Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

What’s your favorite type of post on Temptalia? What makes it your favorite? You can just check out our list of categories, and those are the types–articles, new collection information, looks, reviews, tutorials etc.

Just love to hear your feedback on the matter, and I’d appreciate any and all answers! :)

Oh, and for fun, are you, and if you are, how are you celebrating Halloween? Are you dressing up (what as!)? Trick-or-treating with kiddies?

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54 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your favorite type of post on Temptalia?

  1. I love the new collection information, products and swatches.

    Your contests are very funny and your tutorials are very helpful. :-) thanks for this site christine.

    I would love to celebrate halloween but in spain we donΒ΄t have that festivitie. It would be fun dresing up and asking for candies with the kids door by door :-)

  2. Josay

    I love the new collection information, products and swatches pics.

  3. sosoy

    tutorials fave…dont care much for things not concerning mac …i like how you never used to talk about other brands first..also think you should only take guest looks if they do tutorials b/c a few of your girls are amazing…temptalia asks you is also great…all in all though youre the best makeup site on the net..pursebuzz and amyopoly and your karen chick have nothing nothing nothing on you…i dont even think anyof those girls can do makeup..but yours is outstanding! by the way are you hired by mac now or something? b/c how did you do all those things for them like interviewing dita von teese etc?

  4. tiffany

    LOVE your tutorials! And your reviw and stuff about new MAC collections!

  5. Miriam

    I get on Temptalia everyday, I really like the tutorials and the looks. Your tutorials are easy to follow and you take great pictures.
    It would be great to see more of those.

  6. hannika


    i love love love your tutorials! please keep it up!

  7. Adina

    New collection info for sure! I love getting sneak peaks πŸ˜€

  8. Audrey

    Definitely the tutorials.

    And could you do some more looks please? I’m craving some new ones, particularly looks using MAC’s new collections.

    I will probably end up watching scary movies with my friends tonight – trick-or-treating isn’t my thing. But today I had a quarter taped to my back all day (my costume was a quarterback!).

    • Thanks Audrey!

      I’ll try to have some looks soon. I’ve been so busy that I hardly have time to do more than a quick face in the morning.

      Oh, fun! And your costume idea was hilarious!

  9. jennifer

    new collections, swatches, and tutorials!!
    for halloween i’m just staying home and passing out candy to all the kids. i love seeing the little ones dressed up – so so cute!

  10. Tutorials are my favorite (hint hint *DO SOME MORE!!!* hint hint) but i love the pics of new collections, and swatches. I especially like the fact that you do swatches on your skin, so you can (sort of LOL) see how the product looks in real life.

    • If only tutorials didn’t take so long, I’d do them all the time! I have a few that need to be written up, so I’ll try to get that done soon :)

      Thanks, Courtney!

    • and i’m doing nothing tonight due to meetins early tomorrow. to me, this is equivalent to working the day after Christmas or Thanksgiving. damn my bosses who have no heart!!!

  11. Mary

    I haven’t seen a post on this site that I haven’t liked, but I must admit that the info on the new collections and tutorials are probably what I look at most. I ADORE this site!

  12. Chyla

    My favorite posts are the tutorials as well as the ones on the new collections/launches. They’re so informative!!!

    My friends actually celebrated Halloween-the adult way anyways (I’m the third from the right):

    I got to be a pirate this year for our Black & White party… I think my hat was the favorite part of my costume πŸ˜‰

    As far as tonight’s concerned, just chilling at home, handing out candy :)

  13. Zoe

    My favorite things are tutorials/ fotds because the y give inspiration and up and coming collection information reviews! to be honest only the stuff to do with mac really interests me i kind of just zoom past the others but no matter what i always check on your site at least once a day , im not only a mac addict but a beautyblog addict too

  14. Larkin

    1st and foremost Tutorials!
    2nd Q&A “Ask Temptalia”

  15. Jennifer

    This is my first time posting on temptalia.. but I’ve been constantly (almost everyday) browsing around here for months!

    I love love LOVE you tutorials/looks. There are so many gorgeous looks that I find myself experimenting almost every night.

    Also, your swatches and collection info is great!! I make a list of everything I want before going to MAC in hopes of sticking to that list (which never works.. I end up picking up more than I figured).

    • Hey Jennifer! I’m glad you decided to speak up πŸ˜€

      Thank you so much for your input!

      Isn’t that always the way? We always end up with more, never less!

  16. Angi

    Tutorials. By far and above all others.

  17. Swatches and Q&As are definitely my fav.

  18. I like your Face of the Days. They always give me inspiration.

  19. Janis

    I always look forward to your looks and tutorials! I’ve tried a lot of your looks already and have gotten lots of compliments! Plus it’s just fun and therapeutic for me :)

    I also love your collection photos, reviews and swatches. I always refer to your site whenever there’s a new collection to see which ones are worth having.

  20. Millie

    love your looks and tutorials. also your reviews, especially when you tell us what you bought or what your must-haves are

  21. natasha

    i too liked it when you were only doing MAC. even now, when i go to your site, i only zoom in the MAC articles. find the site cluttered now.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the swatches. and your personal review/ take on the pdts. my shopping budget every month is dependant on this.

    info abt new launches and ask temptalia.

    lastly, i love how you answer queries honestly and in lightning speed. the commitment is amazing :)

  22. Zsofi

    The whole site is amazing,the way it is. my favourites are articles about eye makeup,your gorgeous eye makeup looks,and tutorials.
    plus You are a good friend to all of us,simply by answering all questions and You treat every of our beauty problems very personally.
    MAC is of course the best brand on the planet,but it is also good to find out,what other brands are about πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, Zsofi! I’m glad you’re liking the site :) I am really starting to like learning about other brands, because it shows me what’s out there and how things compare to MAC.

  23. DoDe

    THAT IS A GREAT QUESTION…. But it is soooo hard to pick just one. You tutorials are AMAIZING. Love love love your new product info and swatches!!!!!!I’ve learned so much from reading your blog. keep up your wonderful work.

  24. Emi

    Hi!I just love the tutorial posts!Text alone is hard to picture in your mind,while photos alone can be misleading!(Especially if you are no expert-like myself-and try to copy those flawless magazine covers,bua ha ha.But these tutorials,with their top quality images are simply great!Thanks so much for posting them!They have helped me soooooo much!!!

  25. Lindsay

    Swatches and tutorials!!

  26. Skyler

    Looks, Tutorials, Reviews and Swatches. :)