Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite pre-made makeup palette/quad?Share!

Temptalia's Answer.

I love an old MAC quad – Liza AM! It’s all mattes, and the colors are just really great for everyday.

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49 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your favorite pre-made makeup palette/quad?

  1. Ilaria

    I love my new graphic light palette (Dior), I don’t really like Mac’s pink e/s so I bought this one which has 4 pink e/s and one silver.
    I have to mention pink may and Chanel’s smoky eyes because the texture of the e/s makes eyes look very very sexy!

  2. monique

    hmmm …. the spiced chocolate quad , the tempting quad and the thunder eye quad

  3. Bobbi Brown’s neutral palette & Nars Holiday 08 palette

  4. Phoebe

    Tempting!! I adore it so much

  5. Nars Holiday Palette, my Kryolan palettes, and coastal scents palettes

  6. Michelle

    I prefer my 2 Dior quints: Stylish move and my newest: navy design

  7. Coffee

    My Manish Aurora palette. I fiened over this palette. I was out if town on business, I excused myself to go to the “bathroom” during a meeting…I was in the stall calling in my order before they sold out! LOL.

    It allowed me to knock out a few colors I’ve been lusting after in one shot.

    But, alas, like all my premade palettes is doesn’t get nearly as much use as it should.

    Close second, Spiced Chocolate quad. Loves it.

  8. Rita

    I started with MAC last fall and the best quads are form Cult of Cherry (which is so far the best collection eyeshadowwise): Spiced Chocolate Quad (my first MAC ever) and Tempting Eye Quad. I just adore Nanogold and Sweet Chestnut, but the Tempting Eye Quad has a better combination of colours.

  9. Nathalie

    In general, there is always one or two colors that I love less in a quad and remain unused, that’s why I rarely buy some and prefer to stick to single eyeshadows. So far the only quad I’ve adored was the extraordinary YSL Quad for the Love Collection released for the 2007 holiday. The quality of the shadows was exceptional and the colors, just everything I love. Too bad it was LE!

  10. vinna

    MAC Spiced Chocolate quad! Delicious colors.

  11. Ana

    The tempting quad w/ those nice dark choc colors and the spiced chocolate quad, which I missed, but I still love those colors.

  12. Dee

    Tempting quad. It’s the only palette I have, besides a Bobbi Brown neutral set that I stole from my mom years ago.

  13. inuchan

    good ole Dior quints, tropical lights and sky glow are nice for every day :) for special days, i use Dior quints in golds, pink may and electric lights

  14. Jennifer

    Urban Decay deluxe palette! I also really like Lorac’s fairytale life palette that came out two years ago.

    • Nicole15

      UD’s Deluxe palette is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I should really give it more love cause every look i do with those colors makes me happy.

  15. Jenny

    MAC’s Smoke Signals Quad in Smoking Eyes. It’s by far my most favorite quad ever!

  16. Nicole15

    I have an issue with pre-made quads as so many of them end up having a color or two that i tend to neglect. I really like making my own quads & popping colors in & out so i can coordinate a look & bring it with me when i travel. But, if i had to think of one pre-made that i currently dig, i would have to say it’s the Cargo Tahiti palette. Beautiful summer blues & greens!

  17. boysenberry_girl

    My first and so far only palette (lol):
    Kat Von D’s True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Beethoven
    Galeano is my fave color!

    • I agree with you… however I think that Ludwig which I will purchase tomorrow when sephora opens may soon replace this…

  18. ellebelle

    NONE! Because theres always one that I either don’t use at all or use so little of compared to the others that i just get frustrated when I’ve used the whole thing but one color! ugh!!

  19. coco72

    Colour forms palette(the green one)and Smoking Eyes from smoke signals collection

  20. Jen

    I LOVE the Spiced Chocolate quad from MAC! I agree that there are always one or two colors not used or used as much, but it’s always nice to have a variety to choose from. I like playing with different colors myself.

  21. Ariana

    Does the 88 color shimmer palette from Coastal Scents count? I’m obsessed!

  22. Sandy

    Love Dior Elegante! My fave palette for everyday

  23. sweets4uk

    Spice chocolate, like everyone else!

  24. I love the MAC Sultress Eyes quad. I seriously use at least one color from it 3 times a week.

    Pandamonium and Thunder are definitel on my list as well.

  25. retrofox

    I just got my Pandamonium quad in the mail today from eBay and I am in LOVE with this quad! Great for night looks! For day, I love using my Tempting quad : )!

