Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your perfect perfume for summer? Is it something that reminds of you of summer? Is it lighter than your winter fragrance?

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90 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your perfect perfume for summer?

  1. Hannah

    Estee Lauder (Bronze Goddess)… I bathe in this stuff all year long. I live in the tropics. I buy the oil version of this. It’s awesome…
    For cheaper alternatives, I use Bath & Body Works’s coconut lime verbana spray. i love it to death.

  2. glamqueen

    mat; by masakï matsushïma is my summer favorite! light and sophisticated with a slight oriental touch. one of few summery perfumes that doesn´t smell like candy on me.

  3. Michelle

    I have to use just a tiny, tiny amount, because it can get overpowering on me, but I LOVE Estée Lauder “Beyond Paradise” for summer. Despite the concentration of scent, it’s lighter and fruitier than what I normally wear (I lean toward musk, partly because my husband loves it so much), and it just makes me feel like going out in the sun and having a great time!

  4. chuarmk

    Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf

  5. jesstooimpress

    Burberry summer!

  6. Fabulosity

    Ok, don’t roll your eyes but Paris Hiltons’ ” Paris ” perfume is amazing, I am obsessed with this stuff! I have 2 bottles in my room, one in my car, & a travel size one in my purse. Everyone always compliments me on my perfume ( especially guys ) & everyone always thinks Im kidding when I say its Paris Hilton! It’s pretty affordable & it’s great! Def. give it a try before you judge it!

  7. I love Estée Lauder’s Emerald Dream. It’s very fresh and summery and the packaging is cute, too!

  8. RedSlipper

    I am using Marc Jacobs Daisy, But I also like D&G Light blue and Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean

  9. Chica

    DKNY Be Delicious or the Body Shop’s perfume oil in Satsuma – neither last super long but they both smell really fruity and summery.

  10. Beverly Vinson

    DKNY BE Delicious as well (the red and green both are great!), but my all time favorite year round is Inis. An Irish unisex scent…..MMMMM….it smells like the ocean….to bad I am out of it though :(.

  11. valentina

    Bronze Goddess EL, Youth Dew Amber Nude EL, Songes Annick Goutal, Eau de Naphè and Aloha Tiarè Comptoir Sud Pacifique 😉

  12. Sharonda

    I was all over Donna Karen Cashmere Mist, but I want to get L L.A.M.B., it smelt soo good when I sprayed it.

  13. Mimi

    I recently got Marc Jacobs Daisy and it’s just amazing! It smells lovely and it’s just a great summer scent

  14. I don’t like using perfume in summer, but when I want to use one, it is always Shiseido ‘Relaxing Fragrance’. I’ve been using it for years and I still think it’s the best spring/summer perfume ever.

  15. Right now I’m so loving Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Nina by Nina Ricci, Juicy Couture, Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez, Rock N Rose by Valentino. And I’m still faithful to my Paris Hilton!

  16. Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot is my current summer scent, but if i can get my hands on it Lili perfumes (a company based out of Bermuda) makes the most amazing summery scents (i bought one when i was there a few years ago, might have to order another online!). my fave is Frangipanni, but Coral and Passion Flower are really nice too.

  17. Melissa

    I love Chanel Chance eau fraiche (the green one)!

  18. I absolutely love Paradise by Alfred Sung and I don’t remember the name but it’s a Issey Miyake product and I get compliments from my bf and my co-workers ^_^

  19. lisa

    Dkny red delicious.

  20. Shefali

    Marc Jacobs Cucumber is my everyday scent. I change it up sometimes by wearing NARS Monoi body oil. It’s super summery – almost beachy.

    In the summer evenings I wear Ange ou Demon by Givenchy. It’s light but sexy. I love it.

  21. lala

    Lancôme Hypnose Parfum :)

  22. Jennifer

    I’m in love with Wrapped with Love by Hillary Duff….raspberries, vanilla, white choclate mousse, honey dew,and delicate floral notes…. its lite and amazing!!! I work in a hospital and its perfect!!!!

