Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What order do you put on your makeup in? What do you start with? Walk us through the steps you take to go from in the beginning to the end!

  1. Cleanse and moisturize face
  2. Fill in eyebrows
  3. Eyeshadow (if I use it)
  4. Eye Liner
  5. Mascara
  6. Foundation
  7. Concealer (if I use it)
  8. Contour
  9. Blush
  10. Powder (if I use it)
  11. Highlight
  12. Lip liner (if I use it)
  13. Lipstick
  14. Lipgloss

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68 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What order do you put on your makeup in?

  1. ilovecheese

    A long list!
    1.Wash my face with Liquid Neutragena while I shower.
    2.Use L’Oreal Happyderm moisturiser (for oily skin) on face and neck.
    3.Finish household chores. Watch some morning TV. Breakfast.
    4.Begin to get ready for work (that’s around 10 in the morning) – wear (choose whatever’s relatively un-creased/clean enough) my clothes for that day.
    5.Dot face with Lakme (an Indian brand) Face Magic Soufflé and spread with make-up sponge. I tried using a damp sponge but it washes out the foundation.
    6.Use brush/sponge to sweep L’Oreal pressed powder compact on entire face and eyelids. I alternate with MAC Studio Fix pressed powder (C03) if I use it at night.
    7.Use the Lakme soufflé to dot under eye dark circles (I have wicked dark circles), using press and roll motion to even it out. Sweep a bit of powder to set it all.
    8.Prime eyelids and brow bone with chap-stick (This is from today – otherwise I just left it bare).
    9.Sweep my eye-shadows – trying to follow Christine’s tips (inner-outer thirds, brow-bone, crease etc). Usually end up nowhere close to what the look is, but then I couldn’t carry off those lovely looks either.
    10.Line my eyes at the end with Lakme Kohl stick (known as Kajal in India). Use Clinique Gentle Waterproof Mascara in Brown if I need to focus more on eyes and less on lips. My eyelashes are pretty thick and curly on their own. One advantage of being Indian!
    11.Lips – depends on my clothes, my mood, the occasion – I have a huge collection of non-branded lippies, glosses and lip-stains and palettes to choose from. I usually combine two shades of lippies and then gloss them with MAC clear gloss.
    12.Blush – using ELF GLOW blush on apples and Colour Institute palette’s blushes/highlighters for sculpting. (can’t find links for both)
    13.Spray my perfume (Hugo Femme Boss)
    14.Wear my shoes, and I’m off!

    Thanks for your patience!

    • Whew! That is quite the list, but mine is about that long, too :) I liked how you included steps about getting ready like clothes and breakfast!

      • ilovecheese

        Hehe thanks, I did feel later that all this was TMI – but then that really is my schedule – in bits and parts!

  2. Lori

    -Wash, tone and moisturize (not eye area) face with Clinique’s 3 step program
    -moisturize eye area with Olays Eye Transforming Cream (not really impressed with this BTW)
    -Concealer (if necessary)
    -set foundation with MSF natural
    -sweep blush on
    -put on e/s base (Paintpot or UDPP)
    -e/s colours, blend
    -line eyes (optional)
    -lipstick (optional)
    -lipgloss or just a tendertone over the lipstick.


  3. Great website, you are so talented!

    Anyways, this is how I do it:
    – Wash and mousturize with Aloe Vera based products. (Forever Living Products)
    – Concealer if necessary
    – Put on my mineralfoundation and a finishing powder on top (Everyday minerals)
    – Eye makeup base (FACE Stockholm:s Dignity, a cream highlighter)
    – Eyeshadow
    – Brow color
    – Mascara Max Factor 2000 Calorie (and sometimes eyeliner)
    – Cheeks (most often FACE blush or Everyday Minerals blush)
    – Gloss

    All done for the day!

