Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What order do you do your makeup? Eyes, lips, face? Face, lips, eyes? Any reason for that order?

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81 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What order do you do your makeup?

  1. ayat

    For me it’s face, eyes, blush then lips!!

  2. Suzie

    I start off with my eyes, then do my face and blush and finish with my lips :)

  3. Michelle

    eyes first, then foundation, blush and lips last. I find if i do eyes first i can sweep away and fall-out after when applying foundation and powder.

  4. victoria

    Eyes, Face, Lips – I used to start with face, but I find it’s easier to clean up any eye make-up remnants if I do my face afterwards!

  5. Eyes, moisturise, blush and last of all, lips :)

    I don’t use loose powder when applying e/s so it’s easier for me to wipe away the shimmer/glitter fallout before doing any face stuff 😀

  6. Kellye

    Foundation,blush,eyes,lips. I know that it would probably be easier to start w/the eyes, but I’m an old dog. 😉

  7. Briodmun

    Face, eyes, lips. Face always first as some days i can find it to be tedious, plus i’m the type of person to think best for last (eyes and lips). And before anyone asks, i dont have a problem with fallout, so this routine seems most logical to me :P.

  8. DaniMae

    My routine is face first [bronzer/blusher included], eyes, brows, lips, lashes.

    I’ve tried different routines, but this one just works best for me. I don’t ever really have much fall out because the primer holds product very well, and I always start with very little and then pack and build. I always do my lashes very last because I feel like they are the “pop” to the whole look. I was in a rush once and I forgot to put my mascara on and it made my whole look seem dull and unfinished.

    • How do you decide on what blush to you use before you do your eyes? Do you already have the whole look in your head?

      I find it so hard to go from blush to eyes, lol!

  9. Tayma

    Eyes,Face(Foundation,Powder,Blush in that order), Lips.

  10. Tina

    Hmmm…the method to my madness!

    I mattify my face first with Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte (a oily girl’s dream), then eyebrows, then eyes, then I set my face with a dash of powder, finally lipgloss. No blush ever! I never understood the fascination with blush. Hmmm…blush phobia?

    • Hey Tina! How aer you doing?

      I do eyebrows pretty early in my routine, too :)

      Blush is so fun, really! I never used to wear it, but now I can’t go without it.

  11. gio

    Eyes first, then face, blush and lips :)

  12. My order is face, eyes, lips and blush. No reason for it, I guess it’s just an old habit.

  13. dee

    Face, Blush, Eyes, Lips. I don’t really have any blush options(Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Bricks is what I use), so after I do the blush I figure out what I want to wear, put on my clothes then finish eyes and lips to match the outfit.

  14. Jessica

    face, cheeks, undereye concealer, eye makeup, then lips. I don’t think I have a reason for that order.

  15. Jen

    I do my face, blush, eyebrows, and then eyes, and lips last!

  16. Jenna

    face, eyes

    and if I’m in the mood I’ll wear blush and lipcolor. otherwise I’ll just happily leave it bare :)

  17. Vee

    Face (foundation, concealer, powder, contour, blush, highlight), brows, eyes, lips.

  18. Crystal

    EYES FIRST ALWAYS! even if I’m doing a natural eye I still do eyes.. them face, blush, bronzer, lips. :)

  19. Lexi

    Face first, then eyes. I change up my eye makeup every day, so I have to judge what cheek and lip colors to use based on whatever I do on my eyes. :]

  20. Kella

    First I do face.. I do concealer, liquid foundation, mineral powder foundation as powder, mineral powder concealer, bronzer, blush, hilite. Next, eyes (don’t wear eyeshadow on a daily basis so fallout isn’t a problem).. eyeliner, mascara. Last, lips. I start with my face bc it takes 90% of the time most days.

  21. Chloe

    Years ago, I did face first then eyes, blush and lips. I started noticing that many MAC Mua’s in my area did eyes first. I tried it at home and at first it was a bit awkward. Later, I found it to be so much easier for two reasons: any fallout can be cleaned up a whole lot easier and, if you’re an eyeshadow girl like me, the rest of the face can be adjusted to the intensity/look of the eyes. Now, I ALWAYS start with eyes and find it really hard to go back…lol. =)

  22. PorcelainPirate

    Face, eyes, blush, lips :)

  23. Bianca

    Face first (concealer, foundation, powder), eyes, lashes, eyebrows, blush and lips. Sometimes I’ll do the blush before the eyes, to get inspired.
    No particular reason for the order, I guess it’s an old habit.
    I think I’ll try the eye first then face because as of now I have to put powder underneath my eyes to catch the fallot.

  24. Dee


    Yay! I’m done!

  25. karen

    skincare, sunscreen,fragrance, foundation, UDPP, eyecolor,mascara,blush, lipstick.

  26. lala

    moisturize face
    eye cream
    prep & prime spf 50
    mineral foundation
    set w/ fix+
    contour and highlight(base for another highlighter)
    eye make-up

  27. brenda

    Usually I do face, eyes, lips, then blush.

  28. Face, Lips, Eyes, Blush :)

  29. Vivien

    eyes, face, lips!!!!!!

  30. kat

    I sorta split face into two….

    foundation/concealer, eyes, blush, lips!

    no reason :0

  31. Emily

    I do my makeup in order of importance, for example if I’m running late I can always do lips on the go or skip liner if needed.
    Brows (I do it 2nd so I can brush any foundation from my brows)
    Blush (while mascara dries…)
    Eyeliner (eyeshadow or highlighting cream if I have time)

  32. Laney


    if i’m trying to do a really heavy&dark eye look, i do eyes before face

  33. sophia

    Concealer (I lightly dab the areas that need to be ‘airbrushed’ away)

  34. briana danielle

    face, blush, eyes, lips! 😛

  35. sophia

    oh and I only do my lips as an afterthought. haha.

  36. Lauren

    Face, blush, eyes, lips

  37. Sound Of Vision

    Cream on face & e/s base at the same time
    Face (concealer & foundation)

  38. Karli

    I have the weirdest order.
    Moisturizer/eye primer.
    Eye shadow.
    Face primer.
    Translucent powder.
    Eye liner.

    The only reason I really have for any of them is doing shadow before foundation. Much easier to clean up the falling shadow.