Saturday, December 15th, 2007

What’s your night time skin regimen? What steps do you go through or what products do you use?

For me:  1) remove makeup — I use either makeup remover wipes for really dark shadows or bold lips or a gel cleanser; 2) cleanse face (lovin’ Renee Rouleau, of course); 3) anti-aging treatment (if I’m testing one!); 4) moisturizer (usually a thick one); 5) lip balm/jelly.

P.S. – Weekend plans? Who has exciting plans? Who can’t wait to relax? I’ll be studying once again… last final is on Tuesday, thankfully! I scarcely even remembered that today was Saturday!

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18 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your night time skin regimen?

  1. Mary

    I cleanse with either Le Mer lotion or fluid depending on how dry my skin is. Then I use SK-II facial treatment, Le Mer eye cream, then Le Mer cream or the lighter lotion. That’s for now though, I switch up when I run out of things :)

    I never thought about it but I guess I neglect my lips!

    • My lips are always last minute, and I think it’s only because I’ve been obsessed with lip balm since I was tiny, lol.

      Very expensive regimen, Mary! I’m glad it works though :)

  2. chuarmk

    My night time skincare routine :)

    Makeup remover – eyes & lips
    Makeup remover – face (clease 2 times)
    Cleansing milk – face & jawline (except eyes)
    Hydrating toner – face & neck
    Eye serum – eye area (incl. temples)
    Eye cream – eye area (incl. temples)
    Vitamin serum – face & jawline (one small bottle each day)
    Gel moisturizer – face only
    Vitamin night cream – neck until collar bone
    Lip balm – the last thing before I go to bed

  3. Tanya

    Make-up rewmover wipes
    hydrating toner

    Once or twice a week I add a mask

    This weekend, I am being pampered..because its Birthday Princess Tanya’s Birthday! Slept in, placed an order for some more beauty powder on the MAC site, just came back from brunch at my very favorite organic vegi place, been sung too, now I am going to get a pedicure while I am there my SO and son are going to do a little house cleaning, later the family is taking me to my very favorite resturant in Sacramento…and my poor Dad has to endure vegan food :) then back home for traditional danish birthday cake that my mom apparently has tweeked so its vegan…then finally its presant opening time!! Sunday – weekly house cleaning and a indoor soccer game.

    Good luck on your last final :)

    • What toner are you using? I’ve never been a toner girl myself.

      Aww, happy birthday, Tanya (well, belated!). Sounds like you had some awesome birthday plans! My mom’s Christmas wish is a clean house, LOL, but she says it doesn’t look likely that she’ll get it.

      So great that your mom cooked you a vegan Danish cake!!

      • Tanya

        Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes :)

        My usual toner is Eminence but I ran out and haven’t bothered to set up an appt for a facial (too busy with the holidays) so a replacement bottle is on hold. In the mean time I am using a bottle of Murad toner someone gave me…it seems to be doing a pretty good job and my ultra mega sensitive skin isn’t pissed off by the switch.

        HAHAHAH I can soooooooo relate to your mom’s wish for a clean house! Oh in my dreams the house would be super organized, totally clean and I would have a “place for everything”.

  4. Madeleine

    Eye makeup remover
    Grapeseeds cleanser
    grapeseeds toner
    Eye cream for night
    night cream (gel recently because the temp.goes way under minus,let’s say well under minus 20…and more).
    ONce a week mask,and peeling.

    • Great routine, Madeleine! What kind of mask do you use?

      • Madeleine

        Oh,don’t even ask.I should’ve been more consistent since the weather is so severe recently….
        Usually I use “Anti Fatigue Gel Mask” by Chanel and “Strawberry and Cream Gel Mask” by who?The first one works well when you do not have time what so ever – ever!,look gray and ugly.This will put some immediate radiance on your cheeks.The other one I’ve found in local drug store,it costs almost nothing (if possible) LOL, and it refreshes dull skin.It really doesn’t do anything particular(that I know of),quite frankly it provides time to spend…alone.Last week I’ve been to Sears and was given as a gift with purchase “Turnaround 15 minutes facial” by Clinique.I have not tried it yet,but…last Christmas I actually bought Clinique -“Turnaround Concentrate ” which has done absolutely nothing for me.
        What I would like to recommend is one mask that works and it cost (again) nothing,about 5 or 6$.
        It’s called Derma Relaxing Eye Mask (excellent for puffiness,dark circles and global anti tiredness).These are under-eye patches.The trick is to use them only ONE time(not 3 or 4 times as the instruction says),just once ,and after that is garbage.Put the patches under your eyes for about 10 to 15 min.And expect a miracle.And you’re gonna get it.It works beautifully every time I need to look rested,radiant and bag-less….The first time I’ve done it I was shocked (and I still am after 4 years of occasional using)how well it works.

  5. Tonee

    I use almond or jojoba oil to remove waterproof makeup. Then I use either Clarins or Cetaphil to cleanse my skin, follow up with a toner/moisturizer. I always use an eye cream (Clarins Super Restorative) and Vaseline on my lips.

  6. Ana

    Easy one!

    – Remove makeup with makeup wipes
    – Remove eye makeup with eye makeup remover
    – Clinique 3 steps
    – L’Occitane shea butter eye cream
    – Clinique Total Turnaround

    Every Friday night I lock myself in the bathroom, have a really looong shower (taking the chance to scrub my face with an exfoliant)and afterwards I put on a clay based mask (from Clinique) which is great for my oily skin.

    I hope you do good on your final!

    • Very nice, Ana :) How do you like the 3 step system?

      • Ana

        I’ve been using it for quite some time. It is very effective as long as you use it twice daily.If you miss it one day/night your skin and looks will surely feel the difference! And I’ve tried some other brands but always came back to Clinique.