  4. taj

    I have only like 20 minutes, so I have to be pretty quick :
    1. Wash, tone, moisturize and eye cream
    2. Sunscreen, primer, etc, bb cream
    3. Foundation (in liquid, cream depends on situation), concealer if necessary
    4. Cream blush, then powder all over face and eyelid
    5. Line and tint brows
    6. Eyeline, shadows, mascara
    7. Powder Blush and Shading
    8. Lipstick / gloss to compliment the eyes

    Hopefully time to touch up halfday !

  5. neets

    1. moisturiser
    2. L’Oreal Bare Naturals Powder Foundation
    3. Cover Girl Lash Extend Mascara
    4. Rimmel Blush
    5. If using eyeshadow, Chanel eyeshow combo
    6. Lipstick in the car before I arrive wherever I’m going

  6. Sara

    1. olay complete moisturizer
    2. a little moisturizer mixed with maybellines new liquid mineral make up- i don’t get it but i like it- blended in with big fluffy brush. also here is conceler undereyes
    3. light coat of mineral foundation- i use loreals bare naturals
    4. blush if i remember, usually a little maybelline mousse blush with nars multiple in orgasm along the top/cheekbones
    5. eyeshadow!! whatever im feeling that day
    6. curl lashes and mascara. i use a bunch of different ones but it is usually either a random waterproof avon one or sephora brand mascara

    thats it. i usually dont really bother with the lips. oops!

  7. Tiffany

    0. after cleansing, use Nivea moisturizing toner
    1. Dot and blend L’oreal dermo expertise eye cream around eyes
    2. Olay complete spf 15 moisturizer
    3. (if I need steadfast makeup that day) Bare Escenturals Prime Time makeup primer
    4. Maybelline green coverstick corrector (concealer for red spots)
    5. MAC Mineralize Satinfinish liquid foundation w/187 brush
    6. MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer
    7. MAC MSF natural to set everything
    8. Clinique brow shader
    9. UDPP
    10. MAC Paint Pot/shadestick/Paint or NYX jumbo pencil, etc for base
    11. MAC Shroom to highlight
    12. MAC e/s on inner, middle, outer lid and crease of lid + blending
    13. Line lower lashline w/MAC e/s using 266
    14. Eyeliner on upper lid
    15. Curl lashes
    16. mascara!
    17. Blush (powder or cream) if cream, then set again with MSF natural
    18. MAC MSF in Global Glow to highlight
    19. lipstick/gloss
    20. set everything with MAC charged water/Fix+

    all set! 😀

    • Whew, now that’s one long routine (at least in list format, right?). How long does it take you to do it all? How do you like Satinfinish?

      • Tiffany

        It all takes about 30 mins depending on how complex the e/s look is that day! This list DOES look awfully long..perhaps because I spelled out my routine in detail :).

        Since I have mild acne, i didn’t want a liquid foudnation that was too heavy, so I chose satinfinish which is light-med coverage and gives u a nice glow all over :). I didn’t want to look to “fake” if that makes sense. I follow what it cannot cover w/concealer anyways. I didn’t want to suffocate my whole face since that would probably make the acne worse. Overall I like it so far :). Thinking about giving it a try? None of MAC’s foundations are really perfect…maybe the Fix Fluid is rated the best.

        • Not bad at all :) I tried Satinfinish when it first came out, but it made me look so shiny that I looked oily!

          I use Studio Fix Fluid for the most part, sometimes using Face & Body for a light weight option.

  8. dee

    1. Rinse face off in the shower.
    2. Use Purpose moisturizer on my face.
    2.5 Get dressed.
    3. Use a little more moisturizer.
    4. Apply Carmex to my lips.
    5. Apply MAC Moistureblend to my face
    6. Apply concealer to my eyelids, undereyes, side of eyes, sides of mouth, and a couple spots.
    8. Apply MAC blot powder to eyelids and allover face.
    9. Apply Loreal HIP blush to cheeks.
    10. Apply whatever eye make-up I’m wearing. Today is Uppity fluidline by itself.
    11. Apply MAC Zoomlash mascara
    12. Line lips
    13. Apply lipgloss(Lipglass or lipgelee)
    14. Blend the liner into the lipgloss for a softer look

    And I’m done :)

    • I rinse my face off in my morning shower, too! How do you like Moistureblend? What’s the coverage like?

