Friday, October 9th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What Makeup Do You Wear When You Are Sick? Share!

Temptalia's Answer.



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113 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What Makeup Do You Wear When You Are Sick?

  1. Macaddict

    Same here! Unless… I have to go to work (so, not too too sick), then, I’ll minimize the colors a bit. I definitely wear more lip moisturizer/pale gloss etc on lips if I have to blow my nose a lot because oitherwise it smears and I have to constantly fix and reapply.

  2. firepail

    that depends, if I don’t have to go anywhere special, then I wear extra lip balm and apply some vitamin e on my nose(if I have a cold) to stave off irritation–

    but if I am sick and have to be out in public, like when I was miserably sick while being a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding–I take a bunch of symptom suppressors, wear primer, light foundation, blush, MLBB lipstick and gloss, mildly shimmery champagne eyeshadow, waterproof mascara, and try my best to fake a natural healthy look over the death pallor. if you are trying to fake a healthy look, waterproof mascara and primer to keep things in place despite nose blowing is important.

  3. Sass

    Rain or shine…sick or not…I wear a full face of makeup. Applying my makeup daily is a habit.

  4. fiaspice

    none or just chap stick (if that even count as make up)

  5. sprut

    If I have to go out in public I still wear makeup but only light like concealer, powder, light blush, mascara and gloss.

  6. Stephanie

    None.. maybe chapstick

  7. it’s rare that i actually wear makeup myself. but depending on HOW sick i am, i do :) if i have a cold that’s more irritating than it is incapacitating, i find that one of the best things for me to do is look A+ – i’ll dress up and wear makeup then, because it makes me feel better to look in the mirror and see myself looking all spiffy 😉

  8. Dee

    It depends on how sick I am. If I’m sick and in the house, none. If I’m sick but still out around people, I’ll wear MAC MSF Natural as a foundation, a black eyeliner, mascara, and a random lipgloss and leave it at that.

  9. inuchan

    none at all ! sometimes a bit of chapstick lipbalmw, when my lips feels too dry..

  10. Jennifer

    None. I am so sick right now with the flu, ugh :(

    However once I’m feeling better I might just wear some really simple natural colors and some lipbalm.

  11. Anitacska

    Unless I’m VERY sick (like need to go to hospital, or at least can’t get out of bed), I wear normal make up, makes me feel better. I normally can’t afford to be too sick anyway, I have 3 young children, lol.

    Poor you, hope you feel better soon!

  12. Renee'

    NOTHING at all… I don’t even think about makeup when I’m sick!!!

  13. Sixx

    None if i’m just home by myself…but at least a little eye makeup if my boyfriend’s around. I will not let him see me with zero eye makeup haha.

  14. Does Vick’s Vapo-Rub count? But really, I try to just stay clean when I’m sick. I don’t really bother with the makeup if I’m just sick at home.

  15. RaquelP

    Aw! Feel better soon Christine! And to answer the question, no makeup when I’m sick! Lot’s of liquids and sleep. :)

  16. Kajsa

    Nothing, I don’t go out the door 😀

  17. Katya

    well thats a silly q-n
    ofcorse i would wer NO makeup on my face when im sick.., because i wont be going anywhere anyways.. – staying home is the best thing – unless its an emergency!

  18. Kirsty

    I wear classic ivory from Rimmel. The lighter the shade the better. It covers my dark circles, and hides the sickies. So what if I look like a geisha girl. It does work.

  19. leslie

    Yes,i wear makeup when i’m sick. No matter how sick i am, i shower,brush my teeth,put on dab of concealer,gloss and a pinch of mascara.Then i crawl back in bed:)

  20. Sabah

    If im sick and have to go to work i HAVE to put concealer under my eyes, because i have bad dark circles, and when im sick its worse.

  21. Cindy

    If I’m sick enough to stay home, it’s just moisturizer and lib balm. Somehow being sick always leaves me dehydrated, which shouws up in my skin fast. Part of the joy of being past 30!!

    If I have to go to school or work, it’s tinted moisturizer, mascara and gloss. No point in looking as horrible as you feel!!

  22. If I’m staying at home, nothing at all. If I have to leave the house, Studio Fix, mascara, blush and lip gloss. The blush just so I don’t look really horrible. 😉

  23. amy

    if I am staying at home than nothing, but if I am going out I will wear concealer, powder to set, mascara, lipgloss and a gel blush.

  24. Wilcoa

    None, unless I have to head out then it’s just some concealer and powder so I don’t look dead.

  25. None! I don’t bother when I dont feel well lol it always looks like how I feel. Like recently, I have some tooth pain and its all I can do to roll out of bed and go to work. So I havent been doing my makeup lately.

