Thursday, October 25th, 2007

What’s your favorite base to use for eyeshadow? What base helps your makeup from creasing, eyeshadow colors to pop, and keep you looking good all day?

I actually tend to use pigments applied with water-based mixing medium as a base – I’m a total odd ball on that account!

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42 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your favorite base to use for eyeshadow?

  1. lisa

    Urban decay eye shadow primer potion.

  2. Definately Bare Canvas

  3. chuarmk

    Painterly paint pot

  4. Sophia

    My lids are very oily and I tried many bases, Mac Bare Canvas, UDPP, Mac Bare Study paint pot, Artdeco, and seriously nothing beats UDPP ( Urban Decay Primer Potion), my e/s last for 12 hours, I once slept with e/s on and when I woke up the e/s were still on!!

    • Chyla

      After reading your testimonial Sophia, I think I’m gonna’ have to try out that Urban Decay Primer Potion! I have a couple of things from UD but not that stuff… I just may have to grab some 😉

  5. dana

    i use the lip erase.. its awesome!

  6. my eyelids are on the oily side, as well. sometimes i use l’oreal de-crease or mac’s painterly, but UDPP is hands down the best out there.

  7. Carrie

    UDPP! Mine ran out a couple weeks ago so I’ve gone back to my old tube of Bare Canvas, and now I know that on my oily lids, it just doesn’t compare to UDPP.

  8. Tekoa

    Bare Canvas…haven’t tried the Urban Decay stuff. It seems we’re strongly polar to one camp or the other. I suggest a game of Red Rover to settle the matter. 😉

  9. I’m in the minority here…I hate UDPP with a passion.

    I’m with Tekoa; TEAM BARE CANVAS!

    • Noly

      just wondering why u hate it?

    • REALLY? I think we might be meant for each other, Karen. I hate UDPP, too!

      You must share why!

      • hannika

        christine why do you hate UDPP?

        everyones been raving about it and i thought it would be great

        dont get me wrong it is, but it dries up so fast, that you have to apply the eyeshadow right away before it dries up in a matter of seconds :S:S:S:S

        what do you guys think?

        team UDPP please explain why its the best.

  10. UDPP and Bare Study paint pot — i always use UDPP, which is amazing, but put those two together and it’s like glue!

  11. Kate

    I used to use Benefit F.Y.Eye – but then I picked up a couple of MAC paints at a CCO and I never looked back!
    I never tried UDPP because I heard that it makes it difficult to blend your eyeshadow….has anyone else heard that?

  12. Chyla

    Wow, I saw this a couple of times but Bare Canvas Paint, hands down. After I started reading this blog, I’ve been using pigments with mixing medium as a base but even then, I put Bare Canvas under that. It’s been really good for me because I have oily skin which makes even my eye shadow crease & the Paints are great for acting like a shield between the eye shadows & my eyelids.

  13. Cristine

    Any paints or paint pots (i dont have UD here) when I found them I was in love with eyeshadow.

  14. Donna

    Paint pots!

  15. Jennifer

    UDPP is HG for me. I also love to use MAC paints as a great creaseproof base. I wish there was a paint in Sliverbleu since the Shadesticks crease:(

  16. melissa

    I love using Benefit’s F.Y.Eye. My eyeshadow lasts a long time. But after reading the comments I am interested in trying out UDPP.

  17. BaDKiTTy

    UDPP!!! Cannot use e/s without it anymore. Just LOVE it! I tried Lancome before, did not work for me.

  18. Janis

    I have a big problem with my eyeshadow creasing so applying a good base is an essential step for me…I have tried numerous products like MAC’s Prep + Prime, CCBs, Shadesticks, etc and nothing seems to work. Finally I tried using MAC paint pots as base and for the first time ever my eyeshadow didn’t crease! I’m definitely glad that MAC came out with this product coz I’m gonna be needing it as base for my eye make-up like forever hehe. But since I have read numerous good reviews regarding UDPP, I bought a couple at Sephora but haven’t tried it yet…let you know how it works out for me!

  19. lina

    UDPP or sephora/smashbox primer

  20. tanya

    Do I dare admit this? I don’t use anything. I own one paint pot and I think its kinda funky so I never use it. Today while at MAC I asked about the mixing medium but apparently they only sell it at the SF store not the Sacramento one :( So I might try your tip and make my own.

    • You can order it from the SF store, if you want. Shipping is $7, so for me, I generally make it a “haul” and get a bunch of PRO products or staples I’m out of so shipping is worth it. :)

  21. Mari

    I hate UDPP!! It is not for me. Definately MAC paints>>>bare canvas and stilife :)

  22. bec

    Urban Decay Primer Potion for sure!!

  23. Ultimate

    I am a recent convert to UDPP! LOVE IT!

    But before that I used MAC Paints(and still do when I need to blend more). BUT, you know what I HATE HATE HATE about the MAC paint tube: EXTREME PRODUCT LOSS. Any tips on how to combat that? Maybe I’m opening it wrong or something.

    • Carrie

      What has worked for me is if you uncrimp the end of the tube and carefully unroll it. It helps relieve the pressure inside the tube and keeps it from squirting out so much…but it still might do it a little bit!

    • Hey Ultimate! Carrie has it right – if you unroll the bottom part, it won’t pump out so much!

  24. Black Velveteen

    De-crease from Loreal is awesome!

  25. jennifer

    i use udpp.. it’s the best! it makes e/s stay on all day and night.. just went to a club and it was so hot i was sweating and all and it still stayed put!

  26. Stephanie

    Paint pots for me.

  27. Amanda

    Most deff Mac’s cream color base Luna.

  28. makeupMOMMA

    UDPP has done a good job adhering the shadows to my oily lids. I alternately use MAC Bare Canvas, which also has done the same job as UDPP. As far as my experience goes, both have worked great in preventing creasing. In regards to making the colors pop, I find that they are both too neutral to enhance brighter colors on my NC43 skin. I tried using a sparse amount of Vaseline last week, and it made the colors pop very well. Although I have yet to see how long it holds.

  29. I tend to use a corresponding color of jordana eyeliner all over my lid, or ill use L.A. colors mystic concealer. it’s kinda cheap and waxy, but thats why i use it. it adheres all day, and its well worth the money.

  30. Jennythemakeupguru

    Urban Decay Primer Potion is natural looking, long-wearing, and never creasing. It is a bit expensive compared to many other products, but it’s definitely worth a try if you are willing to use a product that actually works as advertised.

    Another good option, at least for me sometimes, is the MAC Shadestick in Bei-ging. This Shroom eye shadow like color gives a super longevity to eye shadow and high impact on color pay-off. This product, however, does not go on as smoothly as UDPP does and it contains shimmer. If you are going for a super smoky eye look, then try Shadestick in Sharkskin instead.

    I use MAC Paint in Bare Canvas as my lip primer/eraser. It keeps lipstick in place for hours! If you are a lipstick person you will definitely want to experiment this, especially if you are one of those who truly hate longwear lipsticks.