Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What shampoo/conditioner are you currently using? Are you lovin’ or hatin’ the current pairing?

Temptalia's Answer.

Pureology Shampoo/Conditioner, but they both smell like some potent baby powder, and I’m finding it hard to stick with them.


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87 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What shampoo/conditioner are you currently using?

  1. Cayley

    right now i’m using Carol’s Daughter black vanilla shampoo and hair milk :-)

  2. jen

    paul mitchell lavender mint shampoo and conditioner

    its da best SUPER conditioning.

  3. igswonderworld

    Frederic Fekkai – Technician Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner – but currently I use Frederic Fekkai Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner because I have run out of my Color Care :)

  4. ellie

    im using joico color care shampoo and nexxus humectris conditioner …..im not to fond of th joico (i have the shampoo and conditioner but after 1 month i stoped using the conditioner) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE nexxus conditioner . if ur wondering im a mixed girl (black and white)verrrry wavy hair that has some damage from coloring. it makes my hair the softest it has ever been.

  5. Luna

    Tigi Superstar

  6. I use Dumb Blonde shampoo and conditioner from Tigi. They both smell so yummy and it keeps my dry/damaged hair soft!

  7. Proximity

    Wow, which Pureologys are you using? I’m using the Nanoworks shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using these for a few years now, and I LOVE them. I’ll never switch away. My hair’s never been healthier or looked better.

  8. rowan

    lush ice blue shampoo (retro)& veganese conditioner.

  9. Gracey

    I use Herbal Essences in Body Envy.

  10. julia

    i’m currently using korres laurel and echinacea shampoo, rice proteins shampoo and acacia conditoner. i love those!

  11. I’m currently using the Freeman Papaya and Lime Shine Conditioner (I did a review on my blog) and Nivea shampoo since I can’t seem to find here in my country my favorite shampoo and conditioner by Garnier – Vanilla :). My supplies from my last trip were over :)

  12. Kajsa

    Stuff from the drugstore..

  13. jess

    Bed head Self-absorbed Mega Nutrient Shampoo and Conditioner.

  14. Tania

    I’m always using a few different shampoos! I used Dove Intensive Damage last night, John Freida Root Awakening the other. And conditioners–woo! Even more numerous. The last one I used was Aussie Three Minute Miracle.

  15. Saira

    I’m using Aussie Luscious Long shampoo and conditioner. I don’t always use the same shampoo/conditioner for a long period of time as I sometimes get bored with using the same products but I’ve been using the Aussie Luscious Long stuff for ages as I like it so much!

  16. Emm

    Currently I am loving Herbal Essences Self-Targeting shampoo and conditioner.

  17. Torie

    For my aging coarse/very wavy hair I’m using Bed Head Foxy Curles and I love it. Not only does it smell yummy it works. I’ve tried a few others in between and I keep going back to these. I use both the shampoo and conditioner. Also I color my hair to hide the grays and the shampoo is sulfate free so it’s good for that also.
    I think I ramble everytime I leave a comment:)

  18. Lydia

    vICTORIAS Secret So Sexy, I like it, but I don’t love it :)

  19. bluematilda

    tigi rockaholic (i think that’s what it’s called) in the orange container-lots of stores have deals and you can buy the larger sizes for much cheaper! it’s good for treated hair and also smells really good…ps. the hairspray is pretty awesome as well…

  20. shez

    im using kerastase range but wondering if it is just an over hyped brand :S !!

  21. Tina

    Body Shop Banana shampoo and conditionner. Pure love!

  22. Mandee

    daddy-o violet shampoo (Lush) with retread conditioner (Lush) 😀

    • Laura

      i work at lush and this is my winning combination 😀
      have you tried marilyn hair treatment? it’s heavenly!

  23. margot

    John Frida’s brilliant brunette for shampoo and conditioner, I use the moisturizing one.

  24. Janine

    Jonathan Product volumizing shampoo/cond. I really like them, my hair does seem fuller

  25. Rivoli

    Hi Temptalia– I just switched from Pureology’s (couldn’t stand the scent) to Living Proof’s No Frizz shampoo and conditioner. My hair is much softer, much better with the No Frizz. These two are big winners–and the scent is pleasant and fades to nothing very quickly.

  26. lisa

    I am actually using Herbal Essences Hydralicious 2 in 1 and absolutely love it i find that it is moisturizing and that my hair is less frizzie which i love!

  27. I’m using Lush’s “Rehab” shampoo and Redken “All soft” coniditioner

  28. Kate

    Aussie Moist! My best friend told me about it when I asked why her hair smelled so good. She went into a long story about how her hair was falling out after she went on a cross-country bike trip and so she started using this stuff and her hair miraculously recovered.

    I started using it right away (since it was a pretty moving recommendation) and oh my god – it’s amazing! My hair is so soft and shiny but it doesn’t seem weighted down by product. LOVE it!

