Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s been your favorite makeup collection/launch thus far? Any brand, any time this year!

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146 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What’s been your favorite makeup collection/launch thus far?

  1. Anett


  2. Natalie

    I would say either Heatherette or Fafi, just because the colors were so vibrant and pretty…and I can’t WAIT for Cult of Cherry!

  3. valentina

    Guerlain Fall 2008, Dior Fall 2008, Mac Neo Sci-fi and Fafi 😉

  4. Number one was: Heatherette
    number two was : Naughty Nauticals
    and runner up is the N collection

  5. marquita

    I love the DAZZLEGLASS collection. Cult of cherry i can’t wait for!!

  6. Kendra

    I would say the dazzleglass collection and the runner up is cool heat!

  7. Nicole

    This years N Collection.

    • What were your favorite pieces from N, Nicole?

      • Nicole

        I bought the N3 and N4 lippis and the e/s Modest Tone, Neutral Pink and Remotely Grey.
        I adore the N3 lippi, cause the color payoff looks pretty nice on my lips, and the Remotely Grey, because it is just pretty to wear single or as a crease color, which is not so eye-catching.

  8. kobri

    I really liked Heatherette and Naughty Nauticals. Neo Sci Fi was the most surprising (won me over in person), but I can’t wait for cult of cherry/overrich

  9. Ashlee

    I guess Naught Nauticals. From just looking at pictures, I haven’t bought anything except liner since around Christmas.

  10. Shmo

    Fafi, handsdown!

  11. Fafi, just for the blushes.

  12. jesstooimpress

    Neo Sci Fi, or the N Collection

  13. Naughty Nauticals, Neo Sci Fi, Cool Heats…
    I LOVE them all!! so hard to decide!

  14. chuarmk

    Winner: Flashtronic
    1st runner up: Barbie Loves MAC
    2nd runner up: I will see about Electroflash/Sonic Chic

  15. oh no don’t make me choose! but, if i must……….

    #1. Heatherette (bought the most from this collection lol)

    #2. Tendertones

    #3. Sonic Chic (waiting on my package, but i’m in love with blush right now!!)

  16. Shefali

    1. Dazzleglass
    2. N Collection
    3. Neo Sci Fi

    I’m really, really excited about Cult of Cherry.

  17. kat

    a) Heatherette
    b) Neo Sci Fi

    Though those recently released mineral blushes are fabulous!

  18. Jen

    Smoke Signals!!

  19. TMR

    Culturebloom. Even though I didn’t get anything from it (because I hadn’t gotten into MAC until later), I love how it looked on others and was colorful from the eyeshadows to the lipglasses.

  20. Tanya

    #1 – Heatherette! i love heatherette and I still catch myself gazing at all my little bubblegum pink lovlies!!!

    #2 – Metal-X! Yes, i know this is a ‘most hated’ collection (& i’m not even sure if it was launched this year…) but this collection got me ‘into’ mac. Something just clicked the day I opened the big black box containing my fusion gold cream eyeshadow. ahhh….love it!

    #3 – sonic chic/electroflash! This hasn’t launched yet in australia, but i’m guessing i will love it when it does!

    runner ups – beauty powder blushes (i still love you, eversun!) / slimshines (sooo glad their perm!)

    • Hi Tanya,

      It’s so great to see someone lovin’ Metal-X! My two are sitting in a drawer wasting away, but they were so lovely.

      • Oh, I totally missed Metal-X here in Sweden, I was so looking forward to the creamy shades :( And now I want it even more when Tanya raves about it! Bohoo..

        • Tanya from Oz

          don’t worry, maria! i’m pretty sure Christine said that they are coming back this Christmas!

  21. cloudburst

    1. N collection – what didn’t I buy from this one?

    2. Smoke Signals – classic colours…I’m sad I never picked up the Gentle Fumes quad.

    3. Over Rich – just by looking at the swatches, I think I wil be buying everything!

  22. Kelly

    So far MAC’s Naughty Nauticals but I can’t wait to see the Fall Collections! (Especially Cult of Cherry).

  23. HeavenLeiBlu

    I hadn’t purchased anything this year, until Heatherette, so I’ll go with that, and Electroflash/Sonic Chic.

