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Birth control pills. They made my quality of life way better. Some benefits I’ve gotten from them:
– Cleared up 90% of my acne.
– no more cramps
– No more PMS either
– No more fighting sleepiness for a week before you know what.

Also, I break out using any oil control lotion. Actually, I’ve been breaking out whenever I deviate from Lush’s Enzymion as moisturizer and Tea Tree Water as toner.

Try this…Dial soap with anti-bacterial. Most zits are caused by bacteria. You can buy liquid Dial in a pump bottle. I’ve been using this for 6 months with minimal break outs. I’ve used everything and this works the best! It can be a little drying, so not recommended for dry skin.

Anything with Salicylic Acids.. Clinique, LAB Series for men (HA), Biotherm Acnopure with Salicylic Acid, and Mario Badescu drying lotion.. all these help to control oil and sebum production. I don’t have acne, but will break out minmally if a product (base especially) has too much silicone or is too heavy).

benzoyl peroxide
keeps my skin shine free for almost a day
fights zysts, blackheads etc.
so my skin looks ok but theres no perfect solution for acne if i stop the bp my skin gets worse again

Aveda Balancing Infusion for Acne Skin. It’s salicylic acid in an oil base, so it penetrates the breakout faster.

I just fought a pimple! πŸ˜€
what i do is usually pop the pimple, with tissue of course, and clean hands. and then immediately use the Out of Trouble (from Origins) mask over it, just a dot. Let it sit for 10 minutes, wash it off, then put on some acne cream or toothpaste using a Q-tip depending on what is within my reach at that moment. It’s been effective for me so far!

I’ve heard a lot of things about birth control pills and I see that it’s working for loads of ladies out there. I suppose when I’m older I’d love to try that and see if it clears up my skin as well! But for now… I’ll stick with what I have πŸ™‚

When I was younger I had really bad Acne- so I had to take a medication called “Accutane” it comes in pill form- and makes the skin worse at first- then baby smooth. So worth it? I would say so. If you can stand the first stage of the medication…they won’t give it to you unless the acne is really bad though. Systems like Clinique and Proactive are good maintenance systems as well. Also…if you HAVE to pop one…a little plain ol’ Neosporin will heal it right up.

In the long run, your body becomes dependent on Accutane, which is why they don’t prescribe it unless your acne is really bad.

Unless you go to a crazy dermatologist that wanted to prescribe me Accutane after only trying minocycline (I didn’t even have severe acne or cysts!)

I’m 30 yet still have oily skin (I used to have cystic acne as a teenager) and I’m really not adding anything new here, but these help me:
Birth control pills (Yasmin)
Benzoyl peroxide gel
Toner with tons of alcohol and tons of salicylic acid (my skin can take it)
Thorough scrub once a week (Ocean Salt by Lush is great)
An oil zapping, pore minimazing mask once a week (Mask of Magnaminty by Lush is awesome)
I cleanse with Fresh Farmacy (AM) and Coalface (PM) by Lush and I use their Vanishing Cream which helps to control my oiliness. HTH

I really like the new Neutrogena 2-in-1 Rapid Fight and Fade, it’s great for single spots. Otherwise I rely on Philosophy’s purity made simple cleanser, the mircrodelivery peel and the hope in a jar moisturizer. They keep my dry but still acne-prone skin in a good condition.

Birth control more or less stopped any and all breakouts for me. I seriously did not break out no matter what I put on my skin. Its just bothersome to take and can be expensive depending on where you get it from…

Accutane. Nothing else worked over the last 15 years. It hurt to smile and sleep on a pillow. Deep rooted cysts are stubbron buggers.

Ditto on the Accutane. It didn’t cure me of acne and it is said that a lot of people who take it need to take a second course some years later to combat the issue again. Normally it wont be as bad the second time, and a smaller dose can be taken. I am currently doing my second course of Accutane. Its a really heavy duty med. Causes major birth defects, high chance of liver damage. So as per the law you have to take two forms of birthcontrol, have monthly blood test for the liver thing and a monthly pregnency test. That said, I think its worth it.

I am also a big fan of microdermabration to help prevent breakouts.

Clearasil Stayclear, Acne Control Cream with sulphur. It smells bad but it works better then the one with benzoyl peroxide. I usually use it at bedtime. I really like suki lemongrass cleanser I think it’s cleared up my skin quite a bit. The only thing is that it’s expensive. Also a good astringent with Salicylic Acid helps to. I’ve just started using vitamin E cream and I like it a lot better then Cetaphil, which I was using before.

I used proactive once when I was a lot younger and the benzoyl peroxide bleached my clothes! I can’t stand that stuff. The only thing I liked from it was the mask and I’m pretty sure it had sulphur in it.

I don’t have acne myself, but strangely enough, I’ve heard from many people that Bareminerals foundation (not the specific acne treatment) is really effective against acne. I use a sulfur-based mask on the occasional pimple, and it works like a charm.

Neutrogena clear pore cleanser in the morning
Philosophy Purity at night
Philosophy Help me at night (retinol product)

Philosophy On a Clear Day Blemish Serum seems to help.

And I think I’ve finally found a sunscreen that doesn’t break me out. Eucerin Facial Lotion SPF 30.

I have very oily skin. my usual routine is:

Nia24 gentle cleansing cream
ACV as a toner (before bed only)
Lush’s Ocean Salt (at least twice a week)

drinking lots of water, eating next to no sugar and working out

I use Differin gel (prescription), the Zeno (when I get one), and good old benzoyl peroxide cream (Oxy or Spectro). I also like the Proactiv clay masque.

Proactiv (benzoyle peroxide in the treatment, and glycolic acid in the toner)

Neutrogena Stress Control 3-in-1 Treatment (salicylic acid)

Birth Control Pills (Yasmin is one of the ones that have worked for my skin, I’ve tried about 7 types, I’m on Yasmin for the second time now)

A light moisturizer, good cleanser that actually removes oil/grime/makeup.

Good sleep, diet (careful with sugar bc it can alter your hormone levels), exercise to get the blood flowing, etc.

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