Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite kind of gloss? Super glossy? Sheer? Ultra pigmented?

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19 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your favorite kind of gloss?

  1. viv

    with gloss.. i don’t like it when it’s SO shimmery it feels like i’m eating glitter.
    so i like sheer glosses… since my lips are naturally quite pigmented.
    if i want more colour i’ll go for lip liners. fill in then cover with gloss :)

  2. i prefer sheer glosses that can easily be topped up an worn over lipsticks or just on its own. super glossy sometimes look too oily and hair gets stuck! pigmented glosses don’t usually stay put too well

  3. SnickerDoodle

    not real sparkly, not sticky, as long lasting as possible! I like sheer and cream textures

  4. Jelisha

    That depends on the occasion , really.
    But i do like superthick sticky gloss when I feel stressed or down … it’s some kind of comfort although I don’t really get it myself , haha. But LancĂ´mes’ juicy tubes are my Prozac.

  5. i’m a big fan of sheer, super glossy shades. I really stay away from highly pigmented shades, only because it think it makes my mouth look really small and weird LOL

  6. Sara

    pretty much any lipglass, lol. i love the texture of them and the smell ugh lipglasses smell way too freaking good!

  7. Nicole

    They shouldn’t be too sticky and not too sparkling.

  8. Virginia

    I like both sheer and pigmented glosses, but I prefer them to be rather shimmery than super glossy. And I strongly dislike large or gritty chunks of glitter.

  9. Minty746

    Hmmm…It definitely depends for me.
    But I tend to gravitate toward pigmented, cream glosses with little to no shimmer, like Stila’s Lipglazes. I like my glosses to be thick and a little tacky, because for some reason I find that to be protective, ahahaha. A sort of glossy armour, or something.

  10. Cat

    I dont really like the sparkly ones (dazzleglass)…it somehow gets everywhere.

  11. mars

    My favorite ever was Dior Addict original gloss in the potion like vial. It was discontinued and I still have a little bit left of my favorite red color. I also love plumping glosses just for the feel of them, I don’t need the plumping.

  12. Aitana

    I just love the Dior Addict Ultra Shine ones!
    I love the glossy ones, but not with lot of shimmer…

  13. Ruth

    I really love the super sticky, long lasting glosses. depending on where I’m going I vary between the highly pigmented to sheer. Basically I’m a gloss junkie !

  14. Lipglass, lipglass, lipglass!

  15. Gloss and a reasonable amount of pigmentation! =] x

  16. Alma

    I never really like super glossy lipgloss. Most of the time I like lipglosses which slightly change my color, but only subtly.

  17. Kella

    I have daaark red lips, so I try to find SUPER OPAQUE glosses… not easy to find. I hate visible glitter, but shimmer can be pretty. I don’t like them super shiny, or sticky. So I like thick, opaque, shimmery, non-sticky gloss.. that lightens up my lips as much as possible.

  18. Jazzi

    i like some glitter , but not to the point where its stripperish… i like a gloss thats not too thick and and not too thin. I like lots of shine and for it to have some moisturizing power