  23. Manny

    I love ‘Moon sparkle’ from Escada, although it doesn’t last very long. Escada presents a ‘new’ scent every summer, but to me they all smell the same :).

  24. Rabi

    My favorite summer fragrance is Bobbi Brown’s Beach fragrance. It reminds me of everything about being at the shore, and just really works well with the higher humidity. I also love wearing scented body butters in the summer time, like Satsuma by the Body Shop, or my new favorite, Lime Blossom from Sephora.

  25. Clinique Happy Heart! But I want to try Bobbi Brown’s beach fragrance because I keep hearing good things about it!

  26. Vanessa

    This summer I’m wearing Dior Addict Shine! I love it, nice and light, not over powering but doesn’t last really long. I also love The Body Shop Satsuma body lotion.

  27. kobri

    I alternate between DKNY Red Delicious, Bath & Body Works Pink Grapefruit and Jo Malone White Jasmine Mint. I wanted to love Daisy because everyone raves, but it was way too strong on me, my eyes were watering and I got a headache.

  28. Cristina

    Eternity Moment Summer, because it feels so light!

    I may be too old for this, but I use Mary Kate and Ashley in Pink Grapefuit :)) No one could tell it’s a MK & Ashley fragrance.

  29. janet

    Pink Jasmine by Fresh is dreamy but so is Sugar Lychee when your feelin a bit sweeter, actually I love almost all the Fresh fragrances!

  30. Happy In Bloom by Clinique. It’s so fresh and femenine. I just love it. Also Carolina Herrera CH it’s a fresh but sexy scent.

  31. Jessika

    i use armani white all year round, day or night! but daisy seems popular so i mite give it a try!

  32. claudine

    Paris by Paris Hilton (guys really love it and me too haha)

  33. vbie3714

    I have tons–here are a few: Incanto Charms, CSP Vanille Abricot (I wear this year round though, it’s my HG fragrance!), lots of the Escada LE’s like Sexy Graffiti, Ibiza Hippie, PP, RR; and a fragrance I got at PacSun a couple years ago — Lilu. Very fresh/floral.

    • Sounds like you have TONS of fragrances! Are you a perfume addict? 😉

      • vbie3714

        Sort of–and I hardly use any, because I’m afraid they’ll all be gone! My MIL is more of an addict than I, however. She enables me most of the time! :-)

  34. HeavenLeiBlu

    Almost ANY Escada fragrance, which reminds me, I didn’t put any on today! *digs around in my bag for my Sunset Heat mini* Ah, I have it on now and I feel much better, LOL

  35. Paige

    Recently, my sister and I swapped Chanel perfumes. I gave her Coco for Madamoiselle. So far, I’ve enjoyed it for the warmer days but for the hotter dog days of summer…I’ll have to see how it reacts. One perfume that I’m considering on purchasing again is Presciptives Calyx…I used to wear this all the time during my college days. It’s a bold green scent.

  36. marquita

    I really like fruity scents for the summer like all of the Ralph’s or Be Delicous by DKNY, or Light Blue I can go on…
    or Escada

  37. I just fell in love with MAC’s Turquatic!

  38. Evangelia

    I just bought MAC MV 1 and I think I’ll like it for summer! But my other summer faves are BB beach and all of the Michael Kors “Island” editions (especially Hawaii, love that orange blossom)

  39. shangrila

    i’m a perfume addict. lol… i love d&g light blue the mostest! hee hee… but mark makes a perfume called sassy (it also comes in a dry oil) that i absolutely love! i think it is slowly becoming my new favorite. i also love chanel mademoiselle, clinique happy, ooh and baby phat goddess is my wear to work scent. yuuuuuum!

    i used to wear sheseido relaxing fragrance all the time, and i recently stumbled upon a bottle of it and my nose didnt like it anymore :(

    one more! bath & body works sea island cotton! okay no more. lol