    And this morning, I was happy layng in bed that extra 20 minutes lol I have no energy when I feel like poo.

  26. Karly

    Mascara and concealer. I look dead when I’m sick so I need at least a little something to wake me up =P

  27. Marta Fernandes

    If I’m so sick that I need to stay in bed I’ll wear none. If I manage to go out I’ll apply blush to get some color on my cheeks, cover up the dark circles under my eyes with concealer and put on some light, bright lipstick. Not a lot but enough to make me look a little healthier.

  28. Alejandra

    I need some Studio Finish concealer under my eyes.I can be stable after that 😀

  29. liana


  30. None if I’m staying home. If I have to go out or go to work, I do something neutral – using a Bobbi Brown palette for eyes and just some gloss on the lips. It really depends on how “sick” I want myself to look. :-)

  31. Amy

    None, lol all I want to do is sleep when i’m sick.

  32. Amy

    None, lol all I want to do is sleep when i’m sick. Hope you feel better:) My son just got sick too!

  33. Haley

    me too. when i’m sick, i don’t feel like doing ANYTHING! especially putting on make up! hehe.

  34. Jenny

    None… Just give me that tissue box haha

  35. Almost black.

    I barely wear any make up when I’m not sick cause I’m lazy 😀 When I’m sick I only wanna sleep and that’s it 😀

  36. happybadfish

    For going out in public, I always wear mascara, eyeshadow, and usually fill in my eyebrows.
    The few times I have gone to work with out makeup, people always tell me I look run-down, tired, or sick.
    My eyelashes are invisible without mascara, so it is an absolute must for me.

  37. Angela

    Sweatsuit or PJs. Lip balm, lip gloss.

  38. kim

    I don’t wear makeup when I’m sick. It’s a au natural look when I am sick because I never have the urge to put on makeup.

  39. MC

    Why do comments take so much longer to go live than they used to?

  40. I’m sick at home with the flu right now, and I’m not wearing ANY. But if I have to go somewhere while I’m sick, I wear foundation, one eyeshadow, mascara, tinted lip balm, and some blush at least.
    Unless I want to go home from work early because I’m sick, then I’ll just wear foundation… I don’t want to look too good and make them think I’m not really ill, LOL!

  41. Chloe

    I would be way too tired to apply makeup when i’m ill. So No Make Up FTW! :)

  42. Kalie

    If I’m so sick that I stay home, nothing. Or I do some crazy high fashion look to play and cheer myself up. :)

  43. Charlene Daalling

    Dont think I wear make up when I am sick ’cause I stay home but if I didn have to go out. Probably foundation and maybe mascara

  44. Ydania

    if im going out probably alittle mascara and some lip product..but if im at home nothing

  45. Roberta

    Only if I am still going to work. If I am at home being sicky then no.

  46. Roxanne

    Mostly none. I’ve been ill for over a week — feeling your pain, Christine! — but am feeling brave today. I just went out and decided to wear… Skintone 1 on lid, Rich & Earthy in crease and smudged black liner on outer corners of my eye. Paired it with Style blush.

    I though it looked pretty good – considering my runny nose and itchy eyes – which made me feel better instantly!
    Thought I’d post some pics, terrible quality though…

  47. hrbiaggi

    Lipbalm and nothing else!

  48. shatani

    none…maybe carmex on my lips because all that congestion leads to mouth-breathing which leads to dry lips

  49. Hester

    Usually when I am sick, my mouth is really dry, my eyes are red and dry, and my face is really pale.

    I’ll stay away from lip stick and use a lip gloss that’s close to the color of my natural lip color (the lip color when I’m healthy of course). Lipstick usually emphasize the dryness on my lips.

    I’d use a pastel baby pink blush on my cheeks to cover up the paleness.

    Using tinted moisturizers instead of foundation

    Just neutral eye color and dark brown eye liner (not wing it out because I want to be as natural as possible).

    The whole point is to try and look like my natural face when I’m healthy with barely any makeup on. I wouldn’t out on too much makeup.

  50. Chapstick!! I always make getting sick a new excuse to try something new – DH feels sorry for me so I send him out for something new.

  51. Julie

    None either :)
    When I’m sick I don’t have time for makeup.

  52. KrisBliss

    Nothing other than chapstick or blistex – my lips and nose get really dry when I am sick.

    I hope you feel better Christine!!

  53. It depends on what I have. If I have a cold, I will still put on makeup because it makes me feel better. If I have a fever/the flu or anything else, there is no way I will put on makeup, except maybe Carmex or lip balm.

