Monday, October 29th, 2007

What makeup brand haven’t you tried, but want to? Why haven’t you? What brands have you tried, but would love to get into more?

I’ve tried so many different lines, but I’d love to try Givenchy and Guerlain, if only because they seem so luxe.  Some brands I’d like to learn more about are bliss, Chanel, NARS, and Philosophy to name just a few!

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54 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What makeup brand haven’t you tried, but want to?

  1. Nars. I want to get one of their blushes so badly….but haven’t because I feel I will be disloyal to MAC

    • Peri

      HAHA, Stella I feel the exact same way…I really want their Org@sm blush but feel disloyal to MAC…

      However I succomed and bought a NARS powder foundation at the weekend, which is their equivalent to Studio Fix and I hate to say it, but i think the NARS one actually stays on for longer!

      Make up brands are like men… you can be loyal and devoted to just one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have crushes on others…


    • Aw, Stella! Sometimes I feel that way, too, but hey, as long as I keep buying as much MAC as I do, it’s okay if I stray every once and awhile!

  2. Madeleine

    Bobby Brown and NYX.Second,because I’ve heart that it is a good as MAC at much lower price point.
    Bobby Brown…her shimmmer bricks,oh man! lol

  3. Defenitley want to try more Chanel (only have 1 lipgloss and 1 blush, but love them!) and Prescriptives — especially their custom blend foundation!

    • Madeleine

      As much as I like Chanel’s lipsticks,lipglosses and blushes I am extremely disappointed by eyeshadows and foundations.Especially eye quads.After I have learned all the magic tricks (lol) from Temptalia and other readers I do not think I don’t know how to apply properly an eyeshadow.Chanel simply doesn’t stay! Lipsticks last a long time,same lipgloss.
      But…probably I am the only one being disappointed because…everybody elese loves Chanel :)

    • I’m right there with you, Courtney! I am so eying the custom blend foundation.

  4. Ashlee

    Nars & Urban decay.

  5. Carrie

    Hourglass…expensive…but the palettes and colors are so pretty!

  6. Adina

    Now I am noticing hourglass myself- what is the brand all about?

    Personally, I am starting to dabble in givenchy and guerlain a bit more myself nowadays. Oh, and also yves st laurent!

  7. Valerie

    I’ve always wanted to try nyx but I don’t think I’ll ever stray from mac.

  8. I think I’d like to try more from Bobbi Brown. My first buy were the gel eyeliners. They are amazing! And everything else I’ve seen on the blogs, like the lip and eye palettes look so gorgeous, I wonder why I’ve never really noticed this brand before.

    I also love, love everything from Chanel, they’re just so darn expensive! :)

  9. foxyqt

    im a bobbi brown virgin! i’d love to try out their shimmerbricks =)

  10. Cyn

    I’d like to dabble more in Urban Decay, I love what I’ve bought from them so far in eyeshadows and the 24/7 eyeliners.

    I’d really like to get into MUFE just because I want to try out the foundations, but they never have very many colors in stock at my regular Sephora.

  11. dee

    I’d like to try Perscriptives…something about custom blended appeals to me. I actually have a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. I got it way back when it first came out. I don’t think I use it half as much as I could.

  12. Chyla

    I really want to give Nars, Stila and Ben Nye a chance but MAC has just been sooo good to me 😉

    I see that a couple of you listed Urban Decay… Try it! Their stuff is pretty great-cute packaging, the eye shadows have really good color payoff and it’s all animal friendly!

    • I know what you mean, Chyla. I like being loyal to MAC, but I know I am still a huge fan of MAC so I am not leaving them for another brand at all.

  13. Cristine


  14. Annie

    Giorgio Armani… just keep forgetting about it!

  15. Cle De Peau, but they’re so expensive. And def Guerlain…

  16. Samantha

    I’ve tried them all (my bank account can attest to that!); I love MAC, the quality is just amazing. I like Nars too and Stila has some great lip glosses. I like Urban Decay too but I think their stuff is too glittery. Cargo has some great glosses too. I really should try Laura Mercier.

  17. Janis

    I’d like to try cheaper brands like NYX coz I’ve seen looks done with this brand that are awesome (great color payoff).

    For high-end brands, I’ve always wanted to try Giorgio Armani liquid foundation, Cle De Peau concealer, and MUFE eyeshadows.

  18. janna

    Definately, some Chanel, and nyx. Giorgio armani foundation.!

  19. Tonee

    Two extremes – NYX and By Terry.

