Monday, May 11th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What’s the boldest lipstick you own? Do you wear it often? Never?

Temptalia's Answer.

It’s probably YSL’s black lipgloss, even though it’s not a lipstick. I think any bold lipsticks I own are bright pinks/purples, perhaps, and I’ve likely worn them all at least once!

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74 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s the boldest lipstick you own?

  1. Rae

    Umm Mac Blast O blue I tried to wear it over a pink once yea def boldest one I can think of.

  2. Saira

    I think probably Mac Rebel. It’s a really great, deep purplish colour. I love wearing it with more neutral eye make-up for a bold pop of colour. If I want to make it less bold for other looks, I sometimes apply a layer and then blot it so that it’s more like a stain. Clinique Flamenco is also a really bold lipstick that I sometimes wear with neutral eyes. It’s a bright, bold, orange-red colour. The colour is really strong – it’s in the Clinique colour endure (I think that’s what it’s called) range, so the colour goes on really nice and brightly.

  3. Mac Heatherette’s Hollywood Nights. That hot pink color is soooo amazing:)

  4. MAC Electro =) I wear it every once in a little while!

  5. Cat

    I think it would be from the cult of cherry collection but I cant remember the name of it.

  6. NYX Round Lipstick in Femme. i’m still working up the courage!

  7. ..amy..

    A dark blue from wet and wild from halloween that I never wore lol bold lip colors make mine looke even fuller than they r which I don’t need the boldest more normal color I have is mac fleshpot from heatherette its freakishly pink on me I’ve got to do some major blotting and add gloss lol

  8. Virginia

    Bing from Cult of Cherry

  9. IZzySA

    Show Orchid and Lady Danger:D

  10. Rita

    For me it’s Strayin’ because it is so bright blue pink that I cannot wear it.

  11. Leanne

    I have a lot of bold lipsticks. Lots of reds and bright pinks. I guess my boldest ones are probably Nars Funny Face and MAC Girl About Town.

  12. Avatar of Chantale Macaddict

    I have a lot of bold ones too! Lots of bright reds, oranges, blackish-purples. I also own the YSL black l/g, Lancome black l/g (Piha), Blast o’ Blue MAC l/s, Rebel, Morange, So Chaud, etc.

  13. shangrila

    Mac’s Cyber. I used to wear it when i was in college during my phaise. lol. i still wear it, just not full on. i just mute it with gloss. i love it though

  14. Mary

    show orchid and gladiola :)

  15. Mac Chatterbox. It’s a really bright pink… at least on me!

  16. Laura

    Rebel, Electro and Kirsh from MAC.

  17. karrie

    mac night violet mattene. it’s crazy purple almost black, i actually wear it a LOT in fall and winter, but i blot it till it’s just a deep berry, it’s amazing. Hollywood Nights comes in second for me, i love it, but it’s even more bold with Style Minx gloss over it, looooove it.

  18. Nicole15

    Some people may laugh when they read this, but for me, wearing my Viva Glam I is pretty bold. It comes out as a very dark red against my skintone and screams, “Hello, Lips!” I do own a dark plum, almost a black plum but it’s a no-name brand I got for halloween once. When I put Pop Mode lipglass over it, it’s pretty dark but not something I wear more than once a year.

  19. Rebecca

    I have some groovy purples from MAC but my fave bold colour is Schiap from Nars. I have such pale skin that it looks like my lips are neon when I wear it! Fun!!!

  20. Anitacska

    Probably Gladiola. I don’t like it, will probably swap it for something else. I do have a few bright pink/purple lipglosses too (incl. Fantabulous d/g, my new best friend, lol), but they’re a lot more wearable.

  21. Natalie

    I agree with dark/bright pink comments above – Hollywood nights, Gladiola, Show Orchid, Impassioned, Big Bow, Girl About Town, Immodest and Longwear in Fully charged. I also have NARS Funny face and Schiap, MUFE #202 and Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Bright pink. Love making statement with bold lips :)

  22. Cristina

    Kiss Me Coral from Revlon…it’s bright orange!!!

