Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

What’s your technique to get perfect lashes? What tools do you use? Products? How many coats of mascara do you put on? Do you do tightlining to achieve the most mastered of lashes? Do you swear by a certain technique? Share your lash secrets!

I am still fumbling around with creating the perfect lashes. It’s not easy, folks! I vary between my mascaras, as I haven’t been so awed by any to stick with it for long enough (plus, being a beauty blogger exposes you to a zillion products that tempt you to try them!); hence why I am on my mascara quest! Lately, I’ve been reaching for MAC’s Plushlash in Plushblack (always gotta be black), but I’m still figuring out the brush. Lots of coats for me. Does a coat count if you don’t wait for it to dry? No lining for me. I use a lash comb if I remember at the end, and I nearly always forget to curl.

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38 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your technique to get perfect lashes?

  1. Kim

    I curl with a Shu curler, then use Plush Lash. I feel like I have finally figured out the brush and I really like what it does to my lashes.

  2. Audrey

    I happen to be obsessed with perfect eyelashes. They are probably my second favorite feature (brows are first).

    First, I apply one coat of classic DiorShow mascara in black. When that coat is almost dry, I brush my lashes with this handy brush from Sephora to get rid of clumps. I apply a second coat and allow it to dry. Finally, I use a pointed-end nail file (similar to the top one in the picture) to separate every lash and ensure no lashes are sticking together. I know I will poke my eye out one day, but until I find a better way to separate my lashes, I’m sticking to the nail file!

    On lazy days, I brush on clear Maybelline mascara for that natural, “spent less than 3 minutes” look.

    • I can’t say I’ve known many who love their lashes as a feature!

      Have you tried lash combs? They make tons, and a metal lash comb will separate the best.

  3. No curler (mine are naturally fairly curly, any aid from tools makes them look stupid), one coat of Sue Devitt Microquatic Black Widow mascara, or MAC Loud Lash if i want something more dramatic.

    still need to get Plushlash…………….

  4. Yvette

    I have no idea, I’m still on the quest for the perfect mascara. I go from product to product and still no success. I’ve tried Plushlash, too much come out at one time. Even when I still clean the brush. So, tomorrow I’m off in search of the perfect mascara product..

  5. B

    Shu curler+
    Shiseido mascara base+
    Max Factor mascara+
    Heated eyelash curler+
    = a lot of work but the va va voom lashes I have are priceless (special occasions only)

  6. Photoshop, lol!

    Um, curling is a big thing for me. If the curl isn’t well executed then it looks like crapola. The next big thing is a mascara that hold the curl (because my lashes are STICK STRAIGHT) that thickens and lengthens without clumping. I’m a mascara whore, but these days I’m in love with Plushlash!

    • haha!

      I liked the way Plushlash turned out on me tonight. Perhaps I really should wait for each coat to dry, that might be the way to heavenly lashes.

  7. Lindsay

    How well do heated eyelash curlers work as opposed to regular curlers? I was thinking about trying one but wanted some info first.

    • It really depends – it might be more convenience, but I know that a lot of ladies just heat their curler with a blow dryer (feel with fingers before applying to lashes, in case it’s too hot).

  8. May

    To answer your question, Lindsay, I actually love using a heated eyelash curler (I have the Sephora brand one). I have straight Asian lashes, and I curl my lashes with Shu lash curler first to make my lashes higher up, then use the heated curler to curl the 1/3 end of my lashes so it looks naturally curly. I finish with a coat or two of Diorshow mascara. I don’t think the heat will damage your lashes unless you use it regularly. I only wear makeup once a week or so.

    I’m trying out a tip I got while reading a makeup tutorial from Spectra (can’t find the entry, sorry!). Basically, you heat your regular curler with a blowdryer for a few seconds, and curl your lashes. It really works! The hold is great, just make sure to touch the curler to ensure it’s not hot, but fairly warm. Hope this helps =)

  9. Carrie

    Maybe everyone already does this, I have no idea, but: I finally figured out my bottom lashes!

    I have really sparse bottom lashes, or at least I thought I did. But I’ve been using mascara with a curved brush, and if I just hold it sideways so that the curve of the brush mirrors the curve of my bottom eyelid and brush all of them down at once…ta daa! instant bottom lashes! I’ve always heard to use the tip of the brush side-to-side for bottom lashes, but that never worked for me, but this method is great.

  10. Sacha mascara in black. (local caribbean brand) When i get a new bottle i always make sure to pull the wand out till just the brush end is in then pull it down so that the top gets a 45 degree angle that way i dont need to stick my elbow out to apply. Then i apply a coat and use a clean dry mascara wand to comb through the lashes.
    For my second coat i use the tip of the wand to apply from root to tip, each lash then comb through again with the dry brush.
    Then i dip my wand again and apply making sure to really get the tips colored in.
    Wow..this is more involved sounding than it actually is lol. Then i run the mascara wand thats pretty much almost outta mascara lightly over my brows to set them.

  11. jamaica

    gotta ask… what does tightlining mean?

  12. Annie

    You gotta wiggle the wand through your lashes while you’re putting it on, and kinda be rough with it, ESPECIALLY at the root… let it dry for like a minute, then more coats with the same technique… REMEMBER TO WIGGLE!!! I stand strong for the Wiggle Technique. And I Love Dior’s Diorshow- used it for a long time now and couldn’t stop raving about it since day one…

  13. Vanessa

    For a couple years I neer cared about my lashes until I went to a makeup show and got a bunch of free mascara. Since then I’ve been testing every mascara I can. I’ve also realized that I have better lashes than thought! I have my curler and I start at the base and pump the curler a few times, and slowly move my way towards the tips. I’ve recently discovered Fresh’s Supernova mascara. It is absolutely amazing. It lengthens, thickens and curls even more. I put on four coats and my lashes still feel like I have nothing on them! They’re still so soft and not a bit crusty or crunchy. If you haven’t tried it go get some from Sephora, and if you hate it, take it back!

  14. I first curl my lashes, then apply a waterproof black mascara, and finish it off with clear! I carry the clear mascara around with me, so my lashes always look great!

  15. Zsofi

    Yes,a mascara coat always counts,even if it is not dry,if You listen to me.
    i am lucky on the lash front,mine is curled by nature,so i never used ma MAC curler. they even asked why i buy it,at the shop,but stubborn as i am,i got to have it.
    i don’t believe in mascara bases,i just use my YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils and i am fully happy with it .this has the nicest brush i ever tried. only problem,that aftewr a tima,the mascara sticks togethet,and You need a new one. i need lots of coats,though. i don’t count them,but i don’t stop until i reached all the hairs.

    • Great tips, Zsofi! How long does the YSL mascara last you?

      • Zsofi

        i don’t know exactly,but maybe after 2month (maybe), the brush just sticks together,and it becomes useless. annoying fact,that there is still some dye in the tube,but it can be used with a brush from another mascara.
        but best mascara i have ever tried,really.
        and i read,that some other Temptalia-ladies are loving it,too!