Monday, August 4th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s the one product that instantly makes you look awake? Is it mascara? A good pop of color on the cheeks?

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40 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s the one product that instantly makes you look awake?

  1. Bianca

    Curling my lashes, mascara and YSL Touche Eclat. That thing is a miracle worker!! 😉

  2. Daantje

    It’s a struggle to wake me up, so I’ve heard from the ones that have tried it. But to make me look awake??? Instantly??? So far 4 cups of espresso and about one and a half hours is the best I can come up with. The one product that makes me look awake is yet to be invented. I hereby challenge every make up brand 😉
    Honestly, I am the worst and not proud of it…

  3. Nell

    Dior Skinflash Highlighter pen in Candlelight! Great!

  4. Asta

    Undereye concealer. I need to start experimenting with highlighters. I always try out Benefit’s That Gal brightener but I haven’t decided to buy it yet.

  5. Zu_

    What makes me look awake..? Hummm
    A good shower, a splash of fresh water on my face, eye brightener light from Bobbi brown ^^

  6. Chica

    Make up wise – blusher or highligher but a shower normally does the job :)

  7. Saira

    Revlon Skinlights undereye concealer or a lovely ruby red lipstick – find that really helps to perk me up!

  8. SnickerDoodle

    Eye Bright pencil from BeneFit…its amazing!

  9. claudine

    naked lunch eyeshadow and mascara

  10. Maren

    MAC´s Beautypowder in Smooth Harmony (from Heatherette LE) is perfect when I´m in a rush in the morning and look tired and pale. It makes me look rested in about 10 seconds!

  11. gio

    Undereye concealer and mascara.

  12. Heather

    Believe it or not, dark eyeliner on lashline and waterline and some mascara and I at least don’t look “tired.” When I don’t wear eyeliner or if I wear a lighter shade, people are telling me all day that I look “tired” even when I’m not. I guess they’re used to me looking a certian way :-)

  13. Martha

    Hmm! Mascara and Eyebrows make it happen.

  14. Elle

    Has to be curling my eyelashes (I love the shu curler) and something bright on my lips. MAC’s Dollymix blush also helps.

  15. Erin/slipnslide

    Select Cover on my dark circles (Origins No Puffery is great for puffy eye mornings), and a little blush. It definitely helps if I curl my lashes, although now they are permed I will just tightline at the base of them and call it a morning.

  16. Katherine

    Coral blush – NARS Torrid or BB Coral!

  17. pia

    fresco rose across lids and some pink blush and pretty lipstick.

  18. I need mascara!! That definitely brightens me up, I rarely go out bare faced anyway.

  19. DJ

    I wish something made me look more awake…lol

    but I put concealer all the way under my eyes (including my lower lash line) and on my lids (including the lash line) b/c I am really purple at my lash bases.

    it helps. but not enough. boo.

  20. pquanda

    And on the eighth day, Nars Albatross was made. Srsly. Take some on the orbital bone, down the nose, and right about the cupid’s bow. Holy shiz, I look like I slept for hours.

    A couple pumps with Shu Curler, if I had to pick one. Then some Fiberwig or Lash Power..

  21. Zoila

    Curling my lashes, concealer under the eyes, little bit of blush and my lip balm.

  22. Shayla

    i wouldn’t say a product per se…i just have a hot shower and that usually wakes me up. but to brighten my eyes a bit i always put a little white eyeshadow (usually crystal avalanche) in the corners of my eyes. :)

  23. victoria

    lately i’m into the mac royal assets cool eyes because of medallion, modern heir and shadowly lady, i know its early in the morning but light pinks and purples are like happy colors to start my day.

  24. Leigh

    Definitely undereye concealer! I love Bare Escentuals “Well Rested”

  25. Brenda

    White eyeliner, works everytime.

  26. HeavenLeiBlu

    A good night’s sleep. LOL

  27. Marni

    I have to agree with Leigh. Under eye concealer and a little blush make me look awake even if that’s not the case.

  28. Ariele

    Blush/cheek highlighter/bronzer.

  29. Chrissy

    Eyeliner is what makes me look awake. Otherwise I look like I’m ready to crawl back into bed, even if it’s 2 in the afternoon.

  30. I just did a eyelash perm,that gives at least 4 months without eyelash curlers and looking awake all day…I just put my mascara on and I’m ready to go…
    Greetings from Brazil

  31. Hannah

    There hasn’t been a makeup product invented that can make me look more awake in the morning. Best thing for me is about two hours. Then I feel less like a zombie.
    Blush does perk me up a bit, and curling my lashes.

  32. cloudburst


  33. Emily

    Bobbi Brown corrector in porcelain bisque topped with MAC creamy concealer NC20.

  34. Minty746

    Painterly Paint Pot (on inner tearducts, too). I find that really does highlight my eye area for a healthy look, lol.

  35. amelia

    Highlighter (on cheekbones, browbones, inner eyes & cupid bow)

  36. SmittenKitten

    putting concealer under my eyes

  37. Skyler

    Two things… concealer under my eyes because I always have major bags… and curled lashes with some mascara. I MIGHT consider going outside with just foundation, curled lashes and mascara sometime because those few steps do happen to make me look fresh and awake. And trust me, that would be a huge step for someone like me that hates herself without make-up on. Heh.

  38. Mascara for sure! It sometimes doubles up like eyeliner if you apply it correctly! =D