  23. nico

    I love bold lipsticks,especially red ones but I can say MAC Rocker is the darkest red lipstick that I own. I also have bold lipsticks such as MAC Rebel, Girl About Town. Also I’d love to try very dark lipsticks like MAC Cyber or Smoked Purple.

  24. reesa

    I would have to say MAC Underworld, Dangerously Hot and Kirsch.

  25. cloudburst

    The boldest ones I used to own were Cyber and Jet (d’cd a purple toned gunmetal). Right now I think it’s probably Chanel maniac – which is a black plum. It is very dark.

  26. MAC’s Girl About Town :)

  27. Dana

    MAC Gladiola!

  28. rowan

    mac lip laquer…argh i can’t remember the name, sheena i think? its an amazing bright violet-pink with pinky violet shimmer.
    mac cyber, i love it!
    all my super glittery lipsticks too…i own a lot of bright lipsticks actually, i love them and wear them when the mood takes me.

  29. Hmmm maybe Up the Amp… cos I am kind of fair, and when I use this color I only pat it very lightly on my lips and further tone it down with Oyster Girl lipglass.

    I guess I don’t buy really far out colors which I know I can’t possibly wear.

  30. Kathleen

    MAC Cyber

  31. lesleykat

    YSL number 52 is an amazing, almost-neon, coral color. its so fab. my runner up would be MAC underworld.

  32. Todd

    I own Morange… and I wear it.

  33. mahalia

    Diva lipstick is my boldest
    And prolong wear in
    Alta moda too.
    Im an nw45 and want more
    Bold lippies what do any of yu

  34. Sasha

    I LOVE bold lipcolors! I have quite a few, but Tanarama, Blast O’ Blue, Hollywood Nights, Electro, and Kirsch mattene are the first ones in my collection that come to mind.

    I actually wear Hollywood Nights fairly often; Blast O’ Blue and Tanarama are surprisingly wearable if you layer them with other lipsticks/glosses. Electro I only got fairly recently, and haven’t worn yet. I’ve worn Kirsch mattene a couple times, but it doesn’t get nearly enough love!

    P.s. I am definitely favoriting this post!

  35. well, probably a tie between Gladiola, Ruby Woo and Up the Amp

  36. Ilaria

    I own a black lipstick but I used to wear it when I was 16 :)
    I like bold lipstick, I often use Versace’s blood red and Ysl’s rouge volupté Extreme Coral and Provocative Pink.

  37. Nic

    I have MAC Bing, Chockful, and Kirsch mattenes. I love the colors, but I don’t wear them often because I’m not too fond of the mattene formula.

    I wear Russian Red and Strayin’ relatively often.

  38. brenda

    good question…

    i always buy natural nude colors..

    so the boldest would have to be
    “o” by mac

  39. Avatar of T Violet tremorviolet

    I have so many bold lippies, mostly pinks: Show Orchid, Strayin’, Big Bow, Up the Amp, Vivacious, Impassioned, Hollywood Nights as well as a few reds: Ruby Woo, Russian Red, etc. I really don’t wear them that much, mostly for going out on the weekends but I do love a bright lip stick.

  40. carriespooner

    skew or blow dry/red devil. Skew is a weird color.

  41. Beto Kylie

    Must be Show Orchid and Sunsonic from MAC. Sunsonic looks metallic and it is so light, so it does bring attention to the lips!

  42. Burnin’ from Smoke Signals. It is soooo dark on me that I border on vampire. I don’t wear it much. :-(

  43. mac chatterbox.
    that shit is bright

  44. Chiara

    Dior Addict lipstick in ‘Scandalous Fuschia’ , its a gorgeus hot , but not too pink, lipcolor. Its somewhere between red and pink.

