Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What was your first blush? Brand/shade?

Temptalia's Answer.

MAC’s Margin blush! :) And I still ADORE it!


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89 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What was your first blush?

  1. Vee

    As a teen it would have been a random CG blusher…. when I got into makeup it was MAC’s Margin!

  2. Natalie

    Nars Amour and MAC Pink Swoon 😀

  3. ice

    Heather Pink from TBS. My first Mac Blush was Dollymix and Margin:)

  4. maclove1

    tippy from hello kitty :)

  5. My very first blush was mark’s Good Glowing blush in After Glo from, which I got about 5 years ago. I didn’t use blush until then. Now I use it everyday!

  6. Monica

    Alpha Girl from Heatherette!

  7. Cat

    My first one ever was from Jane cosmetics, I dont remember the name of the shade. MY first MAC blush was gingerly, and I still use it.

  8. littlemissmagic

    mac pink swoon!
    very pretty and so versatile :)

  9. My first från MAC was Buff. It´s a quiet matte brown. Now I think it´s some for shading than to a blush. Just love Well-Dressed now.

  10. I have got to check out this Margin blush, everyone’s raving about it! :)

    My first blush was an Avon brush in rose lustre or something like that. I didn’t own a blush for a long time, only got my first one maybe 5 years ago? Now I have plenty of blushes, including lots of Mac. (My first Mac blush was Gentle, although for me Petticoat MSF is more of a blush and I think I got that before Gentle.)

  11. Sandy

    MAC’s mineralized blush, Nuance. Never used blush before it.

  12. Ophelia

    nars deep throat.. still love it!

  13. Summer

    MAC Dame. I love it still. I nice everyday pink.

  14. kirsty

    UD After Glow in Quickie, I ended up trading it away

  15. MAC Margin Blush as well. So great for all skin tones. Gives the face a youthful glow. I love it and use it almost everyday.

  16. Marta

    Bourjois 32 Ambre D’or, love it so much, and the smell…great :)

  17. francesca

    Mac’s Melba! Still love it.

  18. Roxanne

    I believe it was MAC Style blush… It was too shimmery, so I changed it to Gingerly :) I honestly don’t need tons of blushes. I’d like to check out Margin though :)

  19. avon blush in true rose. i was in grade 4 back then. i was blooming make- up junkie. :)

    • hi

      Haha, me too! I tried my first makeup around fourth grade, and of course it was all drugstore/stuff my mom gave me that she didn’t feel the need to keep anymore. She still gives me stuff she doesn’t want, lol!

  20. g

    My first and still favourite blush is the now discontinued MAC Cheekhue in Da Da Delight.

    I’d asked the MAC artist for something that would give me a post-workout type glow/flush. She was dead-on. When I heard they were discontinuing it, I bought 4 tubes. Still working my way through it.

  21. Jay

    Mac’s Dainty Mineralize Blush. Still love it!

  22. Stephanie

    MAC’s mocha blush

  23. Anne

    MAC Margin

  24. Jennifer

    Nars Torrid and I still use it very frequently. I also own only four blushes, so I use all of my blushes on a regular basis.

  25. Erin

    The world’s palest CG blush. I figured because I was fair I should get the lightest one – but it was practically white.

  26. Zoila

    My first MAC blush is unknown. I got it at Nordstrom’s around December 07, It was from the Antiquetise (However you spell it… haha) Collection. & It was exclusive from Nordstrom’s, It came with a lipglass (coral color and unknown name), and a little charm pigment in Shimmertime. Plus it’s in white packaging… I wish I knew the name :( The color is very dark frosty/shimmery coral dark color. It’s beautiful.

  27. Michelle

    My first blush (that didn’t come from a drugstore) was Blushbaby by MAC. Such a fabulous, neutral and wearable colour!!