      • dee

        I’d say the coverage is medium to heavy. It covers all but maybe 3 spots on my face and definitely evens my skin tone. I like it because my skin is extra dry and I just look better with it. It sounds weird because that’s what make-up is for, but I’ve worn other make-up and it’ll cover what needs to be covered, but Moistureblend leaves me looked moisturized and healthy.

  9. Nell

    Okay, here´s my list:

    wash, moisturize, eye cream, sunscreen
    fluid foundation MAC Mineralize Satinfinish
    concealer MAC or Bobbi Brown
    cream blush MAC Brit Wit
    Mineralize skinfinish in light to set
    Powder blush in MAC Emote and BB Pale Pink
    BB Bone Cream Shadow as base
    MAC eyeshadows (N Collection)
    mascara Dior Show Blackout
    lipstick and or gloss by MAC (neutrals mostly)

  10. lisa

    1. Wash face with Nuetrogena Oil Free Acne Wash
    2. Moisturize and protect from the sun with Olay Complete.
    3. Concealer (Boi-ing from Benefit)
    4. Foundation (Bare Escentuals)
    5. Blush (Dandelion from Benefit)
    6. Eyeshadow color depends on the occasion.
    7. Eyeliner usually a black one like smolder or feline.
    7. Lipglass

  11. Tanya

    Make-up only in order –

    Foundation or a light sweep of mineral powder
    Beauty powder on cheeks to highlight
    Lip stick

    I am currently letting my eyebrows grow out after waxing them off for years and drawing them on…very Betty Page. So I don’t do anything to them except curse their unruly nature.

    • What mineral powder are you using right now, Tanya?

      Ugh, eyebrows are such pesty beasts. I wish my “tails” would thicken, but of course, they don’t seem to grow where I want them to.

      • Tanya

        MAC but of course :) I just brush a super tiny amount on top of my tinted sunscreen to just cut down on the major shine. I don’t like a matte face so I really just dust a tiny bit on my chin and cheeks, and tend to avoid my nose and around my eyes so not to accentuate my lines.

  12. Tekoa

    Okay…lets start the marathon
    1) Wash face with Aveeno foaming cleanser
    2) Put on acne creams (yes, plural)
    3) Smashbox anti shine on the t-zone
    4) MAC Prep + Prime with SPF 50 everywhere, even eyelids. That and MAC Paints means the eyeshadow is stuck like a traffic jam.
    5) Add base, MAC paints or paint pots
    6) The eyeshadow!
    7) Eyeliner
    8) Mascara
    9) Concealer for blemishes (blech!)
    10) Studio Fix Foundation (powder or liquid)
    11) Dusting of blot powder
    12) Lipstick
    13) Optional lipgloss
    14) Blush
    15) A few sprays of MAC charged water. Probably a useless step, but it smells pretty. So sue me! (lol)

    Tada! Steps 6-8 are the ones that take the most time.

  13. Tonee

    1) Cleanse, tone and moisturize
    2) Sunscreen or primer
    3) Foundation
    4) Concealer
    5) Powder
    6) Blush
    7) Eyeshadow
    8) Eyeliner
    9) Mascara
    10) Eyebrows
    11) Lipliner
    12) Lipstick
    13) Perfume – I know it’s not make up but it’s a part of my routine that I never forget!