  24. Tina

    Heatherette! Loved all the pretty pink and sparkles, lol

  25. My favorite so far is Cool Heat. My favorite is Warm Chill and Climate Blue…although I did buy everyshadow except for Warming Trend. I am going check out Electroflash today, so that may become my favorite. Although, I can’t wait for Starflash to come out.

  26. Zu_

    This year by MAC? No must have collection for me yet.. Yeah i bought few items but .. I wait for fall ! I wait cult of cherry ,suite array and Red she said .. :p
    From the past years, I loved Jewelescent & Lure !

  27. Sarah

    1. Barbie Loves Mac-I love my beautyburst e/s and springtime skipper e/s. Fafi didn’t compare!
    2. Neo Sci Fi-I only bought Sunsonic and Time and Space e/s…but I am still longing for more!!

  28. Macaddict

    Love most of them.  Buy all of them!…My fav of all is FAFI.  Love the colors, sparkles.  Very playful and unique.Looking forward to Cult of cherry.

  29. This year, I really loved the N Collection. It seemed like a boring collection, but I ended up eventually buying almost everything from it. I use my stuff from that collection every single day, so it’s so worth it!

  30. MAC Heatherette, Sonic Chic and Dazzleglass…From other brands, Givenchy Spring and YSL winter (maybe).

  31. Nell

    Beauty Powder Blushes – because I still love and use them all, so they beat all the shortlived loves of other collections…

  32. Nana

    Cool Heat!

  33. FAFI! I love the Hightop lipstick… it is such an unusual color but it looks surprisingly good when I wear it. I bought five Hightop lipsticks (and the little Fafinette figurines) from the collection only but it is still my favorite. 😀

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Nice! I’ve heard a lot of good things about High Top. I haven’t worn it myself very often – can’t believe you bought five!!

  34. Skyler

    I will just list my favourites from 2006-2008 because I wasn’t heavily into MAC before that:

    Overrich (trust me!)
    Cult of Cherry (trust me!)
    Sonic Chic
    Electro Flash
    N Collection
    Fafi for MAC
    Naughty Nauticals
    Neo Sci-Fi/Solar Field
    Cool Heat
    Strange Hybrid
    Smoke Signals
    Reflects Glitter
    Matte 2
    Culture Bloom
    She Shines
    A Muse

    Lingerie and Rebel Rock are two I can remember that came out before that that I wish I was around for! I have several products from both collections.

  35. Aprilrobin

    I honestly haven’t been overly thrilled with any launch this year, not fault of MAC’s. Way too much pink and blue for my taste. N collection was nice but pretty much everything was a dupe of multiple items I own.

    I have picked up quite a few Slimshines, but they’re always a good bet. Warmed Flush MSF and Soft ochre paint pot from N are superb and now staples. Otherwise, I have purchased very little MAC this year! Egads.

    I’m super looking forward to the fall collections though, a couple sound right up my alley.

    • Hi Aprilrobin,

      Soft Ochre is a total staple for me. It is really the only paint pot I love (can you believe it)?

      What fall launch are you most excited over?

  36. Kat

    Cool Heat – for the colour cool heat which I love!

  37. Jan

    So far this year it has to be Neo Sci-fi! It’s the ‘best as it totally surprised me. I wasn’t too keen on it when I saw the pictures here, and the bright orange packaging…but I absolutely loveeee this collection, colour, pay-off, packaging! Love all the e/s, blush, lip and nail polish.

  38. Stephanie

    Neo Sci-Fi nd Cool Heat so far. Can’t wait for Starflash and Cult of Cherry.

  39. danielle

    i loved the dazzleglass, fafi, heatherette and neo sci-fi and the electro flash lines were amazing and fun! they are all fun, pretty and vibrant and they really bring out people’s personalities and how the colors make us feel.

  40. Arika BH

    I loved Neo-Sci Fi for the versatility of the shadows! Evening Aura, Magnetic Fields & Femme -Fi are amazing, really. The lipsticks Electro, Pleasureseeker, and Sci-Fidelity are lovely and flattering to all complexions. Pink Grapefruit and Soft and Slow are repromotes but yay!! I love them. Now I’m saving my money for Cult of Cherry. I WANT EVERYTHING but one quad!! Especially Mattenes, the best lipsticks ever. I can pass on all the mineralize eye and blush stuff. Oh X-Rocks blush is gorgeous too. That blush is great for medium-dark complexions like mine.

