Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your most treasured piece of makeup? Share! :)

Temptalia's Answer.

It’s tough to say! Nothing actually pops up in my mind, so I guess there’s no one piece that sticks out.


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75 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your most treasured piece of makeup?

  1. All of them… I consider my makeup my babies, lol.

    But if I had to choose, I would pick my collection of Limited Edition Dior items from each season. I don’t use any of them, they’re just there to look at =D

    • VetTechDivaTN

      Oh my gosh Sheila! I have the same ones from Dior and I don’t use them either! I think they’re pretty and to be admired 😉 my friends think I’m crazy, but I’m glad there’s someone else out there that does the same thing as I do!

  2. Marta

    My MAC e/s palettes. Can’t imagine make up without them 😉

  3. Q

    My absolute most adored makeup…thingy… is the original rainbow stack from Calypso Mineral Beauty. This thing is amazing.

  4. Hinahon

    I’d say i have two, one that has more sentimental value and the other that is a bit more pricey

    The first one is my Agnès B Black Eyeshadow, because it was my very first Black make up piece ever. And i still didn’t touch the pan ! Even though i’ve used it for EVER

    The second is my Violetta lipstick from MAC. It’s Pro only and one of my first MAC lipstick (with Big Bow) and I love using it.
    At the time i bought it it was really like expensive make up. I would say seeing the money i had at that time it would be kinda as if bought a Chanel lipstick now.

    • Philippine

      that’s funny- Agnes B was my first eyeshadow too! Although i use it constantly and it still hasn’t run out. I have the black/white duo

      • Hinahon

        Mine is just the “Extra Black” mono
        I’ve had it for years :)
        I don’t really like the agnès B lipsticks but I like the eyeshadows :)

        • My first black e/s was also by agnès b. but as it was in 1998 or 1999, it was one called “Faux Noir” (a black with a slight dark blue shimmer). It’s finished for years now (I think I used 3 of them). :)
          I also quite like agnès b. e/s. There are some beautiful and unique shades. But I definitely dislike their lip products!

  5. dudisea

    my black gel liner, second close is rebel lipstick.

  6. dudisea

    ahaahaha was that a spoonerism? my black gel liner, close second is rebel lipstick.

  7. my entire lunasol collection which is actually really small! but I love it!

  8. Kirsten

    my mascara, for sure:)

  9. happybadfish

    My MAC eyeshadows. They have cost me alot of money, and I depotted them so I can have them in pallets. Also my MAC brushes, because they cost so much.

  10. kieu

    hMm.. it is a tough one.. I guess it’d be between mascara and eyeliner.. b/c i can go out the house without any eyeshadow or blush.. but i’d at lease have to put on a little mascara and/or eyeliner..

  11. beautyjunkiex

    Mac pink swoon blush, it was my first piece of mac and i use it more or less everyday!

  12. Giannina

    My Everyday Minerals foundation

  13. Kajsa

    I’d say it’s my Urban Decay Deluxe palette, it was my very first high-end brand thing I ever bought!

  14. Guerlain KissKiss Color, “Delicate Butterfly” – pearly white lipstick. It’s just gorgeous.

  15. volha

    to me its guerlain paradise eye shadows.amazing combination of colors and perfect for my hazel-green eyes- most treasured is because it was a limited edition and the shadows arent so much in the box.

  16. Jessica Asphyxia

    I CANNOT live without my MAC Fluidline Blacktrax eyeliner! Even without any other makeup on, that can ALWAY pull you together!

  17. aramis

    dont have one but out of all my cosmetics it would be eyeshadows in general.

  18. Lili

    My palette from the Manish collection!

  19. Jennifer

    Usually my most expensive items , only because I can’t just go out and buy buy buy with them.

    I really treasure my Dior Glow lipbalm, Dior nude foundation and powder… However for real for real I treasure also limited edition Mac stuff that I really really like. I love “Made with love” so much I have a second tube just waiting for me lol. ..

  20. shangrila

    Do brushes count? i love my 182 couture brushes (i have 2). they have their own special little stand next to my makeup table. lol.

