Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your philosophy on makeup? Do you have one? Share it if you do!

Temptalia's Answer.

Make up is all about having fun and playing with color! It can be a life saver in so many ways — it can help boost your self esteem when your skin is wreaking havoc on your life, or it can act as an amazing outlet for your creativity.



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25 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your philosophy on makeup?

  1. CeeBee

    I believe makeup is primarily about enhancing what you have, never “disguising” something or making you look like someone you aren’t.

    All women are beautiful in some way – makeup just makes some of us feel *more* attractive on the outside for a short time.
    That’s the beauty of it! You can enhance, colour, highlight, play and experiment to your hearts content – and then it washes off so you can start again!

  2. Ilaria

    Make up is art. It can make you feel however or whoever you want. I think it’s a way of expression.
    and it’s so beautiful because it’s so fragile…

  3. elle

    My makeup philosophy is: Less is more, and there are no rules relating to what has to be a crease color and what has to be the lid color.

  4. Alicia

    My philsophy is that there are NO rules. Never tell yourself “I can’t ever wear…”, and never let anyone else tell you that either. I think make-up is all about experimentation, finding out what colours you love to wear, and dare to wear!
    I love that make-up can be worn by everyone no what what sex, age, colour, or size :)

  5. To me, makeup is the perfect accessory and a great way of having fun with my look! :) It’s all about experimenting and I believe that the “makeup rules” are there to be broken! :)

  6. My Look But Better! I want for my clients to look like themselves, just perfected. If a client likes brights, then I love brights, but if she’s more reserved, I’ll stay within her comfort zone.

    For me, I like some sparkle and shine. It suits my personality!

  7. inuchan

    less is more, i like that definition.

    When i was a teenager, i often used to believe that i was not pretty enough to wear all those pretty makeup products… now that i grew older, i started to accept me the way i am, with the things i like, the ones i dislike. makeup did not a thing to make me prettier… i think it just adapted itself to my curent way of thinking: enhance what you’ve got, for you are beautifully you…

    Not sure if this make sense.. but when i realized all that, it made me really feel good/myself


    • Brenda

      I agree. When I started as a teenager, I was so not comfortable with wearing anything but what the other girls did too. Through my mid twenties I barely wore any makeup. Now (at 30) I’m wearing colours and styles I never dreamed I’d be able to feel ok with!! I think with age comes acceptance and the understanding its just all for fun!!

      I’m a painter, and I take a lot of inspiration from nature and paintings I have in my head. When i don’t feel like putting the paint to canvas, i put the makeup to my face!!!

  8. My makeup philosophy is to accept yourself the way that you are. You can experiment with your makeup to create a perfect look for you and not have anyone tell you what to do. It’s your makeup, not theirs.

  9. Chiara

    Make-up is a way of showing your true face.

    • Katie

      i agree. i think makeup is about drawing attention to your cheekbones, the hollows of your cheeks or the beautiful shape of your eyes. It’s about the creativity of showing your assets, not disguising them.

  10. tremorviolet

    You can make anything work for you, you just have to modify. I used to have trouble with make-up because I felt like there were so many rules: colors I was’t supposed to wear, styles I couldn’t try.
    For example, I love bright eye shadows but I’m well over 30 and I work in a professional office. So I use just a bit of bright shadow and then tone it down with neutrals in the crease. Or, if I want to rock the hot pink lipstick, wear it on the weekends with a neutral eye and cheek.

  11. Luda

    Never follow “rules” because there are no “rules” in make up. Don’t take it too seriously, have fun with it. Experiment!!! I love that you can have what mother nature didn’t give you. You want cheek bones – highlight. You want smaller nose – contour. You want bigger lips, different shape eyebrows, bigger eyes – just draw it on!!! And don’t think of make up as just another thing to do in the morning when getting ready – it should be fun, not a chore.

  12. HoneyBrown1976

    Enhance what you naturally have.

    Less is definitely more.

  13. Michelle

    Make up was a nescessity for me in my teens. I had problems with major breakouts for a while — and I did use makeup to hide and conceal them. I also learned how to play up my eyes and lips to draw attention to my best features.
    Now I love to play and experiment. My husband says I definately have a different attitude when I have my makeup on. LOL I say go for whatever makeup look that makes you feel fabulous!! :)

  14. For me, makeup is fun. They are no rules, as long as it is applied well. I almost always wear makeup, not because I’m not confident without it, I could perfectly go without it, but because it’s my fun/creative moment of the day. I always get mad when people assume that girls wearing makeup lack confidence, hence why they wear makeup. It can be true of course, some girls would prefer being killed than being seen without makeup. But using it to enhance your features is no lack of confidence, it’s just a will to make what you have even better-looking.

  15. Nic

    Makeup should be fun. It’s an accessory, a way to be creative with your look. I like how it enhances my appearance, but I don’t depend on it to feel confident about how I look.

  16. I wouldn’t go as deep to say that makeup is an important enough factor to be seen as ‘deep’ although I think that makeup enhances your beauty instead of covering it up.

  17. hi

    For me, makeup is fusing a) art and b) what you think would be you, but more beautiful. Everybody’s definition of beauty is different, but for me, it’s looking unique. Simply put, I am VERY unique looking: Blue ocean eyes, porcelain skin, SUPER high cheekbones and TONS AND TONS AND TONS of super long and thick curly copper red hair. THAT’S unique. I wouldn’t consider some girl with the standard tan-but-still-white skin and standard straight dirty blonde hair with standard layers and side bangs with simple eyeliner and mascara beautiful – it’s just too boring and ordinary!

  18. Allison

    Makeup isn’t just about making you look good its about being artistic and letting creativity shine. It is a life style and I choose to live it and love it.

  19. Annika

    Makeup makes me look like a prettier version of me :) I like a subtle and natural no-makeup makeup look.

  20. Heather

    A little is okay, but a full face of it everyday is ridiculous and the idea of natural looking makeup banishes.

  21. courtney

    Makeup for me is like art and your face is the canvas. Anything goes and some things work out and others don’t. Experimentation is essential for makeup- otherwise trends and fashion would not evolve.

  22. Angela

    I totally agree!