  14. Chloe

    It’s uncanny the way my regiment resembles yours! The only difference is that I like to wait to fill my eyebrows after my eyeshadow application. Everything else is completely the same!!! =O

  15. Rabi

    1) I wash my face with Philosophy Real Purity in the shower.
    2) Dry off and apply Bliss Sleeping Peel serum and leave in conditioner.
    3) Apply sunscreen and moisturizer and eye cream
    4) Finish hair with curl serum
    5) Smashbox Oil Free Primer
    6) Apply Concealer
    7) Philosophy Supernatural Mineral Powder as foundation
    8) MAC kohl liner or Urban Decay 24 hour waterproof liner
    9) eyeshadow
    10) Lancome Lash primer
    11) blush or highlighter
    12) I get dressed (Before the mascara and the lips – learned that the hard way!)
    13) Mascara
    14) Lip gloss

    It looks like a lot of steps, but it really only takes about 10 minutes…

  16. 1. Cleanse, moisturise, put on eye cream
    2. Eyeshadow
    3. Liner
    4. Mascara
    5. Primer
    6. Brush my teeth, hehe
    7. Foundation
    8. Concealer
    9. Powder
    10. Blush
    11. Highlight
    12. Fill in brows
    13. Lipstick/gloss

    It’s so much easier to do eyes before foundation.. I didn’t even realise that people did it the other way around until recently!

    • Aww, brush teeth!! I like how do you do it after your eyes are done, lol! I like doing foundation after for the most part, too, because it takes care of fall out!

  17. lala

    1. wash face w/ cetaphil (if scrub day ..scrub face w/ raw sheabutter facial scrub)
    2. pat face dry…and spary my advanced hydration vitamin spary by aquafina
    3. well my face is still damped I’ll apply eucerin moisturizer on face and garnier anti-fatigue eyecream on the eyes.
    4. apply UDPP if wearing eyeshadow
    5. apply eyeshadow
    6. mascara
    7. eyebrows
    8. contour
    9. blush
    10. highlight
    11. lip balm
    12. maybe lipstick or lipgloss

  18. Ashlee

    1.Wash & use moisturizer.
    3.Set with mineral powder.
    4.Blush & msf.
    5.prime eyes
    7.Curl lashes.
    8.Line top & bottom.
    13.Buff away any fall out.

    I need to learn how to contour better. I need to look at the tut again.

  19. claudia

    1)cleanse (clearasil daily face wash…h/g for 12 years)
    2)moisturize (kiehl’s ultra moisturizer w/o spf)
    3)sunscreen (neutrogena dry touch–when i remember)
    4)primer (lately, smashbox photo finish w/ dermaxyl complex)
    5)foundation (TM even skin, or BE)
    6)concealer (LM secret concealer, or more BE)
    7)powder (lately MAC MSF natural)
    8)fill in brows
    9)bronzer, if I feel like it
    10)blush (stila tint for something natural-ish)
    12)curl lashes, if I remember)
    14)lipstick and/or lip gloss

    wow, seems like a long list! i wash my face in the shower, moisturize, and then let it all sink in while i dry my hair, and after that, everything else might take 20-30 minutes, depending on what i feel like.

    • Hey Claudia! You spritz Fix+ on as a mist when you’re all done?

      How are you liking Smashbox’s Photo Finish?

      • claudia

        yep, i feel that fix+ takes away any powdery look on my face (I also use fix+ to apply MES)! As far as the Photo Finish, it’s not bad…it does keep everything looking smooth, although i’m still a little oily. next, i might try the photo finish light!

  20. Pia

    i’ll use sun’s cream spf 50, then do my eye brows, eyeshadows, foundation, powder, blush and lippie last.

  21. Stephanie

    1. MAC Face & Body Foundation with stippling brush
    2. fill in brows with Smashbox browtech
    3. line eyes with liquid eyeliner (guess I’m a little backwards after reading everyone else’s!)
    4. use eyeshadow primer or paintpot from lid to brow
    5. bronzer
    6. eyeshadows
    7. curl eyelashes
    8. MAC Prep + Prime lash
    9. mascara
    11.Prep + Prime lip
    13.gloss or lipstick

    • You don’t find that your base/eyeshadow causes your liquid liner to disappear or fade? I think that’s why it’s usually a last step. I’m so curious now!

