Monday, August 25th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your beauty like when you’re under the weather? Sick or just down in the dumps, do you still reach for all of your morning makeup?

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58 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s your beauty like when you’re under the weather?

  1. Laney

    My boyfriend always teases me about this because although I might not wear much makeup when I’m sick in bed, if I drag my sorry *ss to the doctor, I put on a full face and get dressed in my normal clothes (skirt & heels). I also put on makeup for a 2 am ice cream run at the gas station… Yeah, I have issues.

  2. viv

    good question! i try to keep things as simple as possible.
    usually when i’m feeling bad i won’t be bothered with contacts so i wear my glasses – ergo no need to deal with eye make up. usually some blush/bronzer makes me look a lot fresher and a little eyeliner makes me look more awake.

  3. If I feel sick I just don’t wear any!

  4. today i’m in a blah mood, so i did a minimal look (since i can’t seem to leave the house with absolutley NO makeup on….)

    today is:
    regular foundation/concealer
    perky paint pot
    vailla pigment (on lid and browbone)
    diorshow black mascara
    soba to fill brows
    clear brow set
    shy beauty BP blush
    lollipop loving lipstick w/ pucker tendertone over (try it!!)

    and now i feel human :)

  5. Heather

    That’s so funny to me that you ask this today because that’s how I’m feeling today – sick with a cold. And I wondered how to do my makeup this morning. I guess I did the usual, but without the normal amount of care of effort. If I wanted people to notice I was sick, I wouldn’t wear any!

  6. Cat

    Not as much as on days I feel good

    When under the weather just mascara, blush & lipgloss.

  7. Tekoa

    If I’m sickly, beauty products are nonexistant. However, makeup totally perks me up if I’m feeling down.

  8. gina

    When I’m sick, all I want is high thread count sheets and sleep. The only thing I really use is nice smelling hand cream (for some reason, the JR watkins lemon hand cream makes me feel a little better), lip balm, and after I’m feeling up to it, a scrub with les couvent des minimes honey scrub.

  9. SnickerDoodle

    Good question!! Usually when I am sick and all stuffy and puffy, I am proud of myself for managing to wash and moisturize!! So I usually will just be a bare face bum, or if I have to go to work, I’ll try to conceal what I can and fake it with some blush :) But when i am sad or stressed, it makes me feel better somehow to put on a full face and know i at least LOOK prepared to face the day! its a bit empowering, i think.

  10. Sana

    If I’m sick in bed I wont bother at all… but if Im depressed or low, Ill do something a little extra just to perk up my mood! :)

  11. cloudburst

    If I’m sick and I have to go to work, I will reach for concealer and blush. I find blush the most effective thing to combat a tired face.

  12. Just concealer, foundation, powder, and a MSF.

  13. Minty746

    Unless I’m really sick and I’m committed to bedrest, I will do my regular makeup if I’m still mobile enough to go to my classes or whatnot. I’ll concentrate on foundation and blush, because when I’m sick my complexion looks pasty. I’ll try to make myself look as healthy as I can, haha.

    • I usually have to put on blush and foundation if I leave the house, otherwise people will mistake me for a corpse, LOL. (When I’m sick, I mean.)

  14. Kate

    Non existent. If I’m not feeling well I don’t like wearing any makeup. If I’m feeling down, a bright lipstick and or a fragrance helps to perk me up.

  15. gio

    I don’t wear makeup if I’m sick. But I’f I’m depressed or low putting on a full face makes me feel better.

  16. DevilishDoll

    Not feeling very good today but I’m wearing
    Sunset B on lid
    Stars and Rockets in crease
    Feline on waterline
    Pomposity on lips
    Cult Fave on top

  17. Kellie

    I don’t wear makeup when I’m sick. I’ll usually consider putting some on and then change my mind because I feel so miserable. On the plus side, I’m usually too weak to put in my contacts either. My glasses do a decent job of covering dark circles and everything else that I try to conceal with makeup.

  18. Only if I’m going out. If I have school or whatever (though I’ll usually skip class if I’m really sick!) I’ll use the bare minimum, ie, mineral foundation to cover blotchyness and dark circles, and neutral makeup. (Which is odd for me, since I rarely use neutrals.) Maybe some liner, definitely mascara and maybe blush to make me look perked up. Although, if I am sick and still dragging myself to school, I’ll usually want the teachers to know I’m sick, so why try to make myself look perked up?

    When I’m home alone or just laying in bed sick, I don’t use makeup. It feels like a waste.

  19. Carrie

    Hey, I’m not feeling good today either! :( Woke up with a headache that morphed into a small migraine…but now the medicine has kicked in so I’m feeling a bit better! I went to work anyways hoping it would get better and just wore some mascara, light peachy blush, See Sheer l/s and a swipe of Lorac Goddess e/s. I wouldn’t even have done that much except I had a meeting and wanted to look better than i felt!

    So, yeah, usually I wear nothing or just mascara and gloss when I’m feeling sick. But if I’m sad or emotional, I’ll still wear a full face ‘cuz it cheers me up!

  20. If I am ill I wear a tiny bit of eyeliner and one coat of mascara!

  21. Rowan

    None at all, I hate wearing makeup when I feel ill!

  22. I don’t wear any. I usually only wear make up when I’m working anyway so I’m not terrified of people seeing me without it!

  23. jesstooimpress

    off topic, but i saw this on like a facebook ad or something wondering if youve heard about it?

  24. If I am sick in bed, I am lucky if I even wash my face! LOL
    Even if I have to go to the doctor, no makeup, maybe lipbalm, that’s it. But if I am still going to work, then I do a full face….kinda like trying to trick myself that if I look good, I will feel good.

  25. Erin/slipnslide

    It really depends. Do I still have responsibilities? If yes, I’m gonna try to put my game face on. Otherwise, you won’t see me out of bed unless I have to pee. 😉

  26. Avalonia

    If I’m sick and have to go somewhere, I generally will wear makeup, even it’s just some highlighter, mascara, and champagne eyeshadow, to brighten my face up a bit. Something to make me look more alive. XD

    However, if I don’t? Lip balm’s the extent of it. Because being sick usually comes with icky overly-chapped lips. Bleh. If I’m feeling down, I barely want to look at myself, so makeup’s right out again. But those days, it’s probably better to curl up with a good book or watch Robin Hood: Men in Tights for the 80th time. XDD

  27. Chrissy

    If I’m home sick, I don’t do anything with my appearance because it’s the last thing I feel like doing. However, if I have to suck it up and go to work I usually stick with neutrals and a light lip gloss or balm. For some reason lipstick looks really, really garish on me when I’m sick. It just doesn’t sit right.

    Like others, if I’m just feeling down, I often will do a full face to perk myself up.

  28. lizzii

    i just wear tinted moisturizer, some cheap medicated lip balm, and natural mascara. i already feel icky but i don’t want my skin and lips to look icky. i’ve gone out and about without makeup. guys say i look the same without all the stuff going on on the eyes.