’re things I was planning to buy at some indefinite time in the future, and I figure I might as well get them while they’re discounted.

  19. penelope

    depends. if its like 10% that would be ridiculous but if it was like 50% or 75% then heck yea!!!!!

  20. depends. if its like 10% that would be ridiculous but if it was like 50% or 75% then heck yea!!!!!
    BTW I love your blog!

  21. Letty

    Sure, I don’t want to be left out.

  22. Allison

    Not unless it is from MAC or NYX. I tend to skip coupons/sales from sephora, nars, bb, ulta, etc. I really only love those two brands. During f&f, I do spend a ton, as well as, with the NYX annual sale.

  23. Nathalie

    I rarely encounter sales other than Sephora, Marionnaud (a French concurrent of Sephora with only less choice) and Les Galeries Lafayette. But when one coupon occur, it’s always the opportunity to buy a new bottle of perfume if I run out of it.

    As most of US brands such as NYX don’t ship out of US/Canada, the problem doesn’t even occur.

    If there’s a big coupon, I just pick what I need and don’t force myself to anything “just because wow it’s a good deal”. If I don’t need anything, then I don’t go. I’m careful with money and also with compulsive purchases where you pick stuff you’ll finally never use. I was programmed to resist temptation I suppose.

    I’ve never come across a sale at my mac counter by the way.

  24. Yes, I am always a sucker for those.

  25. cmferrets

    yes, only if its for brands i like (mac, urban decay, bare minerals, nars, kat von d.) if i get the coupon i first look to see if their is anything i want first , then use it , if not , i dont use it.

  26. Tiffany

    I went crazy Victoria Secrets has their makeup 75% off. I went to three malls and I bought like 50 things the highest thing I got was 6.00 and the cheapest was 2.00 most of my purchases were 3.00 it was a great deal. They have really good eyeshadows I was suprised being a mac girl.