Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What lip combinations can you not live without? What are your favorites? Your most unusual?

Question courtesy of Liz!

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62 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What lip combinations can you not live without?

  1. Ashlee

    My favorite is.

    Soft lust & nymphette
    Soft lust & elaborate.

    I don’t have an unusual combo because I almost always have nude or light pink lips.

  2. my fave one for the summer is:
    MAC costa chic lipstick (euristacrats)
    MAC sock hop lipglass (heatherette)

  3. natasha

    1) Malt lipstick & Totally It lipglass
    2) Fresh Brew lipstick & Corsette lipglass
    3) Half n Half lipstick & Lovechild lipglass
    4) Tempting lipstick & Nymphette lipglass

    ooooh, there is sooo much more but these four are my basics in each colour group :)

  4. Jen

    Brew lipstick & Madcap Lipglass
    Angel lipstick & Steppin Out Dazzleglass

  5. lala

    pleasure seeker & soft and slow
    bombshell and 1n

    I do pretty normal combos lol…only ones I could think of.

    • lala

      ok the top was my weird combos.

      these are my fav.

      sandy b & nymphette
      3n & 2n
      1n & 1n
      1n & naked space
      pleasure seeker & naked space
      pleasure seeker & grapefruit
      curtsy & grapefruit
      cb 96 & grapefruit
      cb 96 & oh no
      barely lit & warm smile
      honeyflower & cthru
      kinda sexy & 2n
      pleasureseeker & VV6

      sorry too many to count lol

    • Oh, Pleasureseeker and Soft & Slow are wondrous together.

  6. Jam

    half honey lipstick topped with patisserie lipstick !!

  7. Fie

    I have recently discovered the joys of MAC Sashimi Mimi l/s and Stila Fruit Punch lip glaze. I had no idea glaze lipsticks shows up well on my lips.

    Other than that, I absolutely cannot live without my Twig-Twig l/s, it’s the perfect neutral lips for me.

  8. I ususally just wear Urban Decay’s gloss in Gash all by itself.

  9. Nell

    Sunsonic l/s with Be Seen l/g
    Ahoy there l/s with Spirited l/g
    Buoy oh Buoy l/s with Elaborate l/g
    Fetish l/s with Backlit 3D g
    “O” l/s with Tread Gently TT

    some current favorites, I love finding new lip combos.

  10. Samanttha

    Myth l/s & Thru l/g
    Hollywood Nights l/s & Pink Poodle l/g
    Russian Red l/s & Comet Blue d/g
    OMG OMG OMG the last one is GORGEOUS ON…
    Fleshpot l/s & Comet Blue d/g or Babysparks d/g

  11. Tammy

    Magenta l/l, Vivacious l/s, Funtabulous d/g
    Melrose Mood l/s, Baby Sparks d/g
    3N l/s, Sugarrimmed d/g

    & following Samantha,
    Cherry l/l, Russian Red l/s, Comet Blue d/g

  12. Kendra

    All the dazzleglasses! What am I ever going to do when I run out?! :(

  13. Jessica

    My favorite fun color is Cranapple l/l with Girl About Town l/s

    My favorite neutral is Subculture l/l with Honeylove l/s

    (all MAC)

  14. Liz

    I love Rozz Revivial l/s with Cult Fave l/g for a beautiful pink lip. Rozz Revivial l/s with Averice l/g is a great very wearable red.
    Pleasure Seeker l/s with Pink Grapefruit l/g is awesome for summer
    Sophisto l/s with Date Night Dazzle glass is a great funky plum.
    Ramblin’ Rose l/s with Pink Grapefruit l/g is a great coral.
    My “don’t know what color to wear” is always Viva Glam IV l/s and l/g.
    I also have found that Nymphette l/g sort of tones down a really strong color, like Lady Bug or New York Apple.
    Oh! I almost forgot…..Profusion l/s with Viva Glam IV l/s is a great pink.

  15. Viva Glam V l/s w/ Viva Glam VI l/g
    Syrup l/s w/ Spanking Rich d/g

  16. Tekoa

    Oh, I loooove the Dazzleglasses. The applicator just kicks it to the top of my list. I hear Kendra…what will we do when they run out?
    My most unusual favorite is Russian Red lipstick with Lady Danger in the lip center ontop of it.

