Monday, May 19th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s one beauty technique that you feel you’ve mastered? Best liquid liner user? Perfect at curling lashes? Apply lipstick without a mirror?

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63 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s one beauty technique that you feel you’ve mastered?

  1. Stephanie D

    I’m all about the liquid liner! and blending eyeshadows. That’s usually what I get compliments on. Lips are a little more difficult for me though…I always admire people who can put it on with no mirror!

  2. Chica

    I’m pretty good with lipstick, I can apply it in the car without a mirror (not driving!!!) I envy people who can pull off perfect cat’s eyes, I struggle to get both eyes looking the same :(

  3. Sanayhs

    I can put on any lipstick or gloss without even thinking about it. I know where my lips are. 😛

  4. Monique

    Not many just yet…..filling my brows, putting on falsies and washing my brushes….LOL.

    I’m still a work in progess.

    • There is so much fun to be had in the beginning, Monique. Sometimes I miss being a total newbie to it all!

      But I envy your false lashes mastery!


    blending my eyeshadows and putting on fake lashes.

  6. I’m gonna have to agree with Sophia and say putting fake eyelashes on.

  7. Trace

    Probably has to be eyeliner.. liquid or non!

  8. I’ve gotten good at bright eyeshadow application. At least, that’s how I feel. 😉

  9. I believe mine is liner…pencil, gel, creme, or liquid! I guess because it was one of the first cosmetics I ever used!Also lips…gloss liner and lipgloss!

  10. Chloe

    I’d have to say liner. It was the first technique that I learned and have had many years of experience. Also, I’m pretty good at blending and applying lashes. I’ve been learning how to contour recently so maybe I can master that soon. I wish I was good at combining l/l and l/g like you Christine!

    • Hey Chloe! It took me MONTHS! before I started to get the hang of lip combos, honest. 😉

      But I so wish I was better at applying lashes!

  11. chuarmk

    I think my liquid foundation application is quite good.

  12. Tina

    Filling in my brows! I get complimented a lot on these and apparently it looks natural too (no one believes I use powder and a brow pencil). I think I’m pretty good with liners too…liquid, pencil, creme, powder.

  13. Erin/slipnslide

    I can’t think of anything I’m lacking in… maybe I’m just well-rounded. I’m no expert, though!

  14. dee

    I would say liquid liner, but does it count if I can only do it on one eye? :)

    Honestly, I’ve mastered nothing, as pitiful as it sounds, but I’m pretty ok in everything.

  15. Sara

    blending! i think i’m pretty good at blending colors and even people who don’t know anything about makeup (i.e. boys) will say “i like your make up. it’s blended nice” i always lol cause it’s happened more than once. its so funny to hear boys talk about blending

  16. Nothing! I never feel like anything looks 100%

  17. Kella

    Definitely – Concealing!! I conceal every tiny little depigmentation so that my skin looks flawless!

  18. Kensie

    BLENDING in general!

    i’m confident in that.

  19. Annie

    I think I got my eyeliner, pencil or liquid, down to the T..! And Mascara and Falsies.. HOWEVER, blushes give me the hardest time! I always want to use it like a bronzer and put it all over my face.. lol

  20. Pia

    making my skin look flawless. I know I’ve mastered this when even my closest friends said that my skin looked perfect and started to ask who my doctor was. I got tons of strangers complimented me. I could also put on lipstick and gloss without looking in the mirror, thanks for years of perpetually being late! I wish I could wake up in the morning and were able to put on eye makeup nicely, tight lining my eyes perfectly and contouring my chubby cheeks.

  21. grace

    i think i’m pretty nifty with my eyeliners(not so much pencil as liquid and pens), mascara and basically making my complexion look good…. but not any of these without a mirror. the most compliments i get are on looking natural-only better. i haven’t really gotten good at the awesome dramatic looks here. trying, though!

  22. Hey Cristine,

    Oh yes definitely without any doubt im MISS PERFECT in applying lipstick, with liner also and my Eye liner too,liquid one.Its the EASIEST JOB FOR ME IN THE WORLD!!


  23. taj

    I think I can run a very clean line along my upper inner lash line. Since I am Asian, I’ve been practicing to contour bridge of my nose to make it look less flat. Well, I would say my friends notice I have a more distinctive nose when I have my makeup.

  24. DaniMae

    I’d have to say that I’ve mastered applying gel liner. I was terrible at it when I started using it all those years ago, but I’m a make up perfectionist so now I do very well. I get compliments on that aspect of my make up if nothing else. I’m the queen of clean, even, winged gel liner!

  25. Alison

    i think people who have lips that have rims (slightly raised from the skin) are the ones who can put on lipstick without a mirror.

    i can put on even deep red lippie without a mirror because its actually really difficult for me to go outside the lines.

    …so don’t feel too bad, i think its physical.

    (PS, christine you are such a gem, a bright, kind, sparkling lady.)

  26. Kristina

    I have definitely mastered the cat-eye look with pencil liner, cream liner, and/or liquid liner!