  45. Rachel

    MAC Impassioned.

  46. Definitely MAC Hang Up Cremesheen.

  47. Natalie

    I would have to say MAC Cyber lipstick it’s so dark and my fav winter color :) kinda reminds me of Lauryn Hill when she was wth the Fugees.

  48. hi

    My boldest lipstick on its own would have to be MAC Dare You Cremesheen lipstick. It’s such a dark red on me, an NW15! My boldest lip combo, however, is Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in Flushed (neutral-to-warm raspberry pink stain) lightly patted on lips, Sonia Kashuk Cheek Sheer in Beachbabe (not sure of the name, but it’s a cool, somewhat bright matte/opaque medium pink with raspberry tones) and The Body Shop Born Lippy Balm in Strawberry (warm medium pink gloss). Each of these alone are gorgeous daytime raspberry pinks, but the warm/cool contrast creates warm, non-purpley hot pink lips when teamed up. It’s SUPER pretty with a coral/pink/bronze smokey eye and peachy cheeks!

  49. Angie

    I’m all over bold colors! I must say Show Orchid is the boldest of them all. I recently bought it. The first time I wore it I was like Bam in your face! LOL!

  50. liz

    Mary Kay Hibiscus – bright magenta/pink.

  51. daniela

    black wet and wild lipstick for halloween lol :] but yeah BLACK!!!

    • Nathalie

      Ah, ah! I had a black lipstick when I was 17 years old! I’ve never worn it, mind you.

  52. Breana

    Def. Hollywood Nights! I have more crazy colors but this one I wear ALL THE TIME!

  53. cmferrets

    mac show orchid, big bow, lavender whip or fashion mews, saint germain, viva glam 4, odyssey.

  54. Russian Red and Pink Noveau

  55. Dana

    I have a few strange bold colours from Manic Panic that are reactive to blacklights which I wear to the goth clubs. I also have both their black (Raven) and their white (Virgin), and I love those crazy white frosty lippies like MAC’s Frozen White.

  56. Alli

    Gladiola. I rarely wear it.

  57. Irene

    Mac’s Show Orchid. It’s super bright and so gorgeous! I haven’t had a chance to wear it just yet, but will definitely have some fun with this in the summer months!

  58. Simply

    I just got into wearing bold lipsticks because I didn’t think I could wear anything bright without feeling self-conscious about my full lips, but I decided to buy Strayin’ lipstick from the Hello Kitty collection and just wear it and rock it. I love that lipstick and even though I don’t wear it often, it’s still one of my favorites!

  59. Nathalie

    My boldest lipstick is “Mac Red”. Does anyone own this? A blue based intense red, on the magenta side. Absolutely not wearable on me because it makes me look so yellow. I wanted a bright red I could wear so I picked Mac Russian Red which is far better on me because less blue. This is my boldest lipstick.

  60. Christina

    My boldest would probably be MAC Red She Said, Xtreme, and Dubunet (sp). Probably not as bold as everyone elses.

  61. Aleia

    Show Orchid! wooow its bright!

  62. Carrie

    UD’s Revolution, it’s just so bright.

  63. Sash

    I don’t know if red would be considered the boldest bold, but I have REDs!

  64. Diana

    Either Nars russian doll (I think is the name :( ) or a Cargo Cherry Bliss. I tend to wear both of them more on the sheer side and blot them out…guess I’m not that brave yet :)

  65. Adail

    show orchid from the color ready collection. it’s a very bright, vibrant fuchia. it’s the type of lipstick that you let shine on it’s own, so neutral shadows and soft blush. i love it, and i feel amazing when i wear it.

  66. Jean

    Mac slimshine in Urgent.

  67. Bettina

    Ruby Woo or
    Heatherette- Style Minx (brightest hot pink lip gloss I will ever own)

  68. I think NYX Louisiana, but for me, NYX Strawberry Milk is bold since it’s so light lol