Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What was the last thing/person/movie/whatever that inspired a makeup look you did? What did it inspire? How did it turn out?

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20 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What was the last thing/person/movie/whatever that inspired a makeup look you did?

  1. Frances

    Oooh. Love this question. Can I please put down more than one answer?

    Bollywood makeup
    Eva Green in Casino Royale
    60s fashion photographs (all those lashes and ultra-matte nude lips, yes PLEASE!)
    Portrait of a Young Girl in a Green Dress (Lempicka) for the creamy skin, curls, red lips plus that amazing dress :)

  2. DaniMae

    I was randomly watching Charmed the other day and the actress who was once with Marylin Manson [can’t remember her name] was rocking a beautiful and soft classic pin up look.

    • Tanya

      Rose McGovern :) She busted up Robert Rodriguez marrige to his wife of like forever who he has a bunch of kids with! They are now engaged and she is his new muse, set to star in the Red Sonja movie and a remake of Barbarella, both of which he is directing/producing.

      She is amazingly beautiful

  3. Inky

    It was Katherine Hepburn’s look and particularly her hair in 1942’s Woman of the Year. She looked beautiful and I am determined to give it a go this week.

  4. styrch

    I don’t get inspired very often. But the last one I remember was Selene in Underworld: Evolution if you can believe that. But for me that made me try to hunt down exactly what they used on her. In the end I got pretty close.

  5. My little sister was watching Buffy the other day, and I was kind of intrigued by the polar-opposite makeup worn by the two slayers – Buffy and Faith. I decided to try and re-create both looks… Faith was easy, but Buffy is proving to be a bit more difficult. Go figure.

  6. charlene

    the dark brown smokey look in natasha bedingfield’s soulmate music video

  7. mahalia

    beyonce’ in cadillac records. Her wing eyeliner was gorgeous.
    Angelina jolie in changeling was beautiful. She wore various red lips throughout the movie. When she was in the psych ward she wore a nudey pink and it was lovely!

  8. Sara

    josh on youtube (petrilude). i wanted to try a new eye shape, and his tutorial for a holiday look for tan/olive skin had the shape of dark on the inner and outer corners and light in the middle. i didnt use the same colors but i followed the pattern he used and it turned out awesome! ill definitely do it alot more often, and im glad i was able to break out of my shell of light inner corner dark outercorner/crease

  9. Chrissy

    Katy Perry in her Hot N’ Cold video. I love the look she has in the bride scenes-the metallic silvery-beige eyes and bright pink lips. I’m still trying to recreate it.

  10. Neena

    A cute shirt I bought from Charlotte Russe… It’s purple and grey and my MAC eyeshadows in Print(grey) and Nocturnelle(purple) went gorgeous together… I put the Nocturnelle all over the lid and print in the crease and the purple made Print look grey/blue/deep purple depending on how the light hit it!

  11. Louise

    Meryl Streep in DOUBT movie. The pink e/s, stained lips

    Amy Adams has such a great look in the film – so innocent!

  12. Dita von Teese. I love doing a look like hers when I want something different from my usual eyeshadow based looks.

  13. Latia

    Gwen Stefani’s Harujuku Lover’s ad.

    The girl is just pretty pretty soft and pink. I noticed that they kind of reshaped the lip, making it look sort of geisha inspired, but with a soft pink instead. The lip isn’t super glossy looking, just a bit moist. The eyes are pink, the cheeks are pink (Benetint’s Posietint is the ONLY perfect pink I’ve found to simulate this looks for the cheek), the skin is perfectly smooth and very bright. Lashes are shaped around the eye to make the eye look bigger instead of more almond/asian shaped.

    Urgh, just looooved it. And it was a refreshing look to do in the winter with the berry dark lip trend.

  14. Aimee

    One of my best friends has always complained that I wear too much make up.. I’m not going out with him, so it doesn’t matter and I went on wearing bright colored make up and he doesn’t like looking at me so much.

    Last Saturday, he was in a bad accident and had multiple fractures on his nose and on his brow bone, nearly killing him with a shard of bone near his brain.

    This week I sat with him for hours and hours at a time. I wasn’t particularly inspired, but this week, I wore nude, only lightly shimmery make up all week, just so he has something he likes to look at rather than the bright make up.

    He’s getting better now. :)

  15. mars

    For years Nicole Kidman’s eyebrows in Moulin Rouge have been a daily inpsiration for me.

  16. Dee

    Well, I already told you you and your smokey black eye tutorial were my inspiration for my last “look”. It turned out cute enough, but I didn’t really like the overall look. I didn’t really want to have a red lip to go with it, so I ended up doing some random lipglosses together and it was just ok. Also, mixing Crystal Avalanche with Carbon to smoke it out ended up turning it into a blue black color, which was cute, but not what I really wanted.

  17. Latia

    Just saw The Spirit, and while the movie wasn’t all that great, the makeup was AMAZING!

  18. Kenz

    The movie Twilight. I loved how the makeup was done in that movie. Their eyes are gorgeous(even though they’re contacts). =D