  20. I definitely don´t want to try any other brand. I share my make up with my sister and we have like 30 nars products (we love nars), 17 chanel products, 15 guerlain products, a lot of mac stuff, bobbi brown, dior make up… I think it won´t be a good idea to try another brand, my credit card is shuddering just to think about it hahahhah

    I denifitely recommend NARS blushes ;-)my favourites are: Taos, Silvana, Sertao, Luster, Torrid, Mounia, Angelika… those are a MUST HAVE

    From chanel: Orchid Rose, Reflex, Tea Rose…Chanel Inimitable mascara…

    From Guerlain: the Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl ( we have all the colours :-) we love them), the Terracotta Spray Bronzing Powder Mist, the Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder Long Lasting, the Terracotta Blush & Sun Sheer Bronzing Blushes…

    From Dior: Dior Airflash foundation, Dior Limited edition Sparky blue eyeliner, Dior quints (sunset cafe, mystic jade…), DIOR MASCARAS (BEST MASCARAS EVER)

    i gotta run so i´m going to stop but i you have any question of these brands just ask me :-)

    Bye bye

  21. vinna

    NARS and maybe a bit of Shu Uemura as well

  22. Zsofi

    hi CHristine!
    i don’t recommend Guerlain because it is expensive and bad quality in my opinion. i got a beautiful,lux packed
    eyeshadow set for christmas long ago. according to the label there were 4 pastel shades and white in it. in use,they all turned out to be white,plus,they din’t lasted long,and didn’t even gave coverage to my lids.
    it is the same with givenchy. i got a 5 color palette meant to help doing natural makeup. in the box they seemed to be light brown,dark brown,light pink, strong pink and white. i put them on,they were like flour. white,thick and horrible. this all at a high price.
    i even can post photos of them,if u want.
    until i discovered MAC my only reliable eyeshadows were
    the Dior monos. true color payoff,long lasting.
    i am not so keen on CHANEL eyeshados either. they really don’t last long,beautiful colors though,i have plenty of them but nothing like MAC.
    it is a different story with CHANEL lipglosses.
    i own many-many of them: my all time favourite. even coverage,stays put,u get what u see colors.
    so please please try Givenchy and Guerlain at the counters and see it for yourself:they aren’t worth more money to spend on.

    • Thanks for the heads up, Zsofi! I’m not too wanting to try out Guerlain or Givenchy’s shadows, more than face products. Chanel shadows are pretty, but I find they’re very soft, so not really my favorite!

  23. Tammy

    I’d love to try Shu Uemura.. Love the simplicity and vibrant colors.

  24. Emi

    Ok, here in Greece we have way less makeup brands so, I always try to find smth on ebay and other sites that ship here.I’d love to try nyx,it sounds great and oh so cheap,bare escentuals(heard both good and bad reviews,so please if anyone uses them tell me your opinion cause I really want to try minerals).And all these cute brands like pop,benefit or tarte look good too.

    • I’ve yet to find a mineral makeup brand that really works for you. Do you have any awesome Greek-exclusive brands, though?!

      • Emi

        Well,so far I think Korres and Apivita(I believe both are available in USA) are two of my favourite brands.Apivita has some lovely face creams and Korres has a cheap&nice quality skincare line as well as some cute face makeup.I don’t know how much they cost in other countries but here you can find nice stuff for less than 10euro.

  25. katherine ang

    hey guys did you know that piolo pascual purchased a kitty kouture in paris . totally gross . k c was happy that piolo opened up to him .

  26. Mandi

    I have been thinking about trying out some givenchy makeup, I am pretty intrigues with their eyeshadow quads but my sephora doesnt have the one I want! (green envy)…I am going to look in person though and see if I like anything else, however I am wary to stray too much from what I know to be good colour payoff because as was mentioned by another commenter earlier, I also find that some of the higher end makeup brands have a really weird frosty finish to their colours! I also really want to try MicaBella (mineral eyeshadows) but I have read that you can buy online for so much cheaper and at something like $18 a pot I am very scared to make a regrettable purchase haha but the colours are GORGEOUS…I can see they would make my eyes look a lot brighter just by swatching them, anyways…some other brands I want to try are Chanel, Shisiedo (love shisiedo I LOVE IT!!!!!) their eyeshadows are AMAZING imo, and I want to expand my nars collection because the duos I have make me feel so pretty and put together. I am feeling pretty greedy right now, but hey you asked for it :-p