  28. Nicole15

    I first wore blush in high school & it was a gel blush by Bonne Bell (yuck, i know, but it was ’95 & BB was kinda cool then). Then in college I switched to powder blush & my first was Stila’s Brava. I wore that blush & that blush only for 5 years until they stopped selling it in-stores.

  29. AA

    Mac Peachtwist

  30. Bobbiedoll03

    MAC Format and I still use it to this day!

  31. Vanessa

    My first was a Cover Girl one… something Rose. My first MAC blush was Coygirl.

  32. Andrea

    My very first blush was one by Faces Cosmetics that I still love!! My first MAC blush was Pinch O Peach.

  33. Jessica

    I just got into make-up not too long ago, actually this year. I think being 18 is an appropriate age to start wearing make-up, heh. My first blush was from NARS called Luster. And my first MAC blush was I guess Tippy and Fun & Games.

  34. Taylow

    The Body Shop – Golden Pink 04
    Mac – Well Dressed

  35. Evelyn

    petticoat msf! still loving it :]

  36. Kimmy V

    MACS pinch o peach! been addicted to blush ever since!

  37. lovepotion18

    MAC’s Prism blush

  38. Sam

    Cargo Blush in Rome… Still my favorite!

  39. Chiara

    Estée Lauder in Peche Nuances

    Gah, it keeps surprising me how many times i mention that blush :p

    Favourite blush? Estée Lauder
    Everyday blush? Estée Lauder
    Your first blush? …

  40. hi

    The Body Shop Sparkle and Shimmer Powder Puff in Sunset Peach! It’s a shimmering pinky peach with orange tones that can be amplified when applied heavily/wet/heavily WHILE wet, lol! I got it on sale at Christmas, and I’m pretty sure it’s discontinued. I like to dust a bit on the apples of cheeks with some bronzer to contour this summer. 😀

  41. Leah

    My first was a covergirl blush trio, my first mac blush was melba which I heard is the oldest blush MAC has.

  42. mischel

    my first blush by mac was tenderling, i really like it until now

  43. My first blush ever was probably some random Maybelline compact. My first real non-drugstore blush was Bare Escentuals Golden Gate. Then my first MAC blush was Sincere.

  44. Rio

    Haha, just some crap brush from Target. I used to always use the sponges until I started reading about it HERE, and decided to try a brush. I’ve never went back. lol Now I have a set from Sephora. It’s not the highest quality, but it still works wonderfully.

    • Rio

      I am a CLOWN. I thought it said brush, not blush. Whoops. Well, anyway, I’m sure it was Covergirl, but I never started using blush until I bought some at Sephora in their brand. I don’t remember the shade though.

  45. Kirsten

    Smashbox Aperature… I love it but can’t find it anywhere anymore :( I got it from Ulta about a year ago

  46. SarahT

    Mac Blushbaby is what the MA recommended and it looks great! I love it 😉

  47. Julie

    started with Clinique’s Fig and now MAC’s DAME, Mocha, and Gingerly… NAR’s Orgasm!

  48. Radhika

    My first blushes were: Benefit’s Dallas (I still love the natural glow and color that it goves me) and NARS orgasm.

  49. Rachel

    NARS Orgasm! cause everyone said it was the best blush ever!

  50. Rosie

    My very first mac blush was blushbaby

  51. MAC gingerly, I had just come home from Thailand and had changed from NW20 to NW35 in foundation (yikes!) and this blush looks sooo nice on tanned skin =)

  52. Mara

    My first MAC blush was Margin, which I still love and reach for frequently!

  53. AT

    My first blush is also Mac Sheertone Blushbaby.

  54. When I was younger, I started off with drugstore makeup. First blush I bought was cover girls blush in “rose silk.” It was pretty but I never wore it because I thought it smelled funny. First blush I actually wore often was milani’s “luminous.”

  55. Steph D

    My very first blush was MAC’s Well Dressed.

  56. Christy

    It was from Maybelline in a dark berry shade. I used it right up to pan. That took almost 3 years! My first MAC blush was Goddess from the Raquel Welch collection 2 years ago. It’s a beautiful matte coral peach shade. I use it sparingly since its so nice.