  29. Natasha

    I’m using Redken’s Smooth Down Shampoo and Conditioner – it’s ok so far….no complaints:)

  30. Liz

    I’m another convert to Living Proof… it leaves my hair AMAZING. Hate the price, love the results. Previously was using La Coupe products (orange for when I dried my hair straight, green for when I styled my hair curly!) and really liked those as well, much more than the Frieda line.

  31. Desiree

    nature’s gate organic shampoo and conditioner from whole foods.

    i used to use redken all soft shamppo, conditioner, and heavy cream but they changed the formula to include “silk amino acids”–whatever THAT is–and the formula stopped working as good, leaving my hair feeling dry. i hate when companies try to fool us, saying a product has a “new formula” when in reality it is just that they have cut costs or something and the product is worse… should be illegal.

  32. Nicole13

    I rotate between Burts Bees More Moisture S/C, Healthy Hair Journey S/C and Yes To Tomatoes S/C.

  33. Natalia

    Alternate between Aveda Smooth Infusions or Aveda Shampure…love them both!

  34. sandra

    Big or Cynthia Stout and Veganese or AC all from LUSH 😉

  35. fiaspice

    good old Fruictis shampoo and conditioner. I alternate with the natual shampoo and donditioner my mom makes.

  36. Natalia

    Frédéric Fekkai Protein Rx. It smells real lovely.

  37. amy

    La coupe shine and smooth shampoo and conditioner. Love them and they are cheap, sometimes I can get them for 2 or 1.

  38. tremorviolet

    Aveda Shampure, just a good basic shampoo that always leaves my hair shiny. I haven’t hopped on the no sulfates bandwagon yet as I don’t seem to have issues with regular shampoo.

  39. kpenn09

    I’m a long-time lover of Aveda’s Colour Conserve. I use it religiously for the first few weeks after my colour so that it really stays a deep, rich brown. Then, as it starts to fade out naturally, I switch over to Herbal Essence’s Colour Me Happy. It’s a lot cheaper and smells great!

  40. Jess

    Herbal essence self-targeting shampoo and conditioner!!!!! It makes my hair soo smooth :)

  41. Julia

    Lush New shampoo bar and Lush Veganese conditioner. Loving it at the moment!

  42. BeckBeck

    Wella Color Preserve shampoo and leave-in conditioner. I discovered it maybe a year ago and haven’t switched since – it really seems to help keep my highlights from washing out and turning white or yellow. I’m not sure how widely available it is anymore, though – the places we used to buy it (Trade Secret and Regis) clearanced it out a few months ago, so my mom and I bought ALL of their stock :)

  43. Sally

    I’m alternating between three right now. Pantene Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Shampoo and Conditioner, Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo/Conditioner, and Redken Extreme Shampoo/Conditioner.

  44. Karen

    I am loving Shiseido’s shampoo/conditioner/intensitive treatment. They are great!!! You can buy them from any asian super market.

  45. Liz

    I use Keratase Bain Satin shampoo and Terax Original Crema Intansive conditioners and I am obsess with this conditioner, I try switch to a cheaper brand but always end up coming back to this one..

  46. I am using Pantene Silver Expressions Shampoo & Conditioner once a week. The remaining time I use Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner. Once a week I’ll alternate from that regular conditioner with the Redken Rich Recovery (ie. deep conditioner)

  47. Lindsay

    Hi Christine! I’m using Shiseido Shampoo line called Tsubaki only available in Japanese markets/grocery stores. OMG it’s amazing and only $6 (red bottle, for shine- it’s better than the one in the white bottle for damaged hair). I’d used Frederis Fekkai’s protien line for years (love it) but Shiseido is even better. For a little time, I tried Living Proof’s no frizz shampoo. I thought it was a HG until I realized it was making my hair fall out. It also says it repells dirt. Lies, it makes your hair so dirty after a day.

    • Lindsey

      I’m using the same – back home I use Aussie products, but it’s difficult to find over here – Tsubaki smells ridiculously nice, and leaves my hair feeling SO soft <3

  48. Ashley

    Currently I am using A/G Re:Coil shampoo and conditioner, and using Marc Anthony Damage Repair Intensive Treatment as a pre-conditioner before shampooing, and as an occasional mask.

    I want to start using a toning shampoo for blonde hair though, as my naturally blonde hair is not as light/ashed as I’d like it to be.

  49. Amber

    Currently I have been alternating between Nexxus Dualiste Shampoo for colro treated hair that needs body and the Dualiste conditioner for color treated hair that needs moisture and Pantene Redhead Expressions shampoo and Herbal Essences Hydralicious conditioner for hair that needs body. I have tons of shampoos/conditioners and am really trying to not buy anymore.

  50. Martha Urriola-Hess

    Dr. Hauschka !!!

