Monday, May 25th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What was your last beauty/makeup faux pas? Did your foundation mis-match? Bold eyes and bold lips? (Hey, no one said you had to care that you made a “faux pas”!)

Temptalia's Answer.

Probably foundation that wasn’t quite matching, as I spent quite a bit of timing trying out a bunch of different shades in various lighting to determine the best one!

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36 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What was your last beauty/makeup faux pas?

  1. Gwynedd

    I think it was using the wrong shade of lipstick that made my teeth yellow. A beautiful bright berry with a lipgloss. It was gorgeous until I went outside and saw my teeth were too yellowed by the cool toned gloss and lipstick. Oh well!

  2. Natalie

    Err.. probably too many to list :) A lot of times that whatever works under the lighting, turns out to be shocky under the sun or natural lighting. Overloading my face with Mineral Face Powder, which magnified every pore on my face. Shading and filling in eyebrows and they don’t match and smokey eyes that went ‘panda’.. Oh well, you only learn from your mistakes, right?

  3. inuchan

    that pretty purple lipstick…that turned out an ugly dark red on my lips, and got me 10 years older, lol

  4. joanna

    does overplucking one eyebrow count? ’cause i just did that last night. :(

    • hi

      LOL, I think it might, unfortunately! ‘Cause I was out with my sis yesterday and she turns to me and says, “You look so weird.. You only have half an eyebrow over here.” I was SO embarrassed, because I’d overplucked the tail of my right brow and it looked like I had just half a brow unless you looked hard ! D:

  5. sprut

    I had a foundation line that I didn’t catch until much later in the day and unfortunately I had been running around all day so I’m sure lots of people saw it.

  6. Arduinna4

    Face self-tanning cream gone bad. Th first and the last time i use self tanners!I prefer to wait for the summer.

  7. Lo

    Probably the other day when I was a bit liberal with my msf, and didn’t realise till I got outside that I was rocking the sweaty, rather than glowy look.

  8. Miss_M

    Using too much selftanner + bronzer on my face in the summer, so my hands and arms looked ghostly white compared to my face.

    I regularly end up using too much blush when I’m in a hurry. I never notice my infamous ‘clown look’ until I peek into the mirror a couple of hours later.


    lol yes i did the bole face look it’s funny becouse i still do it on random days .i use mac hello kitty with a primer to get a bold color pay off then i use a red lip stick or dark red cult of cherry lipglass .

    and i allso once i use to wear a orange and red look it was ugly but back then i thought it was cute :/ i would wear the orange lipstick and a nude eyeshadow with black eyeliner and true red eyeliner . if the lipstick was calmed down it would have looked decent ,i think .

  10. I must have gotten a tan because all of a sudden the foundation that I had been wearing for a year was too light and made me look like I was dead…lol…you know that white finish to your skin…lol…went to the MAC Counter and my favorite assistant took the time to go through like four different foundations with me and she ended up recommending putting a mineralize skin finish on top and now it’s back to normal!!!

  11. Taj

    I did my makeup in poor lighting, and ended up putting too much blush on my face. Also, I read about putting orange lipstick to quick fix the undereye bags. When I tried that, my boyfriend kept asking why my face looked rusty ?!?

  12. Nic15

    Unfortunately, the lighting in my bathroom where i get ready in the morning & the lighting in my office at work are sooo incredibly different. Therefore, sometimes I get to work looking like a totally different person. Clown cheeks, orange (too much bronzer), or way tooo much face powder (a.k.a. cake-face). Over time I have learned to adjust my application so i look normal when i get to work, but not without having a couple days where i had to run into the bathroom & feverishly start swiping my face with a tissue before too many people saw me. :)

  13. hi

    Hmm.. A tan, cakey nose and pale, natural face (too much and unmatching powder foundation on just my nose – my intent was just to cut down on shine!) with WAY WAY WAAAAAY too much black Liquidlast on ym upper lashline and harsh lines on the lwoer lashline. I looked SO scary, but luckily I was only going to Wal-Mart. ;)

  14. Andrea

    I think overdoing it in general. Blush, foundation, eyeshadow, you name it!!! I find that I can soooo easily end up using just too much product I look awful!!

