Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

When shouldn’t you wear makeup? Are there any times, places, etc. where you think you shouldn’t wear makeup? Is makeup always acceptable — just maybe the degree/heaviness of it?

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41 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – When shouldn’t you wear makeup?

  1. claudine

    in my opinion its always acceptable

  2. Cat

    I think its acceptable at all times just the level of heaviness. For instance going out for a night with the girls is sometimes more heavier for me than a day at the beach.

  3. Amy

    The gym. Or anytime you’re going to be active. You’ll be perspiring, so makeup will not only melt, but it will get into your pores. Also, many medical procedures aren’t appropriate occasions to wear makeup. Often your skin or coloring can show symptoms. Plus in both cases I think health should be the focus, not looking pretty.
    There are other times or places I could list, but they’re more personal opinion “silly places to wear makeup” and not necessarily what I think is unacceptable.

    • viv

      completely agree with Amy! :)

    • kayla

      100% agree. Ladies who wear heavy makeup at the gym listen up!

      You look dumb and trampy!

      • Heather

        If I go to the gym from work and have full make-up still on, I’m not going to wash it off before I work out – sometimes I don’t have time! That’s pretty mean of you to say that I would look “dumb and trampy.” Nice to know what others think of me I guess… Maybe I should stay away from the gym…

        • Kelly

          make up remover wipes? its so bad for your skin too to wear full make up when you’ll be sweaty. don’t get all poor me, what will others think of me, that’s just stupid.

          • Heather

            I apologize – I was not getting “all poor me.” Rather, I thought it was rude to say ladies at the gym with full make-up on look dumb and trampy. Good for us for going to the gym is what I say!

            I’ve worn full makeup to the gym after work for years, and it has never had any adverse affects on my skin that I can tell. Lucky me, I guess.

      • S.

        I agree it’s a bit harsh to say people who wear full makeup at the gym look “dumb and trampy”. I also sympathize with Heather that it can be a pain to go straight from work to the gym and still wash your face.

        Since I personally refuse to wear makeup at the gym (I’m a skincare nut, and the idea of opening all my pores by sweating and letting all the makeup in even more than usual…eww), I carry those little ponds facial wipes and a small bottle of eyemakeup remover (to get waterproof mascara, fluidline, etc.) in my gym bag. It takes me two seconds to remove my makeup, and I can happily work out without worry!

    • Alessandra

      Couldn’t agree more. I never understand people who wear makeup at the gym or to practice sports. Even if you’re going to do some flirting, keep it bare. As for medical proceadures especially surgery, I think is not even a matter of choice, you just can’t.

  4. Maren

    I always wear makeup, if it´s beach, hospital, visit at grandparents…I just feel better. But I adjust the heaviness to the occasion!

  5. Nicole

    I think you do without makeup in the gym, sauna, spa, hot springs, on the beach and of cause while sleeping in the bed.

    • Nicole

      I forgot to mention, when I’m shopping clothes. Nothing is worse than trying white shirts with foundation, mascara, eyeshadow and so on the collar. Brrr.

  6. Brooke

    I wear makeup to the gym — if I’m going at the end of the day after work!

  7. jesstooimpress

    totally off topic, but i felt the need to get ur input STAT.

    chris, anyone check out the goodbye page at, not only are they ditching lipsticks..

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    thanks chris!

    • Tanya from Oz

      OMG!!! why mac….WHY

    • jesstooimpress

      not all lipsticks, but a junk load..

      thought id add that before people lost there mind

    • Heather

      It says that Hyper Real and Full Coverage foundation will be offered exclusively at MAC PRO in the future. So it won’t be completely gone…just harder to get.

    • Lindsay

      I just went and checked and almost all of these are Limited Edition releases…they just usually stay on the website longer than they are available in stores. There are a few that I didn’t recognize as LE items, but I could be wrong.

  8. taj

    to a funeral ??

  9. Tanya from Oz

    I think wearing makeup camping, hiking or any outdoorsy activity is a bit over the top. Especially if the people you are doing the activity with are barefaced and you are not. Also, wearing too much eyeshadow/lipstick or heavy makeup skiiing or snowboarding would be weird also, in my opinion.