  22. Janis

    This is mine:

    1. Clean and moisturize face and undereye.
    2. Apply primer.
    3. Foundation (liquid)
    4. Concealer on undereye and other areas of the face
    5. Set with powder (pressed or loose)
    6. Contour/highlight face (not all the time though)
    7. Fill in eyebrows
    8. Apply primer on eyelids (UDPP or MAC p/p)
    9. Eyeshadows
    10. Eyeliner
    11. Mascara
    10. Blush
    11. Lipstick/liglass


  23. For me it goes:

    1. Cleanse/Exfoliate/Moisturize (Clinique 3 Step system)
    2. Shadow Base (I LOVE Chanel Professional Eye Base in Lumiere Bright, it practically cements you eye shadow!)
    3. Conceal (with Bare Minerals in Fairly Light) with Bare Minerals concealer brush. (Mostly under my eyes, damn dark circles!!!!!!!! >:{)
    4. Foundation (Light dusting of Bare Minerals in Fairly Light, the only foundation that’s ever matched my skin, PLUS it has SPF 15!)
    5. Shadow! (Mac, Nars, Too Faced, you name it!)
    6. Liner (I love Sephora’s eyeliners, their cheap and yet high end quality.) on just the upper line, because anything dark under my eyes brings my eyes down too much.
    7. Contour (if I feel like it, LOL)
    8. Blush (Bare Escentuals, Too Faced, Nars…)
    9. Mascara (I don’t want any powder to stick to it, so I do it almost last. Usually DiorShow, or lately Givenchy EyeFly, but I really think I want to try PlushLash)
    10. Lipstick or Lipgloss (sometimes both!)

    Voila! 😀

    • How do you like the 3-step system, Mariah? Also, how do you like Bare Minerals? I have not had much luck with the mineral side of things!

      • Zsofi

        i tried to save my skin with the 3-step system,but i never really noticed any improvement.
        Proactiv solution:the same scenario.

  24. \kelly

    mine :)
    1. cleanse and tone – neutrogena.
    2. moisturizer – olay total effect moisturizer.
    3. spf50 sunblock – sunkiller.
    4. make-up base – laura mercier oil-free foundation primer.
    5. founfdation – laura mercier silk creme foundation.
    6. powder – laura mercier loose powder.
    7. eyeliner – bobbi brown gel eyeliner.
    8. mascara – maybelline turbo boost.
    9. blusher – bobbi brown pale pink powder blusher.
    10. lips – kiehls lip balm/m.a.c tinted lip conditioner.

  25. Lindsay

    Wash face
    Get brushes and eyeshadow organized
    Blowdry hair

  26. Zsofi

    here is my list:

    1. cleanse face but never moisturize,b/c my skin is oily on it’s own and makeup sticks to my skin better without moisturizer.
    2.put on makeup (sometimes powder makeup,sometimes fluid,depending on my skin’s condition on the given day)
    3.use corrector if i need it
    4.put on eyeshadow. i always start with the inside corners and the lightest shades
    5.use eyeliner in the lower water line (i don’t really have an upper water line LOL)
    6.use a good black mascara

    i use this technique since maybe 9 years….
    makeup artists always put moisturizer on my face first,but after 2 hours i look like an oil field 😀

  27. 1. Wash face/ moisturize
    2. Eyeshadow primer (UD)
    3. Eyeshadow (MAC)
    4. Mascara (L’Oreal Voluminous)
    5. Primer (Smashbox)
    6. Concealer (Becca)
    7. Powder (Laura Mercier loose powder in translucent)
    8. Blush (Bobbi Brown)
    9. Highlight (Nars The Multiple in Palm Beach)
    9. Lip gloss/lipstick (MAC)

  28. Julie

    1) cleanser & moisturize
    2) primer
    3) studio fix fluid
    4) powder (to set it)
    5) blush
    6) brozer
    7) finishing powder
    8) eye primer
    9) eyeshadow
    10) eye liner
    11) mascara
    12) lipgloss

  29. Emma

    moisturizer, lip balm, primer, tinted moisturizer or foundation, concealer, blush, powder. sometimes blush after powder. then shadow primer, eyeshaddow, eyeliner, curl lashes, and mascara. last is lips.