  51. Aimee

    Shikai Henna Gold shampoo and conditioner, with H2O+ seaweed mask once or twice a week. So far I am very happy with them, I’ve had good luck with all I’ve tried from both of those brands.

  52. Charlene

    biolage baby. LOL The smoothing serums are great too!

  53. Bridgette

    Im using Dove’s Cool Moisture therapy shampoo and conditioner in cucumber and green tea.

  54. Nicole

    I use Shampoobar Papaya exclusively made by my hair-dresser.

  55. Julia

    Actually I found a great find at whole foods.

    Giovanni Deep Moisture conditioner saved my hair.
    I use it every day on my course, thick, extremely, curly, hair.

    works like a charm.
    and only 7 dollars a bottle! Better than fekkai, and bumble and bumble. I know from experience.

  56. Karla

    I rotate Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioners. I have so many liters of shampoo and conditioner I’m good for the next year… But that’s what cos school is good for. (shampoo one, extrabody, and super strong) I rotate thought those, and my hair is fluffy and healthy. I love it :)

  57. Jennifer

    L’Oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner (for medium to long hair that’s damaged). I had tried everything, including super expensive brands (Living Proof, CHI, Redken, etc) but NOTHING works as well on my thick, breakage-prone hair as these – and the shampoo and conditioner are just $4.99 each (often on sale for just $2.99 each) at the drugstore. It was a happy recessionista accident that I discovered these!! I do still use the CHI Infra Keratin Mist as a leave-in conditioner afterwards, but I don’t mind paying for that because one bottle lasts a long, long time for me.

  58. Tiffany

    Right now, I’m alternating between Joico Kpak shampoo & conditioner and Biolage shampoo & conditioning balm

  59. Nicci

    Ojon Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner but I want to try something new…

  60. Shannon

    Purology, ban den terre jasmine

  61. I tried to go CG (Curlygirl aka no shampoo and no silicones) but it doesn’t seem to work well for me, i still get lots of buildup even though I don’t use any styling products. So I use a less harsh shampoo like Giovanni 50:50. For conditioner, Trader Joe’s Triple Tea conditioner or I use the GVP (sally beauty) version of Matrix conditioning balm.

  62. kp

    I am using the Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioner. I am in love. I do alternate with Sebastian Light Shampoo every few shampoos.

  63. Chanel

    I’m using Herbal Essences Hydralicious -Self Targeting Shampoo + Conditioner and Herbal Essences Totally Twister Shampoo + Conditioner.

  64. Superstar by Tigi! Smells great and gives me great volume :)

  65. elysia

    mizani butter blend geared for black hair i love this and i dabble in paul mitchell

  66. Mariann

    La Roche Posay phisiological shampoo and Crema al latte Serical conditioner.

  67. Erica

    Vo5 tea therapy conditioner or Kendra. I shampoo with Kinky Kurly sulfate free 2x week. Deep conditioner: Moroccan hair mask 1x month.
    love the curls as well as the makeup!

  68. Alyssia

    I alternate between Lush ‘Big’, and Nivea Voluminous shampoo, and then Paul Mitchell Intensive treatment and Tresemme conditioner

  69. Makeup_Freak

    I will use nothing else but Matrix’s Biolage Shampoo and conditioner in purple (hydrating). I have colored hair, and this shampoo is so rich and moisturizing, that my hair never break or feel dry. Even the ends don’t split. The conditioner is amazing as well, my hair is soft and super slick and shiny.

  70. DonnaN

    depends on my hair….

  71. Andrea

    I’m using Pureology shampoo and conditioner! I really like the pairing. (I’m using the ones in the purple bottles, I think it’s the hydrating kind. The shampoo has a nice herbally smell and the conditioner has an herbal mint smell!)

  72. I also am alternating between Alterna’s Caviar Blonde shampoo and conditioner. And LUSH’s Marilyn pre-shampoo treatment, BIG shampoo and NO.4’s hair masque.

  73. Holly

    As of the moment, I am using Aveda scalp benefits shampoo and conditioner.

  74. Liz W

    Pureology Hydrate (purple bottle) and usually leave-in conditioner (Redken).

  75. Aveda – nothing else keeps my hair sane.

  76. I rotate between Ascience Gold, a shampoo/conditioner formulated for asian hair, and Shiseido’s Aquair, which does wonders for dry hair.

  77. John Frieda “go blonder”

  78. aMy

    joico kpak shampoo & conditioner, just went from platinum blonde (was for about 2 years) to dark brown (a little closer to natural) all that bleaching really beat my hair up, so just trying to bring it back to life. i love the whole kpak line! it’s totally saved my hair!

  79. charmschooled

    im using joico body luxe because i have baby fine hair and i want a little bit of body. so far its been working ok for me.

  80. annette

    Purple Matrix Shampoo and Conditioner for color-treated hair