  26. aradhana

    the warm palette from trip II…and the amazon eyes quad from mac’s raquel welch collection…

  27. Nic

    I love the Urban Decay deluxe palette and the Smashbox Muse palette. There isn’t a color in either palette that I don’t use. :)

  28. Beto Kylie

    I LOVE Hello Kitty’s Lucky Tom!!!! The colors seem much more beautiful once you use them, especially if you do so together!!! They’re so pretty and FUN! 😀
    I never got it, but I always felt like getting the Tempting quad!!! It looks incredible!

  29. Erin

    Pretty much any NARS palette. *drool*

  30. BiLinh

    I honestly don’t like premade palette much. I like creating my own MAC palettes :) -working on my 10th Yahhh- I do own a couple of UD Palette and some others random brands, problem is some of them have colors I love, then there’s some with so much chunky glitters I can’t get away with, and as I am getting up there on the AGE ladder (shudder) I don’t care for glitter very much… BUT there is 1 palette that I LOVE. It have all the great colors that you can you can go from day to night. You can do any looks with, and it have lid, crease, and even highlight color (some palette don’t have highlighting color). The feel of it is great and the color payoff is amazing, blends easy and you don’t really need much. It’s TheBalm Shady Lady Palette man I love it so much I bought two and pop it out of the palette and stick it in with my MAC Palette (the pans are the same size) and the other one I stick in my travel bag.

  31. liz

    there was actually a clinique gwp palette that had ‘like mink’ eyeshadow duo (neutral cream/beige and dark shimmery brown) and a plumy blush. I definitely use this for a neutral/smokey neutral with coordinating blush. i bring this with me on trips when i have very limited room for makeup. its perfect.

  32. Cindyrella

    LORAC Snake Charmer from a few years ago works perfectly with my coloring & I love everything in it–blush is great too. I also adore Chanel Mystic Eyes and Winter Nights. I am a palette ho!!

  33. Christy

    The MAC Smoking Eyes Quad from the Smoke Signals collection. It was my first MAC Quad and it goes on every vacation with me. After that, its a tie between the Hello Kitty Lucky Tom palette and Fascinating Ruby Smokey Eyes palette.

  34. mlou

    my fav MAC palette was Eyesx7 in 2000 or 2001. Great e/s shades & e/p. The e/s were regular size round pans in that one.

    Overall, my fav palette is LM Eye Book 2008. Has some wonderful e/s, both shimmers & matte, a cake e/l, and double ended brush (small). Nice large mirror, decent construction so it holds up for travel, etc.

  35. Kaylabella

    i am IN LOVE with Urban Decay’s Get Baked palette! It’s all of my favorite gold colors and teal!
    I pretty much use it everyday ;DD

  36. Katie

    I’m a huge fan of the Gem Eyes palette (from Adorn Yourself, holiday 2004). It has Seedy Pearl, Crystal, Shale, Trax, Beauty Marked, and Parfait Amour-perfect for a smokey eye for those of us who don’t do the smokey eye in black, and perfect for green eyes. I also love my Manish Arora eye palette, and I do love the UD Deluxe Shadow Box. Face Dazzle is a nice one to have because it has Shell CCB, two lipglasses, and the ubiquitous Plumful. On the note of lip palettes, let’s go Colour Forms Warm Lips.

  37. mopan

    I haven’t been a MAC collector for very long .. but I find myself getting the most use out of the Holiday 08 Smokey Eyes palette. Satin Taupe and the matte dark brown and black are all I need for a basic eye!

  38. Colleen

    My absolute favorite is MAC Formal Black (Holiday 2006) warm palette. It has my favorite highlighter ever (White Tie-too bad it was LE) and I can wear every color in the palette. Whenever I browse the single eyeshadows at MAC, I always end up drawn to the colors in that palette (Woodwinked, Amber Lights, etc.). Such an amazing choice.

  39. Sher

    I love my Classic Eyes palette from Holiday ’08. It’s a great, very versatile palette. It has a great beige color that I use to highlight my eyes & cheeks, a really nice brown for the crease, pretty gold and a few pops of color. I use it a lot, especially when I’m on the run.

    I also love the Pandamonium Quad & Sweetie Cakes Quad. 😀 Great mix of funky colors. :)

  40. Balqis

    Sultress & Amazoneyes Quad!!!! :-)

  41. PAOLA

    spiced chocolate quad…and amazon eyes…my friend has that one and is running out…i wish they would re-release those colors…

  42. Leah

    I really love the holiday cool eyes 2006 for fun smokey looks and the Tempting quad. From UD, the deluxe palette always steals my heart too.

  43. Nicole

    MACs Smoking Quad from Smoke Signals. It’s just perfect.

  44. My all-time favorite is the smoking quad (from the Smoke signals collection), it has all the basic neutral colors and they go very well with my blue eyes. And because it’s hard to choose just one, I also love the warm holidays palette from 2006, the colors go great together.