  54. CeeBee

    None at all.

  55. J

    Even when i’m at my sickest, having some sort of lip product on is essential for me :)

  56. I only qualify myself as being sick when I’m sick enough to stay home… and if I’m home I wear zero makeup.

  57. Bridgette

    I wear nothing. When I get sick I get lazy to put on make up.

  58. J

    Depends how sick I am. If I’ve got a gross eye infection or allergy or something, then definitely no makeup in that area. If I’m deathly sick, then no makeup at all. But if it’s just a cold, I will usually go with concealer, something to brighten up the eye area, and a light lipstain.

  59. If I’m sick? I’m lucky if I get some lipbalm on haha. Very occasionally I’ll throw on some mascara and lip balm, at most.

  60. Ceci

    Second that, Christine. That is, unless I’m going to work. Then I’ll have to wear a full face because of all the redness I get from blowing my nose and stuff. Must admit that it’s a pain in the neck having to touch up and stuff, but it only takes a few secs to do so.

  61. tabby

    It depends on how sick I am.
    If I’m sick but still well enough to work, I put on some powder, a quick wash of shadow & a mlbb lipstick. I don’t put on anything I can’t sanitize. Just enough to try to look not sick.
    If I’m too sick to work, but have to go anyway I wear no makeup & don’t care how I look. Then I usually get told to go home early.

  62. Christina C

    My skin tends to get dry when I am sick so lots of lip balm and moisturizer. I hate being sick.

  63. At least concealer, my already dark circles becoming zombie-fied. o_o

  64. pia

    Just lip balm when i’m home, and bright lipstick when i’m out so i don’t look like a walking dead.

  65. Ruth

    Rien, Nada, Nothing !

  66. for me it depends how sick. Usually concealer for under my eyes and around nose etc.. moisturizer maybe some blush and lip balm. I always wear eyeliner and mascara though otherwise I think I look off

  67. Valerie

    None … but if i’m hangover (yes it does happened pretty much every friday morning 😛 ) and go to work, I do the full nine yard in gold tone and then people just say I look good and glowing, I never know what to say in those moments, I usualy say that I try hard to look pretty!

  68. Autumn

    None at all- Believe me I have tried, but my nose is all raw and dry, my eyes water, my lips are chapped. Its not a pretty sight. Once I did have to wear makeup for my friends wedding day, so the night before I did a ton of steam masks and exfoliation- and that morning I took a ton of Dayquil & I looked great. About 3 hours after the wedding the effects started wearing off LOL

    if I do anything beauty wise while I’m sick is take long soaker jet baths, and do a mask so my skin doesn’t flake.

  69. zahara

    eyeliner is a part of me,, so it goes on whatever happens, and then if Im goign out and sick,will be some neautral coloured glass, and maybe some face powder and a light blusher just to make me not look too sick,,,

  70. Ashley

    besides like carmex or chapstick, i don’t wear any, because all i do when i’m sick is put my face in my arm when i sneeze or pull my shirt over my nose, which takes the powder and foundation off, and i dont put eyeliner or shadow on because i rub my eyes…it’s a bad look all around.

    but kudos to those who still go on and wear a full face…those are my SHE-ros!

  71. Cindy

    blush, some lip conditioner and mascara….to make me look alive and healthy LOL

  72. Rosie

    I work with children so I’m sick a lot. So usually I still do full face. If I’m really sick and still going to work and just am so tired I can’t get out of bed I’ll just quickly add color to my eyes and some lipgloss and blush to liven up.

  73. Tattoo Girl

    The last time I was sick was when I went to the ER with Kidney Stones! I somehow managed to take a shower, shave, and apply mascara before being drug to the the car by my panicking husband!

  74. rashmi

    aplly lipliner with chapstick

  75. NaNa

    Lots of lipbalm, maybe a tinted moisturizer if I have to go somewhere… and definitely waterproof mascara. I take extra care filling in my eyebrows when I’m sick, too. If I’m going to be a sneezy, sniffling mess I need to make sure *something* about me looks right.

  76. jane

    when at home vaseline or anything that can moisturize my nose and lips..

    if i don;t want to look sick.. blush

  77. VetTechDivaTN

    I only stay home when I am uber sick. I wear absolutely no makeup when I’m at home. This past spring, I had a wicked case of food poisoning and had to be taken (by my BF) to the ER for IV fluids and medications. I was so embarassed for her to see me in such a condition and without any makeup! Plus, I was so sick I couldn’t put my contacts in and was wearing my glasses! I was a hot mess! But I guess that’s what BF’s are for!! I don’t think makeup and food posioning are good combinations!