  10. I think having makeup on at any time is fine as long as there are no rules forbidding it such as in high school (at least in my country). I thought about how swimming would not be a good time to wear makeup but then with amazing waterproof products, why not? Just no smokey eyes. Personally, I wouldn’t wear makeup to swimming (maybe just a cheek stain, does that count?), exercising and if I’m gonna go for a facial or makeover.

  11. dee

    Maybe when you’re working out? Its not sexy to sweat off a face full of makeup. But other than that, there’s no reason not to wear make-up everywhere.

  12. SnickerDoodle

    I don’t wear makeup to the beach, ever. Or to the gym or hiking or anything. And if I’m going to Sephora or the MAC store and I plan on trying foundations I won’t wear any!

  13. When you’re about to go swimming!

  14. Meg

    I do not wear makeup for swimming, surgical procedures, exercising or going to the beach.

  15. DaniMae

    I’m going to go with the gym, pool, beach, hospital/drs. office, and funerals. I’ve seen several girls ask on a few different sites “What kind of make up is okay for a funeral?” How about NONE! This is completely about someone else and the people who are mourning their death and celebrating the life they lead, no one is going to be paying attention to you. Also, you’re probably going to cry most of it off anyway.

    • Kristine

      I somewhat agree with you, but when I was in a funeral not long ago I had my ‘usual’ makeup on, tastefully done of course, and waterproof mascara. It worked like a charm, the mascara stayed put, and nothing smudged. I know that nobody’s was paying attention to me, but for my own sake I chose to look my best anyway; and who doesn’t look miserable after they’ve been crying, especially without makeup?

  16. DaniMae

    I wanted to add that chap stick or some gloss is perfectly fine for any occasion or place, but not necessarily the brightest color that you own.

  17. Fatima

    The gym is a definite NO. Exercise makes you perspire and allows your skin to dispose of a lot of dirt and germs, etc. Wearing make-up while working out will only make your skin worse whereas exercise is one of the ways to improve skin quality.

    It’s also best not to wear heavy make up while it’s hot or humid because that can have an adverse effect on your skin too. In heat and ESPECIALLY humidity your pores tend to open up and it’s not good for your skin to absorb make-up.

    And then of course when you’re going to be getting a medical procedure like Amy said. Want to minimize germs and bacteria as much as possible.

  18. Alma

    I think it’s acceptable, but heaviness really should be adjusted..

  19. Minty746

    I think that there are a few instances where NO MAKEUP is required, like medical procedures and while sleeping. There are a lot of other times where makeup heaviness can be adjusted, like going to the beach, gym, or a water park.

  20. Heather

    I wear make-up to anything and everything. I ran the LA marathon twice with some teal liquidlast eye-liner and waterproof mascara! I feel sorry for people if they have to see me without makeup on. I won’t even face my family without it. The only time I wouldn’t is maybe if the doctor said I couldn’t for a certain procedure…even then I’d probably sneak some concealer on.

  21. Ashley

    I usually wear makeup to the gym because I go there straight from class (its on campus and I live about 25 min away). I think minimal makeup is fine for a funeral. I agree with the people who said that its just the heaviness that needs to be adjusted!

  22. I don’t wear makeup to the gym because I just sweat it all off but thats just me :)

  23. Pool or beach is not appropriate. Now the gym.. I happen to work out during my lunch hours or directly after work. I WILL have makeup on. If you think I look dumb or trampy because I happen to have a job and care about my fitness than that is your issue, not mine. Don’t hate me because I am fit and fab! FYI, Urban Decay PP and fluidlines or WNW liquid liner will NOT melt off, no matter how hard the workout.

  24. When going to the doc’s.. I always go with a bare face =]

  25. Kella

    For me, there’s never a time to not wear makeup :) That said, bold makeup is reserved for nights out.

  26. Chanel

    I am ALWAYS wearing mascara and I ALWAYS draw my eyebrows on. I’m a blonde who dyes her hair darkish red. So unlike most people, doing both keeps me from looking fake. I wont wear makeup to the hospital, beach, taking an airplane, or working out [except cheer comps]. It’s not good for you and its not needed.

  27. i love makeup but i dont always wear it.
    i guess i onl wear makeup when going out with friends..
    but if i’m going to the gym, beach or theme park, i dont wear any.
    i also dont wear any makeup when going to MAC store bcoz i know i want to try some new stuff on my face.