    • Anitacska

      I do that too, especially blush and eyeshadow. I decide to use a bolder colour and end up putting too much on my eye, then too much blush and end up looking like a clown. :S I love colours, but need to control myself while applying them, lol.

  15. Leah

    Most recently, I was trying to stretch out the life of my fluidline but it was so dry that my eyeliner was never crisp! It looked messy and the staying power was significantly less than normal.

    I also went to the gym with makeup on a few days ago. Ugh, bad idea.

  16. coco72

    Forget lash curler and mascara, my eyes with 3 or 4 eye shadows and the eye lashes straight and clear :(

  17. margot

    okay, and this is ridiculous, but once I did one eye with mascara and forgot to do the second. I was a bit in a rush and well you know haha I didn’t even notice untill a friend of mine told me one of my eyes was looking weird.

    The other big faux pas was putting on some blush in a bad lighting. It looked perfect when I was in the room, but once out, I looked like a clown.

  18. Not blending concealer around my eyes well enough. It was like one of those sunglasses tan ><

  19. Avatar of aradhana aradhana

    also sometimes at home a lip/eye/cheek colour will seem normal for work, and i’ll get outside and the daylight will prove that it’s totally not, and have to frantically rub some off!

    i think the worst was when i went for a job interview, and i was using a new foundation (which seemed to match)…and found after the interview that i looked like a ghost!

  20. Mine is probably the same thing… wearing the wrong color of foundation.

  21. Tina

    i have a lot of foundation issues. haha like wrong color, not blending enough or cake face. :( or when my eyeliner smudges and i look like a raccoon… that just sucks.

  22. Simply

    I was in middle school and I wore dark lipliner. That’s is, just lipliner. ><

    I look back and shudder T__T

  23. Nancy

    LOL!! you girls are obsolutely hilarious! but honestly, I’ve made every single mistake mentioned above, excluding the tanning ones cuz I don’t tan.
    I do my makeup in my bedroom and i HATE looking in the mirror in my car cuz i look soo caked :| but theres nothing i can really do so i just go to work hoping that noone would need to come too close to me to talk lol.
    wrong foundation shade is my regular mistake. cuz i still havnt found a foundation that matches me lol so i just try to live with it

  24. Filipa

    My most recent one was last week. I boght the wrong shade in concealer, it’s to light and look just weird lol but i will have to live with it now right? lol or at least until i buy a new one lol

  25. Satine

    1) Wrong colour / texture of foundation

    2) Not using blot powder soon enough

    3) Wearing massive eyeshadow due to bad light

  26. Trix

    put so much hot pink shadow all around my eyes that I looked sick!

  27. Avatar of Mackenzie Kenzie

    One time, I used this dark pink/berry colored eyeliner on my waterline. That was a big mistake…everyone at school was coming up to me and asking me why I was crying! I guess the liner made my eyes look like they were red.

    Oh, well. Lesson learned. =)

  28. I’ve been playing with fuller coverage foundations… and let’s just say it took me a few days to realise that NW15 Fix Fluid made me look a wee bit like a pumpkin.

  29. Jennifer

    I filled in the outer 2/3 of my brows as I usually do with my Anastasia brunette brow pencil. Then I used what I thought was the HG for a brow junkie like myself – a felt-tipped “pen”, also by Anastasia, for filling in brows. It comes in 1 “universal” color which looked fine in my house lighting.
    Then I got to work, used the rest room, and while washing my hands, discovered in the mirror that my brows were 2 different colors! The “HG” pen was such a different color brown than the rest of my brows (lighter), so there goes the universal shade! I had to wipe most of it off and deal with sparse brows that day.

  30. kass

    a few weeks ago, i was orange! yes, i put to much foundation on in low lighting… result, orange!