  78. Sushi Flower

    Nothing if I can help it. I’ve been sick this week and I just don’t feel interested in doing makeup or anything I like for that matter. If I absolutely have to then I put on minimal makeup so I can get it done quick. Concealer, mascara, lipgloss, and maybe eyeliner to make me look more awake.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  79. Anai

    I always, always, always have a full face of make-up, even when I stayed in hospital last year! I tend to troop through being sick, and I hate people asking what’s wrong with me, so I try to hide it. But I’m super careful to sterilize everything I use!

  80. Chiara

    Lipbalm with eucalyptus scent, and when i have to go outside a loose powder with green undertone to camouflage my red nose, alot of blush, a few coats of mascara, some white or ivory eyeliner on the waterline and LOTS, LOTS of concealer :p

  81. Funny you should ask. I’ve been miserably sick for the past 7 days, but have had to go in to work anyway, for the most part. I’ve worn not a stitch of makeup aside from lip balm, except for yesterday, when I finally put on some powder and mascara.

    I can’t stand making myself up when I feel so miserable.

  82. Dorie

    I bare my face to the world (or at least to my family). PS I hope you feel better soon!

  83. if i leave the house, i wear at least brow powder, liner on my lower waterline, and mascara. today i have a terrible headache and still came to work, and i wore brow powder, neutral matte eyeshadow, black liner on upper lashline and lower waterline, mascara, and lip balm. makes me feel like i don’t look so terrible if i put a little bit of effort into my face. :)

  84. Andrea

    None or something really light if I have to go out in public.

  85. if i’m sick but going to work i just keep it simple – a skintone shadow, mascara, & some BE foundation. if i’m so sick to the point where i’m not getting out of bed, nothing! people can tell how i’m feeling by my makeup – believe me. :)

  86. Miss_M

    When I’m feeling really sick I can’t be bothered to put my face on. I drag myself to the bathroom to shower, brush my teeth and put my creams on, but that’s about it.

  87. Ashley

    It really depends on how sick I am.

    If I am just sick with a cold or something, then I will wear my normal makeup. I would not wear foundation (I currently don’t even have a good powder foundation though, so that’s not really an issue haha), but I might wear concealer still on my most troublesome areas. I would not likely wear any makeup on my nose, seeing as I’d wipe it away with my kleenex when blowing my nose.

    If I am feeling really sick to the point of wanting to throw up, or if it’s so bad that it makes me cry (which has happened!), then I will not bother with makeup. If I feel really overheated I’d probably not bother with much makeup or any makeup.

  88. Fari

    none if I’m at home. If I have to go out, and I really do look like death, I usually grab some tinted moisturizer, a bit of 24/7 eyeliner and my korres lip butter. And that really is only when I look like death, otherwise If I’m going out and deem myself as somewhat decent looking–I don’t bother.

  89. Giselle

    i use a liquid base and then a powder base (like always) and they i put some conceler to cover my eye’s dark circles, and if my nose is red (because when i have flu my nose is read) y aplly cream foundation liquid fundation and powder on it (i know is a lot of foundation but is the only way my face do not look yellow or palid, and thats it i do not like to use liner, mascara and other stuffs when im sick

  90. Anna

    I never wear makeup when I’m sick. I only wear makeup when I’m out, never to school. I always stay in so I can recover, so no makeup. If I really need to go out, then I will probably throw on some eyeliner, mascara and concealer (to minimize my puffy eyes).

  91. If I’m sick, makeup is the last thing on my mind.

  92. Carla

    I don’t think UnPetroleum lip balm or Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar counts as makeup, but I will apply that after a steamy bath or shower!


    Absolutely nothing!

  93. Rachel

    I’m sick now, and wearing primer, foundation, cream blush, loose powder and mascara. I put on lipstick and gloss in the morning but it all came off after having to blow my nose so many times.

  94. Nic

    Unless I’m going somewhere special (where I might potentially be unwillingly photographed), I don’t wear any makeup when I’m sick – just lip balm. I figure what’s the point. After I blow my nose a couple of times, it’ll be bright red and that’s all anyone will notice anyway.

  95. Ellery Allison

    I’m a senior in HighSchool and my schedule is so hectic. I am taking so many AP classes and I’m business manager for my school yearbook(that just won an award from Columbia University, YAY!), so I really can’t miss school.
    I usually just make sure to put on eye cream, slap on some tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Concealer around my eyes and nose, I’ll maybe put a paint pot on my lids, mascara and I’m good to go. Takes five minutes tops.
    Just so I look put together and not so gross because a lot of my teachers will send you home if they see you’re sick, everyone’s paranoid about Swine Flu.