    Otherwise, as far as makeup, i treasure my fafi fashion frenzy blush. i use it in VERY small amounts. lol

  21. Renee

    I too can’t seem to pick just one item that is my most favorite, so I’ll just have to categorize and say my eyeshadows. Even if I don’t have any other piece of makeup, I have to have my eyeshadows!

  22. Bella

    At this moment, my DSquared Mac Lip Erase, I’m in looooove! Our counter only got three in (?!) and I got one. It’s perfect, exactly what I hoped for and more! For sure my HG lip product. I seriously haven’t been this thrilled over a cosmetic purchase in a long time.

  23. JoElla

    Right now my most treasured product is Bobbi Brown’s Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Antigua. With cold and flu season already hitting my area I can go from half dead to healthy looking 2.8 seconds. This and some mascara and I am good to go!

  24. Mariana

    My NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo, all my lipglasses, eyeshadows, or my Stila Cobalt Clutch Smudgepot. I can’t choose between my babies!

  25. Michelle

    Right now I really love a blush I got from Rock and Republic called “Spank”. It gives me a great flushed look and I love the cool packaging/compact.

  26. Faheema

    Everything that I own (which isn’t much :P).
    This is basically because I put a lot of thought into what I buy and I am indecisive but I need to make sure that decision is perfect and I’m getting my monies worth 😀

  27. My eyeliner… I swear I can’t leave without it. I love trying different brands to find the best. =D

  28. evelyn

    Guerlain Volga Princess Pallette. I use it everyday, I couldn’t go without it, the pink eyeshadow is a magical color.

  29. pia

    My feline and indigo kohls. And all my nars blushes and all my lipstick collection.

  30. Anitacska

    To pick a few: my Chantecaille collection (all those gorgeous powders and shadows like Protected Paradise and Papillon), my Guerlain Meteorites and Voyage powders and LE eyeshadow quads, my Mac MSFs (including my Stereo Rose and Pleasureflush MSFs), my Dior eyeshadows (they are the best eyeshadows ever), Guerlain Le 2 Mascaras… Basically the beautiful expensive LE items. :)

  31. my 217 brush and 187

    and my stereo rose msf (i can see the pan already *shock*)

  32. Ali

    I have a bunch that are my favorites, but if I had to pick just one, I would have to say my Benefit Erase Paste. I have terrible dark circles, and it does wonders for them. If I leave the house only wearing one thing, it’s the Erase Paste. My second favorite would have to be Benefit’s That Gal Face Primer.

  33. Alexis

    my #266 brush – my brows are not complete without it – no brows – NO FACE! =)

  34. My Dior Elegante quint because it’s PERFECTION, and my Guerlain Brunettes bronzer that I bought in Epcot at Disney World.

  35. Gladimar

    Great question mine is My MAC Lip liner!!! I go to sleep with it lol :)

    twitter name: GV_REDDJOAN


  36. Miss_M

    If I have to pick one thing, it would be my MAC brushes. They are expensive, but well worth the money. Without them I couldn’t do a decent face !!

  37. lunatwinkle

    Definitely my MAC eyeshadows. 😀 Those are my babies!

  38. Erica

    My coveted Lancome Erika F eyeshadow. My mom lives in Australia and I had her track it down for me.

  39. Sixx

    Urban Decay 24/7 liner in ZERO…it completely changed the way my eye makeup looks! =D

  40. jess

    My MSF collection, for sure.

  41. Andrea

    Hmmmm I don’t have one most treasured item, but I do tend to be more careful with my more expensive items!!!

  42. Sarah

    definitely all of my MAC brushes. They’re such an investment and I have nearly all of them from gifts and saving up. I take such good care of them because I know that they’ll last such a long time if I do.

  43. Dee

    It’s not one piece of makeup in particular, but I would have to say that I get very upset if I don’t have my eyeshadows. I feel like my face is so unfinished without them, even if I have on foundation.

  44. Vy

    My MAC brushes specifically my 239 brush. Can’t live without it.

  45. lesleykat

    i am obsessed with my bobbi brown BBU palette. the best part about it is that i won it in a bet. go me!

  46. Sass

    My MAC Deep Truth eyeshadow…I adore it.

