Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What was your best drugstore beauty find? What product did you find in a drugstore that is beyond amazing?

P.S. – What is everyone doing for Valentine’s Day?

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63 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What was your best drugstore beauty find?

  1. Whitney

    I found it when I was a teenager and I love it. They discontinued it a while back and i searched in vain for an alternative but they just put it back on the market. For about $3 St. Ives Firming Clay Mask is my favorite facial mask. It tightens my skin and has a refreshing mint scent. My face always feels awesome after I wash it off, I’m so happy they decided to put it back on the market.

  2. claudine

    i like the pure zone facial wash from loreal :o)

    oh and since im single im going clubbing tonight i know not really a romantic thing to do on valentines day lol
    what youre up to?

    • Great find, Claudine!

      Hey, clubbing is perfect for the single gal 😀

      We just sat around the house, LOL. We went out earlier in the week for our big dinner!

  3. Chica

    GOSH cosmetics in Superdrug, i love the parrot-like colours of their eyeshadow :)
    I won’t be doing anything, i’ve just split up with my boyfriend :*(

    • Annie

      I thought I was the only one… My boyfriend and I split Tuesday after almost 6 years… Yes, I’m devastated. But my family and friends are there for me to lean on, and they’ve been so completely fantastic. Take comfort in the ones that love you. You’ll feel better!

    • I’ve heard many good things about this brand!

      Sorry to hear about the boyfriend :(

  4. Nora

    Prestige automatic waterproof eye liners, ladies (and gents)!!! Check them out. All-time favorites.

    And cheer up to all who have broken up with someone. There’s another fish in the sea! Just swim and net ’em in. With the power of this beauty blog, how could anyone resist you?!

    • Chica

      lol, true true :) We only split up yesterday though, it’ll take me a little longer than a day to get over it x

  5. Theresa

    OMG!! My BEST drugstore find was these range of amazing eyeliners that went for 2.50!!! (approx 1.25 USD!!)
    The colours were simply awesome and if i remember correctly, the brand was LA Girl.
    I happen to own a discount card as a regular customer and with that, its 10% off further! Bought ALL THE COLOURS of the rainbow and went home feeling so SO satisfied! 😉

  6. naomi

    my favorite d/s buy is the palmer’s dark chocolate and peppermint lip glosses for $2….
    i can’t even begin to explain how amazing these are, so if you see one, pick it up!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Stephanie

    loreal color juice. Everytime I pass that section I can’t resist in picking one up or two.

  8. Kristen

    NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss in Red Sparkle

    Today, my parents are coming into town to take me to lunch. Since my boyfriend lives out of town, I’m going out with a bunch of girls tonight, and then spending the weekend with him and our puppy.

    • I wish NYX was more readily available here!

      Sounds like a good plan, Kristen :) I spent two of the days with my boyfriend 400 miles away, so I know how that feels.

  9. victoria

    mascaras, cetaphil, olay moisturizers and burts beeswax lipbalm.

  10. Sherri

    Avene Hydrating Serum, it’s amazing! If you have dry skin or fine lines you have to try this! I noticed a big difference within a couple of days of using this product!

    For Valentines Day my husband and I exchanged gifts this morning; He gave me a dozen red roses, Lindt chocolates, love CD (From the Heart) and a card. I gave him a ice bucket filled with different international beers and sour candy (his favorite) wrapped up in cellophane with bags of peanuts attached and a card. Tonight we are going to an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner.

  11. Leila

    Alba Lipbalm, Almay oil free eye makeup remover and Loreal Voluminous Mascara… ive used tons of department store brands of mascara but nothing compares to this one!

  12. NYX eyeshadows, man I love these little cheapies. Also L’Oreal Color Juice lippies, Annabelle (Canadian brand) waterproof eyeliner in bronzer and I am kinda enjoying the Almay Smart Shade blush. I picked up a bnch of drugstore stuff to do review on my blog, so I am slowly going trhough them. Hubby and I are celebrating Valentines tomorrow night as we have a date with a trainer tonight – which is not romantic at all!

  13. lisa

    Nyx pigments & oil of olay.