    • Hi Arika,

      I agree on Neo Sci Fi! Truly a versatile and fun launch. I adored it. I wish I could rock those dark mattenes from Cult of Cherry!

  41. dawn

    I love the Dazzleglass. Addicted! I wish could’ve gotten them all, but you know…BILLS. And I really liked the Neo Sci-fi. I’m really excited about the overrich collection for the pigments. YAY! Bring em on!

  42. Tanya

    My fav LE packaging this year was DressCamp :) the lippies were the most amazing colors!!

    I also liked the lippies from Fafi and Heatherette the packaging for both was super cute.

    OHHHH and my all time fav LE of the year were the Dazzzleglass lippies….too bad they didnt have cool LE packaging as well.

  43. Pquanda

    1. N Collection I would have to say the N Collection, simply because I bought the most from it and I thought it was really beautiful and flattering for everyone.
    2. Heatherette I actually didn’t buy much from Heatherette (3 things), but the collection was BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE. I thought Hollywood nights was great, and the collection definitely fit the story the most, in my opinion.
    3. Neo-Sci Fi I SCREAMED when I saw this collection was out. I thought I was in love, and I honestly thought from all the product photos that this would be my biggest haul ever, esp since I planned to get two of everything. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out like so. In fact, I only got 4 things!!

    • Hi Pquanda,

      How much did you buy from N? Isn’t it funny how our hauls never go as planned?

      • Pquanda

        Bought both mineralize skin finishes, all the shadows but neutral pink (made me look sick) and dark edge (thank god thats coming in the tempting quad), 2 lipglasses, 1 lipstick… I’m missing stuff. Also got plushlash, and I think creamola!

  44. Amy

    Definitely Cool Heat. Aqua/Blues always win me over, and I love Climate Blue e/s! I haven’t made my Electro Flash haul yet, but I have some high hopes for this collection as well!

  45. Carrie

    hmm…maybe Neo Sci-Fi, not just for the products, but also for the concept. I’m loving Femme-fi, I think I need a backup. My other faves from that are Magnetic Fields and Sci-fi-delity.

    2nd place is Naughty Nauticals ‘cuz of Buoy-o-buoy.

  46. DevilishDoll

    Cool Heat was number 1, Naughty Nauticals and Dazzleglass were tied for number 2.

    Fave items from Cool Heat were Warm Chill, Gulf Steam and Tropic Glow.
    For Naughty Nauticals, Lovely Lily and Mutiny.
    Dazzleglass was Ms Fizz…I’m still trying to get ahold of Comet Blue, Funtabulous, Steppin Out and Love Alert.

  47. Neo Sci-Fi and Tendertones <3

  48. grace

    1. Beauty Powder Blushes: I have eversun. shy beauty, sweetness and true romantic
    2. Neo SciFi: I loveee the bronzed look so I loved all the blush and lip colors.
    3. Heatherette: The lippies and Trio 1 were my picks!

    • Hi Grace,

      I remember everybody raving about the beauty powder blushes, but not as many mention it in their answers, so I am glad to see you are still loving them :)

  49. Danielle

    I love NEO SCI FI!!! I only picked up the 2 blushes X-Rocks and Spaced Out this past week in Atlantic City and I fell in love with both of them….The names alone sold me…. I joke around that I’m always ‘spaced out’ and that I’m a space cadet and then there is my old nickname from high school..”x” so yea I had to buy them!

    Does anyone else just love the way that spaced out like sparkles and shimmers when you look at it in the light??? It’s like I’ve never seen a blush look that way before and that is why I love it so much…it’s just captivating to me!

    Sorry for rambling :) I just get so excited about this collection….

  50. Kristen Elisabeth

    I think either Cool Heat or the Beauty Powder Blushes.

  51. Vivien

    I seriously can’t decide btw Naughty Nauticals, Cool Heat, and Heatherette!!! FAVE product from each would be Ensign lustreglass, Gulf Stream eyeshadow, and Trio 1!

  52. Miss QQ

    I am a new MAC fan since Naughty Nauticals. I passed on Fafi because I just wasn’t attracted to the packaging or products. Then I went on to buy Neo Sci-Fi, Colour Forms and Heatherette (just released here). My favourites are Heatherette and Neo Sci-Fi, with the former just having a slight edge because I love pinks and sparkles! I am looking forward to Cult of Cherry and Starflash. Thanks Christine, I love your blog.

