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I generally only buy palettes as I find them more convenient than single shadows; so for me a palette has to swatch nicely, give me ideas for looks when I look at it, and have gorgeous packaging ;). This is probably why I’m addicted to the Dior quints.

I also adore Dior quints, they have such fantastic texture and colours, I own about 17 of them and love them, especially the iridescent ones. 🙂

I’m totally in love with the Iridescent Palettes, and as such, spend lots when new collections come out ^^; Although I have a growing love for the regular quints, some of them have really nice shine!

I have to admit I am a total MAC addict, so I have a list as long as both my arms to collect as many MAC shadows as I can. For other shadows its usually about how they are packaged, and whether I can dupe the shadow closely with what I have. Palettes are one I buy because I find them cool. I am just such a makeup addict LOL.

A color i have a big need for and would use daily..
Or if a pan of shadow crumbles and i need to replace it!

Im not stingy but i find eyeshadows and me are not such friends. i use my nars galapogous and mac black tied and thats about it bar a few nude shades!!!!

I usually try to make sure they aren’t too similar to colors I already have. Usually if a really pretty color just comes out, I get that first, then when I run out of limited edition ones to get, I go to the permanent ones that are on my list, or older limited edition ones. The latest ones I’ve got were Freshwater, Shimmermoss and Wisteria trio and I really loved them.

I check out the colours and try to make sure I don’t have a very similar colour. I have bought more shimmering pinks than I can count while searching for the perfect light pink, so now I have become really cautious about buying similar colours. Then again, if I find a colour that really is perfect, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat!

1. I shouldn’t have the similar colour
2. Texture (no matter how good the color is, i avoid lustres)\
3. Pre-made quads. (i try to grab them from CCO..yeah, i have the patinece to wait). If the quad has all 4 shades new, n amazing…i pay full at the store
4. colors that compliment me more, i don’t mind buying those shades, even if its close.

Colour & pigmentation – I’m not a make up snob nor do I only shop at drugstores so regardless of the price if I like it based on those criteria it’s mine! :o)
I’ve generally found that with eyeshadow the higher end brands are the best – I usually fork out more on shadow and buy drugstore lip products and blushers (with the exception of MAC blushcremes- be still my heart!)

I’d say the colour and level of pigment – I really like to make sure the colour will look the same on as it does in the container. I hate when you get an eyeshadow and it doesn’t look the same or as bold on. I love the Mac shadows now, as I find that they tend to be the same colour and have the same level of boldness as in the container.

I also base it on a few other things – I might get something that goes with or complements other eyeshadows that I have or something completely different that catches my attention and allows me to create some new looks. Sometimes getting just one new colour can open up the colour combinations and options with my existing eyeshadows, allowing me to use my existing eyeshadows in other ways (which is always my reasoning for buying new eyeshadows ;o) ).

I agree! Nothing more annoying than finding a beautiful shade and then realizing the pigment level is not up to par. Hate that!

I also like eyeshadows that can be used wet and dry, that have good blendability and don’t creep or fade after a few hours. I prefer shimmer eyeshadows over matte too.

Eyeshadow for me is a total impulse buy, since I already have more than I can use up in a lifetime. What seems to happen is that I’ll be in Sephora or Nordstrom for something else and I’ll happen to look at it and I fall in love. Or I see something swatched here (hello, Smashbox MUSE!) or elsewhere on line. Occasionally it’s a hunt for something specific, but this is the usual process.

Ooh well I’m a sucker for pretty things, so I’ve bought quite a few eyeshadows/palettes because they were pretty, ie Guerlain’s new quad. 🙂 Or it’s simply colours that I really like. Of course some brands are way better than others, so if I see a nice colour from a brand I’m not so keen on (my current pet hate is Rimmel), then I might not buy it, esp if I see a similar one from a better brand.

The color has to be one I don’t already have (but really wanted) and rather I’d get a good amount of use from it.

Honestly at this point it has to be something I don’t have in my stash already. If I can easily dupe it with something I have, i’ll pass. I’m more into quads/palettes now because i’m finding myself getting lazier and lazier when it comes to coming up with my own color combinations. LOL

I’m a real sucker for new collections; I believe I have got pretty much everything I need, but there is always some gorgeous brand new collection out there with something really pretty in it… Lanc

I go through my excel spread sheet to make sure I don’t have anything similar to it (by that I mean colour and texture). Then I swatch them on my skin, if it all works I get it!

Good pigmentation and a nice texture; no glitter; pan size – it needs to be MAC/Urban Decay sized so I can depot & fit it into the MAC shadow palettes; and obviously a color I like/want, which varies widely depending on how I’m feeling. I will occasionally buy ones that don’t fit into the MAC palettes, but only if they’re exceptionally gorgeous.

I only buy from brands that don’t test on animals, so that’s the first criterion 🙂
The colour has to complement my eye colour and skin tone, the pigmentation should be medium to good and the texture has to be soft.
I don’t buy really expensive eyeshadows, no matter how gorgeous the colour or how big the pan is. And I don’t like really small pans either, what if I’d love the colour and run out of it!
I’ve got loose, pressed and cream eye shadows but I prefer pressed ones as they are easier when I travel (trying to apply loose shadow on a bumpy train ride, a no-no) and they don’t smudge as easily as creamy eyeshadows.

Oh! And I hate palettes bc I’m always disappointed with the level of pigments in them (even the MAC ones).

I used to feel that way too, but after collecting a lot of paint pots, I get to use the lesser pigmented shadows as well, to obtain even more color combinations and looks.
I used to me very dissapointed in Aire-de-blu, it is almost invisible on Painterly.
But on top of Sea Me or Electro Sky it looks AMAZING due to the awesome glitter and the color base gives it a new dimension since it is so transparent.
Just thought I would let you know, since a lot of people dislike colors that are not heavily pigmented.
Have fun 🙂

Let’s see like everyone else I try to make sure it’s not a color I have already. I also like to see if the color has really good payoff and will go on smoothly. I really like Urban Decay and MAC eyeshadows, Clinique being hit or miss, although I am going to try the Coastal Scents palette to see how those turn out!

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