  17. S.

    Everyday Lip: Kinda Sexy (dc’d) + Stila lipglaze “Brown Sugar”

    Nude Lip: Honeylove + Instant Gold Lustreglass OR Nice Buzz Plushglass

    Red Lip with a twist: Milani Bonfire Lip Pencil + Ruby Woo + clear gloss (lightly, in center only) + vellum eyeshadow/frozen white pigment patted LIGHTLY over gloss…this gives a gorgeous bluish sheen to the lips and adds a little “pop” :)

  18. Michelle

    I am still learning about combos but I enjoy pleasureseeker l/s with sweet tooth tendertone on top.

    I also like just Hush Hush tendertone.

    Ahoy there l/s with viva glam SE l/g on top.

  19. Carrie

    I like: (daily wear)

    Sci-fi-delity l/s with Deep Sigh tendertone
    Blankety l/s with Florabundance l/g
    Buoy-oh-buoy l/s with Illicit l/g
    Buoy-oh-buoy with the Lancome Daria Werbowy l/g
    Rozz Revival l/s with Lust is Lush lipgelee

    A more unusual one (a little bit, it’s kinda copper)
    Shag l/s with Clinique Brandy Twist l/g

  20. Pquanda

    I use all lipliners/lipsticks interchangeably, the glosses set looks apart…
    Oak, and Subculture

    Aishwarya’s Beige (L’Oreal, loves it)

    For NATURAL-pretty lips….
    Combo of l/l and l/s
    Use Nymphette, Viva Glam V, or Bateaux

    For NUDEE lips (lol)…..
    Combo of l/l and l/s
    1n (<3), Bonus Beat, or Bare Fetish

    For lips with more depth (aka I went easy on eyeliner)
    Combo of l/l and l/s
    Sable <3333 lipgloss

    For “Fun” Lips:
    Lollipop Loving l/s (no liner) and Sock Hop l/g

  21. DaniMae

    Ohhh fun topic idea!


    For a neutral lip I like to pair Touch l/s with Big Baby plush glass.

    For a dark lip I like to pair Rebel with the dark purple lipglee [can’t believe I forgot the name of it :/]

    For a red lip I love to pair Russian Red l/s with Spring Bean l/g.

    Annnnd for fun looks like I like to pair pinks [Girl About Town] and magentas [Immodest] with Comet Blue Dazzle Glass.

  22. Sanayhs

    For pink, I like MAC’s Out to Shock lipstick topped by Smashbox pout lipgloss.

    Red, of course, has to be red enriched cremestick liner, russian red lipstick and fanplastico lacquer.

    I quite like pleasureseeker lipstick topped with In 3D gloss for a more neutral lip (at least, for me it is).

    I really like Blast O’ Blue lipstick mixed up with different reds and pinks to give a more purple hue. 😀

  23. Milan

    These are all MAC:

    Angel l/s with Ample Pink Plushglass (my holy grail right now)

    Up the Amp l/s with Lush N Lilac cream liner

    Freckletone l/s with Cushy cream liner

    Tendertones by themselves!


    -Nars Babe lipgloss (another holy grail right now)

  24. Kendra

    By the way, does anyone know of permanent duplicates of any (or preferably all :P) of MAC’s dazzleglasses? Doesn’t necessarily need to be MAC! I absolutely love this product and am dreading the day when I am finally out!!! Christine?

  25. Laura

    I don’t really have one I can’t live without, BUT my favourite unusual one as of right now is DEFINITELY Melrose Mood (Heatherette) and Steppin’ Out Dazzle Glass.

    I normally put Petting Pink TLC on a primer, too.

    BUT OMG, thank GOD for Steppin’ Out… it’s finally allowed me to wear Melrose Mood without looking too stupid 😀

  26. alexandra

    Being a pale lippe girl myself I have found my perfect combination with Carmex lipbalm (the one in the tub;other formulations don’t compare), Stila perfecting concealer in shade c (yes, it’s a concealer but it’s perfect for nuetralizing the bright red color of my natural lips), Mac Lipstick in Tanarama, and a swipe of Mac lipglass in Underage.

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  28. Ely

    I everytime use
    MAC tinted lip conditioner SPF 15 in Petting Pink + HIGHLAND MINT – LIP & BODY BALM TIN from BADER BALM