  53. Kelly

    MAC Heatherette & Naughty Nauticals. <333 :].. mostly for the lip colors.

  54. JackA.

    Cool Heat. Everything else felt so boring to me. Even Heatherette, which I expected to love, fell flat for me. Oddly enough, I really don’t get into blues, but there was just something cool (ouch, pun) about the shades in Cool Heat; they felt new instead of rehashed.

    Cannot wait for Cult of Cherry though. That collection if it lives up to the hype I’ve bestowed on it will bankrupt me. Real talk.

    • Hi JackA.,

      What made Heatherette fall flat for you? I think the packaging was fun and all, but the products themselves didn’t wow me. I can’t put my finger on why, though.

  55. Michelle

    My favorites:

    1) Sonic Chic & New View (love all the mineralized blushes- I have 6 Nuance, Warm soul, pleasantry, Gentle, Dainty and Gleeful).

    2) Naughty Nauticals (illegal cargo- a fave eyeshadow of mine)..also love Hey Sailor Lustreglass.

    3) Cool Heat for the neutral, warming trend and solar white, Tropic glow slimshine and gentle simmer slimshine=love.

    4)Beauty Powder blushes- I have 3 and wish I had more, although I think they have been outranked by Sonic Chic!

    5) Neo Sci Fi- love femme- fi , time & space, spaced out, and pleasureseeker l/s.

  56. Chloe

    If I HAD to choose, I’d say 1)Smoke Signals, 2) Naughty Nauticals, and 3) Cool Heat. Then again I love at least one product from every launch! =D

  57. Tammy

    ‘N Collection’…#1
    Bought All the shadow’s…and most of the l/s & l/g’s too!

  58. Candace117

    1. DressCamp
    2. Dazzleglass
    3. Electro Flash
    4. Future Earth!

  59. Jennifer

    I didn’t REALLY start getting into MAC until just after the N Collection, which is rather unfortunate, because it is absolutely amazing. But of the collections I HAVE experienced, I think I’ve liked Neo Sci-Fi the best – I only got two shadows and two lipglasses, but Evening Aura, Time & Space, and Pink Grapefruit have become complete favorites. Cool Heat was alright, I got a few of the Slimshines and some shadows, but it just wasn’t as exciting as I was expecting. (I ADORE Gentle Simmer, though. I fall to the ground and worship it…) And Naughty Nauticals just didn’t fit my style, unfortunately.

    However, I’m really looking forward to the Cult of Cherry collection – I’m definitely going to pick up the Tempting and Spiced Chocolate quads, and maybe even Shadowy Lady, and several of the lip things look all-too-enticing… but I don’t think I’ll be buying much from any collections between now and then, fortunately! (Maybe one or two from Colour Forms, but that’s not too bad, right? Right? :-p )

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Oh, it’s so not unfortunate! You know why? Because MAC has SO many great launches for this year, so you’ll be able to start off on the right foot :)

      What are you eyeing from Colour Forms?

  60. The Alexander Mc Queen collection, no doubt about it. I recently purchased ‘Archetype’ lipstick and it’s amazing, esp if worn with the Otherworldly/Haunting combo.

  61. Kharina

    My first favorite was HEATHERETTE collection, particularly both of their trio shadow compacts. My second favorite was the NEO SCI collection, for all most of their lipies and Magnetic Fields eyeshadow. :)

    • Hi Kharina,

      I’m glad you loved the trios! I loved the packaging for them, but I didn’t dig the colors inside so much, unfortunately.

  62. Julia

    Probably Heatherette. I love the trio with Mood Ring (the teal color). I use it all the time, and Pink Pearl is probably my favorite pigment ever. Oh and Lollipop Loving lipstick is great. I don’t find myself reaching for Hollywood Nights much, but I just have too many bright pinks, haha.

    I can’t wait for the quads from Cult of Cherry. I’m planning to get two of them (minus the one with Deep Truth & Shadowy Lady).

  63. reesa

    I’ve liked Neo-Sci Fi, Dazzleglass, and Tendertones. But I’m really excited about Sonic Chic. I’m waiting on 3 right now…and hope to pick up 2 more before they’re gone.

  64. claudine

    well i would have to say the dazzleglasses and cool heat