  57. Peyton

    it was one that my bff got me in this huge set but my first mac blush was springsheen….loves it

  58. My very first blush was MAC – Prism

  59. Nunu

    My very first was some blush from a department store palette I got as a holiday gift.. It was in the 6th grade and I used to PACK it on like it was translucent powder.. EVERYWHERE! haha.. so embarassing =[.. I gave up on blush (after I saw a picture of myself looking like a clown) until freshman year of high school.. I bought Benefit Dallas, NARS Orgasm, and MAC Sunbasque simultaneously.. and they’re still some of my go-to blushes now.. =] BTW Christine I love these ‘trip down memory lane’ questions.. hehe =]

  60. *neena*

    MAC’s Harmony was my first.

  61. Andrea

    My first MAC blush was cubic. But my first ever blush was cafe rose by merle norman.

  62. Aramis

    nars orgasm and macs sweet as cocoa. i use to think that blush wasn’t for me since i have pink undertones.

  63. In high school it was a peachy-pink Cover Girl blush. After getting back into makeup as an adult, my first blush was MAC’s Peachtwist.

  64. jenny

    my first blush was wet and wild in naive, which i still really like. my first mac blush was buff. which i also really like.

  65. Fitriana

    Bourjois Rose Ambre

  66. Ah, this one I remember dearly… I stole it from my mom when I was 12 and wore it for the next 10 years – Clinique Rhubarb. Sadly, I think it’s discontinued now.

  67. Jody

    Mac’s Margin Blush suggested by Christine. I just received it yesterday and I am in love. :)

  68. Joy

    You guys all had awesome blushes. I started using “makeup” in the 3rd or 4th grade, and I was in Catholic school so I was forbidden to use anything but lip balm. Can you see where this is going? My first “lipstick” and “blush” was Avon’s Cherry lip balm. :) My first “nail polish” were those scented markers!

    • hi

      Dude, are you my long lost triplet (triplet bc i already have a real twin!) or sumthin? My first makeup was drugstore junk my mom gave me in third grade, and i first painted MY nails with markers! AND, I went to Catholic school too :) What I did to get by the ‘only-lip-balm-no-gloss’ rule was I used the tube of liquid Carmex as a gloss because it Was very glossy, but it was a balm formula. My fifth grade teacher walked up to me and asked “Is it lipgloss?” and I showed her the Carmex tube and she said “Okay” and walked away. I also put the Carmex solid lip balm pot lid on the Burt’s Bees Raspberry Lipgloss pot and took off the sticker to make my teachers think I was puttin on Carmex, and not gloss, haha! I was so sneaky 😉

  69. Julie

    My first blush was from MAC’s Neo Sci Fi Collection in Spaced out.

  70. mlou

    Don’t remember my first blush (at a dept store when I was 13 (80s), but it was pretty nice.

    My first MAC blushes were Cubic and Prism. Long ago used up & b2m’d! The last sev yrs my HG’s have been Blushbaby & Mocha.

  71. Crissy

    Clinique…mocha something. Forgot the name of the shade.

    First MAC blush is Hipness from Fafi.

  72. Melissa

    Mac’s fleur power. Really BRIGHT pink but if you blend it in enough it looks really cutee :]
    i still use it Occasionally..

  73. bns313

    First non drugstore was Bobbi Brown in Sand Pink.
    Ive since upgraded to Chanel Mocha for winter and NARS Orgasm for summer.

  74. katey

    MAC’s Blushbaby

  75. MAC Merrily.. (LE from Sonic Chic)

  76. Haha, Maybelline in Gentle Rose or something. I’m having fun with NARS 3-in-1 in Orgasm at the moment.

  77. Court

    MAC’s cream blush in Brit Wit :)

  78. Ebbychina

    Nuance and Peachykeen were my first.