Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s the biggest makeup mess you’ve made? Spill your favorite limited edition pigment into the sink? Shatter your favorite shadow? Lost your entire traincase?

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39 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s the biggest makeup mess you’ve made?

  1. jess

    My dog got into some of my makeup and ate a few eyeshadows, lipsticks and lipglasses – including some of my favorites (thankfully, no limited editions so everything was replaceable). In addition to the makeup loss, my carpet was a mess!

    • Claudia M.

      My dog ate one a dark green MAC eyeshadow, thinking it was a bottle cap (he loooooves chewing on them) the same night I bought it! Then on top of it, while I was on my hands and knees trying to scrub it out of the carpet, he vomited the thing, ewww, dark green dog vomit! I was not happy, and he ended up in time out for the rest of the night. It worked though, hasn’t touched my make up since, even when my hubby throws it at him to get me mad…he knows my weakness. Thank god it was under the stairs so you can’t really see it.

    • Oh no! Good thing it was just perm items!

  2. Cat

    Depotting eyeshadows for the first time. In addition to breaking a few shadows I almost lost my finger.

  3. Abby

    Spilled a whole bottle of liquid foundation on my roommate’s white carpet fifteen minutes before an 8am class. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to class!

  4. i’m accident prone, but i think the worst that ever happened was dropping my Nanogold eyeshadow on my bedroom floor, only to have it shatter into a billion pieces (which now reside in a little screw-top MAC jar!).

    oh and then the time that my cat got into an open jar of pigment while i was pressing some — stuck her nose right into pink pearl!!! it was cute and funny — until i realized she needed a bath.

  5. Alison

    i left my makeup bag on the plane once, i was so distressed i started crying. my boyfriend couldnt understand it, but i had been collecting patternmaker compacts for ages and they were all gone.

    i also shattered my petticoat msf, but i rebaked it and its good as new (but horrible looking)

  6. shangrila

    this one might make you guys cry

    i was out the door to do some wedding makeup, and i was late, and i didnt gather my things the night before.

    i had my brush case sunglasses and 3 mac palettes pile on top of each other in one arm, and my coffee, and car keys in another. i almost spilled my coffee on me, so i jerked, and dropped one of my shadow palettes! it crashed on my porch and all of the shadows shattered everywhere, unsalvageable!
    so ive been really depressed since sunday. my sadness is turning to anger at myself for half packing my car the night before :(

  7. Chloe

    Oh, Shangrila!! I feel your pain. I’ve dropped two palettes in a similar manner and the shadows broke to pieces. I felt all kinds of emotions that day but I was so upset at myself for being so clumsy. Needless to say, I had to purchase everything all over again.

  8. Cosine

    I always Always ALWAYS drop my compacts thus I’ve smashed, broken, shattered and basically destroyed tonnes of foundation cakes. However the worst time was when I was on a flight touching up and there was a slight jerk. I dropped my compact and the foundation cake smashed everywhere! People had to leap all around to aviod it… so embarrassing!

  9. Valerie

    The murder happened in March, I was applying my Cocomotion pigment and the jar was in front of my keyboard, guess what happened… I moved my keyboard by accident and woops it DROPPED! I lost half of it!:(

  10. Kate

    I dropped my MAC New Vegas MSF one too many times and a large chunk broke off. :( However, I’m impressed it held out this long. Luckily it was salvageable. I’m probably more upset over dropping my BB Mauve Palette; mainly because it was fairly pricey. The hinge broke off so now it won’t close properly and the lid is really only sitting on the top, but contents remained intact.

  11. Jenny

    hmm.. I can’t really think of a big makeup mess that I’ve made. But I can think of one that happened to my friend. My friend and I went shopping for a couple of hours. Her mother was watching her 5 y/o daughter for her while we were out. When we finished shopping, we went back to her house. Her daughter was in her room playing.. with my friend’s makeup stash!! When we opened the door, her daughter looked up at my friend and said, “Mommy, look.. I’m pretty!” She had a FULL face on. She drew in eyebrows, had lipstick on, blush, eyeshadow.. basically the works. lol, I thought it was really cute despite the pigment jars that were knocked over.. but my friend was not amused. lol!

  12. Zelda Rose

    Dropped a compact of MAC blot powder, in the middle of a busy nightclub, where everyone saw it. Fortunately, a very nice bartender helped me clean it up.

  13. danielle

    i had my train case open for doing my sister-in-law’s makeup and my nephew took one of my pigment containers and opened it and it spilled everywhere, on the carpet, in my case and on him. i was so mad because he opened it but i was laughing at the same time because his foot looked like a chartreuse colored monster foot. =)

  14. Kat

    I once went to get out of the car and something went a miss, and I nearly fell out, saved it but kicked my handbag on the way. Unfotunatly kicked my foundation compact, which didn’t take it so well and shattered in my bag. Not pretty.

  15. Alma

    Once I got this really nice eyeshadow. I tried opening it but that was pretty difficult. It fell, and all of it fell out. I wasn’t a MAC though (thank god)m and I got most of it back in, but I was horrified at that moment…

  16. marsina

    One word-Benetint It truly is a stain.

  17. Jenna

    Heh I’ve made a big makeup mess on my face before. I was in a really bad mood, and grabbed black eyeshadow instead of the silver shadow that was used for highlighting. And POOF you could guess what happened. And before that I had the clumpiest lashes in the whole world. Had to restart :(

  18. Elise

    How Ironic.. I read this post yesterday and said to myself “Thank God! I haven’t had a tragedy yet!”
    I totally jinxed myself because this morning I knocked over my brand new pigment Copperbeam!! So sad:(
    I saved some but is mixed with doggie hair… owell:P