Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

When don’t you wear makeup? What makes you not wear makeup during those times?

Temptalia's Answer.

I usually wear little to zero makeup when I run super quick errands – like grabbing take out or picking up just one or two items at the store!


Thanks to reader MC for today’s question!

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48 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – When don’t you wear makeup?

  1. I never wear makeup when i go to the swimming pool or when i go to the beach. Also when stay at home all day and only i have to go shopping for only some things.

  2. Ribbons

    I try not to wear makeup one day a week usually going to work, I just sit at my desk and only see a few people so it doesn’t bother me. Apart from that I might not after a shower if I go see my mates. I try to wear a little bit to go anywhere else just in case I bump into an ex or something!!!

  3. Cindy

    I don’t wear make up on a lazy Sunday, and only mascara and lipgloss when i’m going to the beach.

  4. Roxanne

    When I don’t plan on going anywhere or just to the supermarket and things like that. Or – like today – when it’s superhot outside (34°C!!). I do always moisturize and cleanse (and I try to wear sunscreen apart from the SPF in my make-up/moisturizer too).

    • Siledhel

      hehe, I’m sorry but I just find it funny when someone feels like 34°C (93°F) is too hot.
      On normal summer days we reach 39°C to 41°C (105°F) here
      Trust me…. no one can ever get used to it. 😉

      • Roxanne

        39° to 41°?! Ugh, I’d totally melt away. We have a hard time getting above 20° here in summer so I’m not really used to it, I guess. My face starts sweating like crazy!!

  5. Annika

    Um, when I sleep? Lol, I always wear makeup, even on days off.

    • LOL I was going to put the same thing. I always need to do at least my foundation and eyebrows or I’ll look scary.

      If I’m leaving the house, I at least do those two things.

  6. That would be…at night! LOL!

  7. When I’m asleep. :) I almost always wear make up when I’m awake, even if I don’t go anywhere, I will always wear some sort of face powder/blush and mascara.

  8. jess

    I’m probably the minority on this website since I usually don’t wear any makeup. I have a really grueling schedule (like you, Christine, I’m in law school. I also have a part time job and an internship) and I just don’t like to wake up any earlier than I have to, so I usually skip makeup unless I’m (1) dressing up, (2) going out with friends or (3) really early in getting ready for my day.

  9. Emm

    Honestly I usually don’t wear makeup during the week because I don’t want to have to get up earlier to put it on. I would rather sleep more : )
    Otherwise weekends I usually wear makeup. I also don’t when going swimming, to the beach, when I workout, or random errands.

  10. Nicci

    If I am just staying at home on the weekend and relaxing I won’t wear any make-up. Or going out to the gym…I won’t put on a full face of make-up since it will be washed off anyway after my workout.

  11. Dancerwendy

    I usually wear some makeup on most days of the week, but I’ve been trying to keep my face clean on days I’m staying in just for the sake of taking better care of my skin.

  12. ThunderBird

    I never wear makeup when I’m going to a gym. It’s impossible to look beautiful when you’re working hard and sweating, and in my opinion it makes women look miserable.
    And I don’t wear makeup when I’m going to sleep. :)

  13. Kim

    I usually only do my eyeliner and a lip gloss or lipstick anyway. But on some days when I need to maximize my sleep, I just give up.

  14. I try not to wear makeup on days when I stay in, like on weekends. If it’s just a quick run to Target, then I don’t bother with makeup, but if it’s a work day or if I’m going out to dinner or a movie, then I definitely wear my full face.

  15. Summer! When it is hot I simply can’t where makeup…Having a tan helps though. If I am going out I do up my eyes, but no foundation.

  16. Dee

    I always wear makeup. Unless I’m honestly not going anywhere. Even to visit family(they live right up the street) I’ll put on powder and lipgloss.

  17. claudia

    I don’t wear make up when I’m going to walk on the beach or when I run quick errads, like going to a shop around the corner. Otherwise, makeup always !!

  18. Saira

    If I’m going for a night out, I don’t normally wear make-up during the day, as I know I’m going to be wearing it later on and like to give my skin a break for a while. I don’t normally wear make-up on a Sunday, as I like to give my skin a break.

  19. Kell

    I only DON’T wear makeup when I go to bed.

