Monday, January 21st, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s the first thing you notice about someone else’s appearance? On a woman? On a man? (Hey, they might be different!) Why do you think that is?

For me, I generally notice whether someone is smiling, that’s the first thing I always zero in on. I guess it help indicate to me whether they’re happy or enjoying the moment or not! If not their smile, maybe then their overall facial expression.

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31 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s the first thing you notice about someone else’s appearance?

  1. Kristen

    For either a girl or a guy, the first thing I usually notice is the outfit they’re wearing. I’ve gotten lots of great ideas of cute things to wear from just passing girls on the street.

  2. kat

    Probably what they are wearing; because usualyl you can see that from farther away than a facial expression or something. When I talk to people or look at people, I am always looking at their eyes though…. I don’t know why! But you’re right; I definately notice a nice big smile!

  3. Dawn

    Their eyes. You can always tell someone by their eyes. Your facial expression can say lie but the eyes tell a story. Sadness, disappointment, happiness, extreme joy. Your eyes tell it all.

  4. Tonee

    I notice a person’s overall facial expression – then I look at the eyes, then the mouth. I am extremely wary of people with shifty eyes and downturned lips – and this is based purely on experience 😉

  5. naomi

    I usually notice their hair if the back is to me. If they are facing me I notice the hair, face, make up and what they are wearing. I find it interesting to see what kind of purse and car a person drives as well.

  6. Stephanie

    The eyes and smile/teeth for both man/women. Those are two main things that I always seem to concentrate on. As Dawn said above, The eyes do tell everything! They also tell self confidence, If they can look you straight in the eyes. I never look down, NEVER when I’m talking to someone. Usually if it’s a women I look at their eyes/shadow esp if its unique color/design that catches my eye, or makeup application! I am meant to be a makeup artist! hehe

    • Stephanie

      I have stopped many women in the malls/streets to compliment makeup/eye shadow applications and turns into hours long conversations.

      • Renee

        oh wow, it’s cool that you look into people’s eyes :] i always feel like it gets too intense so i look away. and i never have the balls to ask pple what they’re wearing… hahah good job on being fearless 😀

    • Kudos to you for such great eye contact!!

  7. Tanya

    I tend to notice how someone is dressed…I don’t usually fit the norm myself so I tend to be attracted (not in a sexual way) to people who come across the same way I express myself – wild make-up, colorful hair, tattoo’s, punk rock attitudes. I will fully admit that I can be rathere judgemental when it comes to other peoples looks, which is a shame because I am sure I am passing up good people who would make great friends if I were more openminded. I just find it hard to think what I might have in commen with someone who dresses and acts like a typical mall girl or a soccer mom.

    So I usually notice something negative about someone and hear the little voice inside my head saying “eeekk she is so blond and tan, a size two and has an accessory dog…I bet she is brainless and a total b*tch”. Its not the nicest thing to admit about myself and I am trying to be more openminded and less judgemental.

  8. martha manning

    their eyeliner…I can’t stand when it is put-on uneven…but so far i have yet to advise a stanger about how to put it on correctly;) I also can’t stand foundation lines at the jaw-line.

  9. Zsofi

    i look at their skin. if they have blemishes/spots/pimples i think “oh my God,they had stressful months behind them”.
    if someone has a too thick layer of foundation on,i think they are hiding something,not just bad skin,but a secret.

    if i meet girls at my school,who are well dressed and in high heels in the winter,when all the streets are covered with ice,i always think: “how can they be so stylish,when the only thing i am concentrating on are my exams.”

    if someone talks with a too high voice,i am sure,she has some soul problems,maybe self esteem problems.

    if someone is too confident and laughing too laudly,she wants to get attention from the boys.

    i tend to think,that girls with long and healthy hair are nice as a person.

    i don’t know why i think all this,but it seems i have a full theory on it 😀

  10. Nicole

    I definitely notice teeth!! I guess it’s because I work in the dental profession! 😉

  11. I too tend to notice the smile. Something about it just makes me more humble about my life. Like why worry about all the challenges and hardships. One day at time, just smile for now :)

    Then I notice teeth. I’m a sucker for a gorgeous grill, hah.

    Thanks for posting this Christine. Now I’m smiling :))))

    • I really love when people are smiling while they’re working. It makes me feel like they’ve found their passion, their job that they enjoy!

      Awww :)


    • lol, it’s great that you give compliments! Do you find more women that you compliment or more that you want to take and show them the way of good makeup?

      • **CHRiSTiNE** lol well if i see there headed in the right direction, i always give good compliments. but i always tell them how important it is to blend!!! ((sometimes they go off and do crazy colors, but are missing the blending technique)) i just try to give them tips like they can give me some tips

  13. Erin

    I don’t think I look at anything in particular. Eyebrows, beauty-wise. I’m kind of a nut about that. But as far as first impressions, I think that I will zero in on whatever feature is most prominent or beautiful.