  47. Bridgette

    My YSL Golden Gloss in shade #7. That is my HG lipgloss and I love it!

  48. CeeBee

    Dior Night Diamond Shimmer in Beige – the powder is gorgeous and the packaging is so beautiful. I keep it on my dresser because its so pretty to look at and I put my engagement ring on it every night. I do use it, but only every now and then.
    A close second would be my collection of DiorKiss glosses (the old 18mL tubes that have been discontinued) – I don’t have them all, but it’s close!

  49. aradhana

    it’s tough to choose just one…i’d be devastated to part with any of it…but if i had to, i would say this chanel LE palette from a million years ago with a slightly sparkly black powder that is used to super plumpify lashes by layering with mascara.

  50. amy

    I will have to say my Crystal MAC Hello Kitty Mystery Powder compact because it was so expensive and it is wonderful to have such a luxe compact to be carrying around in my purse.

  51. Yikes, its hard to pick just one! I’d have to say my MAC Smoking Eyes palette, the 129SE from the Monogram collection (it’s gold tone with a charm on the end, so it’s like jewelry!) and my Juicy Couture perfumes. The last one because they have charm necklaces on them and the bottle is so beautiful.

  52. Ruth

    My Rouge G lipsticks & my guerlain forever Pink lipstick from Holiday collection 2007

  53. Valerie

    If I had to choose one it will be my primer Or de Guerlain… its been a year I have it now and I only wear it for special occasions and it is almost done. If I can have a top 5 list
    1) Or de Guerlain
    2) Rouge G #66 de Guerlain
    3) Burberry Brit – Gold
    4) Rita Beige Dior
    5) Shimmer powder de Dior

  54. Bettina

    anything LE just because it’s LE :)

  55. Mac’s So Ceylon, gives me a tan beautiful! Also just got MSF in Refined and it’s a nice tan peachy color! great combo!

  56. VetTechDivaTN

    I have a couple: My Guerlain Meteorites gold compact (priceless), my Dior limited edition palettes (they are for show, as I probably will never tap into them, crazy, I know) and my crystal Mac Hello Kitty Mystery Powder (expensive and gorgeous!)

  57. Stefh

    My Dior foundation and 188 face brush

  58. sandra

    My Sandy B lipstick and my omega e/s both MAC ’cause the omega makes my eyebrows look fab and Sandy B is just a life saver.

  59. Such a hard decision, deffinatly would be between MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Porcelain Pink, Face & Body Foundation or Fix+ Spray! My go to face!

  60. virion_butterfly

    I have two things: An urban decay single eyeshadow in oil slick that I bought ten years ago….it was my first high end purchase and it looked so cool and edgy to me in the little silver pot with urban decay written across it. I’ve kept it so long because of sentimental value. My absolute treasure of my collection would be my shu uemura adorned marguerite palette from last year’s holiday collection. It has beautiful colours which blend together like a dream….one could make hundreds of different looks with it! The packaging is also beautiful!

  61. Susie

    My chanel glossimer in coconut. It was a european release only. Divine

  62. Rebecca

    My Diorskin foundation, NARS Super Orgasm blush, my new Bobbi Brown nude palate, and my 2 new Chanel Rouge Allure Laque lipsticks. They were all expensive and worth it!

  63. fiaspice

    There’s a lot I like. My Personelle (drugstore home brand, lol) palette, cheap but I love the colors, my Ana Sui lipgloss, Face and Sephora mono eye shadow and my l’Oreal Panoramic mascara.

  64. Cherie

    My MAC e/s and l/s collection. 266, 217, 109 & 182 couture brushes

    Lately I can’t get enough of my DSquared Naked Rose l/s. I am ordering a backup since I think this will be the first l/s I run out of!

  65. ShebaV

    Sounds so blah but I love my eyeshadows from the N collection. I have 4 of each! They are my daytime shadows. The colors are perfect for me.

  66. Wendy

    Cover FX concealer and probably my loreal double extend mascara because It holds the curl really well and carmex is always a must have.

  67. Natalia

    YSL faux cils. its ended the mascara buying madness for me.