  20. tremorviolet

    I never go anywhere without mascara (my eyelashes are strawberry blonde and invisible) but for early morning workouts, I just wear sunscreen and mascara. All day outdoor events, a little liner and mascara, and at the beach or lake, waterproof mascara.

  21. kate

    i put makeup on after i shower in the morning– so i normally have at least a little on. The only time i really wear no makeup is when i just wanna stay off the radar and not really get noticed and HIT ON. lol

  22. Nicole13

    Anytime I’m doing something last minute…even if I was running late for work I will skip. I always keeps some gloss in my purse though.

  23. Christy

    I don’t wear makeup when I’m sick, running out to pick up a few items where I’m out for maybe half an hour at most, when I’m staying home all day and when I go to bed.

  24. I don’t wear makeup when I am in the house and know I am not going anywhere, or just running to do errands. I also don’t wear makeup when I am sick, though sometimes I will just because it is fun and makes me feel better.

  25. Alexis

    when do i NOT wear makeup? when I know I am not leaving the house for anything when I am deathly ill! Otherwise I always make sure my eyebrows are done and I have a sheer peach gloss on for the quickest/smallest errand or just going to to the gym.

  26. geri~

    I never wear when I am home (duh), swimming and tanning and to church on Sundays (unless I have something on after!) And sometimes to school if I am feeling really lazy…..

  27. Cherie

    I never wear makeup when I’m sleeping. Sometiems I’m lazy on Sundays when I’m only around the home and go naked face.

  28. Rosario

    I don’t wear makeup on days I know I’m just going to stay at home and be lazy. Also when I start breaking out a lot I know it’s time to give my skin a rest, a beach day is also a day I don’t wear makeup.

  29. Kristin

    I work from home 3 days a week, and there are a lot of those days that I don’t wear make-up. I think it’s nice to give my skin a break when nobody outside of the house is going to see me anyway.

  30. fiaspice

    I don’t wear make up often. It depends on my mood and if I have time to do it. These days, I barely jump in my clothes in the morning, bit I do slap some lipgloss on. If I’m going to the pool, I won’t wear any.

  31. I typically don’t wear makeup if I know it’ll come right off anyway, i.e. if it’s super hot/humid outside or if I’m going to the beach/pool. I also like to take a break and let my skin breathe for a couple days.

  32. anna

    beach/pool, gym, quick errands or when im late somewhere.

  33. Katya

    i dont ever wear makeup when i just stay home, when i have final exams.., when im really tierd.., when i go swimming!!!

  34. Amy

    When I am planning to be at home most of day or whole day or when I plan on going swimming and situations when I am exposed to water like the beach or snowboarding. Also during exam time at school, I don’t even bother unless it is a final presentation.

  35. Mara

    I don’t wear makeup on my days off if I’m staying home or just running out to do some quick errands. I also don’t wear makeup when I am sick!

  36. Marina

    At home and on the beach. Or when i’m sick, then i don’t care.

  37. I don’t wear makeup when I’m going swimming or to the beach, exercising, sleeping, or when I’ll be mostly at home. Occasionally I’ll skip the makeup on day I feel lazy or I have too much to do.

  38. Miss_M

    I never wear make-up when I’m at home all day, or when I have to run to the mailbox across the street to post a letter.

  39. Ann

    I’ve 8am class and I commute so I pretty much forgo makeup since I’m not a morning person. I only wear makeup now when I have time to otherwise I find it unnecessary.

  40. Ceci

    When I’m home or sick in bed. Also, when I’m exercising most times since I’ll break out otherwise.

  41. As much as I love makeup, I usually don’t wear it… -_-;; My skin is still pretty youthful and with my crazy class schedule no time to do makeup looks grrr. (I definitely wear makeup to work though~)

  42. Daisy

    I don’t wear make-up when I’m ill and/or when I’m staying home all day.
    Other then that, whenever I am leaving the house, I’ll wear at least some make-up.

  43. ShebaV

    Ha. Like some of the others, when I am sleeping. Even the beach face gets powder, mascara, and lip gloss. :)

  44. Brandy


  45. Krissy

    I don’t wear make-up when:

    1) I’m at the gym.
    2) I’m at the beach.