  14. George

    I think my best beauty find at a drugstore has to be the Revlon lipgloss with the built in mirror and flash light. I am definitely a sucker for things that are cute and the flashlight lipgloss idea was very much cute ^_^

    For Valentine’s I’m going to be having a highly romantic and lovely stay-at-home-and-avoid-the-massive-crowds date with my fiance. It’s a surprise for him, and hopefully a good one =)

    • Hey George! Haha, very techy, I love it :)

      Sounds like a very nice date you have planned! Crowds are no fun when you’re trying to get all loveydovey, lol.

  15. Tonee

    Maybelline Age Rewind Cream Foundation – this is my holy grail at the moment for day wear. It’s such a remarkable foundation – blows away almost every high end brand I have tried, in terms of texture, coverage and finish.

    I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day – I’m not a very romantic person!

  16. Nell

    Cetaphil Cleanser – I bring it back from trips to the US by the dozen!

  17. Davina

    most drugstore products never live up to my expectations, but lately i’ve been loving maybelline full n’ soft mascara (much better than diorshow, ha!) – currently my go-to mascara.
    i’ve never been much into v-day, but i’ll probably make a yummy dinner for my lovely & have some wine, i guess that’s somewhat romantic!

  18. Tekoa

    Hmmm…Aveeno facial scrub and foaming wash make the list.

    For V-Day I’m going to work on a project that is due tommorow and then see Enchanted April with my drama class. Boyfriend is working late today so, no paired activities. But no matter. He spoils me shamelessly all year long so, every day is V-day for me.

  19. Pquanda

    Loreal HiP creme black eyeliner!!
    Fluidline, BB Gel, and Stila can eat their hearts out on this one!! It rocks! Most intense and long-lasting on the market.. Although I haven’t tried indelible.

    The only moisturizer with SPF that doesn’t break me out is Olay, so that too!!

    I got roses and pearls from my husband, he’s in LA right now so we’re apart. We just spent last weekend together though!

  20. Erin

    I found a white shimmer tube for no more than 4 bucks that was exactly like MAC strobe cream in every way.

  21. Erin

    Oh. The fiance and I are making curry chicken at home for Vday, and going to dinner tomorrow.

  22. Myra

    Oh I used to love the lipsticks from Wet-N-Wild for 99cents.
    And for VDay, I have class tonight and I just became single anyways, my divorce will be finalize soon and I’m super happy!!!

  23. Lindsay

    Cetaphil and Alba shaving creme…makes my legs super smooth! Palmers Coco butter Lotion too.

    I am working today, and my boyfriend is away working anyway…and I think since we have been together we have never celebrated Valentines…so I’m not too choked that he isn’t here.

  24. I love my Olay Foaming Face Wash and Refreshing Toner!! What are yours?

    Tonight, the BF and I are trying a new restaurant called “Two” in San Francisco. I hope it’s yum! What are your plans?

  25. Jenny

    I love me some Style Styli eyeliners!! Especially the liquid liner pen. It’s the *only* liquid liner that hasn’t smudged on me (I have oily eyelids). I found it when I was browsing through Longs. It was 50% off, so I thought “why not?”.

    For valentines day.. I’ll be at the hospital doing clinicals till 7pm. Grr. But after, me and my boyfriend are goin to dinner =)

  26. Vy

    COVERGIRL LASH BLAST MASCARA! I use waterproof in Very Black. Beats DiorShow!

  27. Robin

    Cutex nail polish remover works the best…Revelon works well too. Almay eye makeup remover pads in the pot- moisturizing kind.
    Vday plans, my boyf is makin me dinner :)
    Funny…noone mentioned Great Lash…

  28. Stacey

    Blistex lip balm. Gets rid of any dryness, and I even use it on my face occasionally if I have any extra dry patches of skin. It makes your lips tingle and smells yum!
    For Valentine’s I just spent the night with my boyfriend. We don’t really celebrate it!

  29. Kathleena

    Loreal Color Juice tube in Watermelon crush

  30. lala

    neutrogena lip balms……jane blushes …nyc blushes …hip eyeshadows……eucerin line.

  31. emily

    oooh must be carmex lipbalm … and mascara is a great budget buy since ur only supposed to keep dem for like 3 mnths. l’oreal do sum great ones as do maybelinne and bourjois.

  32. K

    Maybelline full’n’soft mascara is definitely my favorite find of late. I haven’t had a better experience with any other mascara, drug store or department store brands. Eucerin is definitely a must for my dry skin, and I’m currently loving some of the Neutrogena acne products.

    Went to dinner with the hubby, yum yum.