Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What level of SPF do you wear? What’s your minimum?

Temptalia's Answer.

I wear at least SPF 15, but I usually aim for 30 or 35.


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45 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What level of SPF do you wear?

  1. margot

    40 in the beginning of the sunny days, and then I go down to 30. Never less !

  2. im using L’oreal UV in SPF 50

  3. Janelle

    30. I cant wear anything less, or I feel naked.

  4. Nic

    I wear at least 15 everyday. Im very pale and have freckles

  5. Virginia

    I wear SPF 15 everyday and SPF 50 when I go outside on sunny days

    • This is the same as what I was going to say. 15 in my daily products, much higher when I know I’m going to be in the sun for prolonged periods of time. My dad died from skin cancer and I have the same light skin he did, so it’s a big deal for me to be careful.

  6. according to cancer council australia that above SPF30 isn’t very stable. therefore, australia has a rule of labeling SPF up to 30 even if the same product is labeled as higher. (ie. Shiseido SS is labeled as 55 in other countries but 30 in Australia.)

    I trust Australian guideline and will use SPF30 (and whatever labeled as more.) :)

  7. Kajsa

    Whatever SPF comes in my foundation, think it’s 15 right now, but I mix it with a white non-SPF one so… Less SPF I guess?
    I don’t like the sun, so I stay inside for the most.

  8. coco72

    In my face SPF50, on the beach I began with 30, a couple of weeks later 15, and now 10

  9. My daycream has spf 15, so that’s what I wear during the day when I go to work. If I know I have to get out much in the sun I use spf50

  10. Stefanie Anja

    I live in England, we don’t get sun here. 😉

    I’m super pale and sensitive to sunlight though so I wear at least SPF 50 on my body when I am actually in the sun (like, on holiday). My face is less sensitive so 15-30 usually does the job.

  11. aradhana

    i live in scotland…no sun to speak of so on a regular basis 0, and 15 if i happen to be wearing foundation. if it is one of those very rare sunny days, or if i’m anywhere on holiday, then a minimum of 15…however above 30 often feels really heavy for face lotions…anybody have suggestions for something light yet strong spf?

  12. Hoonie

    SP35 for indoor, SPf50 for outdoor

  13. SPF 45 daily unless there are going to be photos then I dial it back. lol I don’t like to look all neon.

  14. sprut

    I use what is in my makeup which is usually a 10 or 15 unless I’m going out into the sun for the day like the beach or pool well then it’s a 45.

  15. hi

    My mineral makeup has SPF 15 in it, and I normally wear it just on problem spots and lightly under my eyes, which is where I need the most protection. I normally don’t get *tons* of sun on a daily basis, and if I know I’ll get some brief, hot bursts of sun (i.e. crossing campus to go to my next class) I’ll just keep my head down, lol! When I know I will get a lot of hot, direct sun, I go for the highest on the market – Neutrogena Dry Touch Spf 95. I’m SO, SO, SO ghost pale and direct sun for longer than 15 minutes will fry my skin. I’ve heard that SPF level doesn’t really make a difference after SPF 30, but it never hurts to be prepared 😉

  16. Mikki

    I always use SPF 30, face and body.

  17. Daniela

    I wear SPF 50.
    I use the Mineral cream sunscreen from Avene for intolerant skin. This stuff is awesome <3 .

  18. Natalie

    I wear SPF50 and it has to be waterproof too as I am prone to get freckles and dark spots. I get all my SPF products from Japan, such as Diorsnow SPF50, Kanebo or Shiseido 50

  19. fiaspice

    My face hydrating cream is 15 but I use SPF60 or I’ll burn.

  20. Jay

    My face is 30 on a regular basis. I adjust it for days at the beach and things like that. I use spf 70 on my body for days in the sun.

  21. Christy

    15 at least. My face cream has SPF15, but if I wear MAC Prep & Prime, it has SPF50. When I go out & we have some sun, SPF30 for exposed parts.

  22. Nic

    I usually use 15 or 30. I’m fair, so I’ve tried some pretty high spf in the past, but my skin just doesn’t like it. It’s not super sensitive otherwise, but a high spf will cause it to break out in bumpy red rash. Anyway, even on days when I’m outside for a long time, I find that 30 is perfectly adequate for me.

  23. Lo

    i am extremely pale, so 30-50 depending on how much i will be in the sun.

  24. I wear SPF30 on my face everyday and at least SPF15 on the exposed parts of my body if I’m going to be walking outside anywhere (I live in San Diego and we get SUNSUNSUN, so I take protecting my skin pretty seriously). If I’m going to be outside for a long period of time, then I’ll bust out the SPF30 for body, and if I’m going to the beach or anyplace that has lots of reflective surfaces (water) then I wear SPF60+ on my face and body. (This is partially because I am allergic to chemical sunscreens and SPF15, 30 and 60+ from Neutrogena were the only sunscreens I could find that I could use.) I also make sure that my sunscreen has a high percentage of UVA protecting ingredients as well even if there’s no UVA rating.

    While it is true that SPF30 technically protects against 97% of UVB rays and ratings above that don’t make much of a difference, that’s only true if you really use the amount recommended (which is quite a lot), so I would rather tell people to use a higher SPF and wear less of it than use a lower SPF and wear not enough of it.

  25. JennBee

    Anything above SPF 30 isn’t significantly stronger or particularly stable (like one poster said), so I usually aim for 30-50. :) I also try to use physical sunblock whenever I can – much better for you than chemical sunscreens!

  26. Lynn

    My everyday wear is SPF30 since I’m prone to dark spots. And sometimes when it’s really hot out or I’ll be outside for the most part of the day I wear SPF50.

  27. MissDeeCanada

    I always wear SPF 15 for every day. If I am going to the beach or camping or someplace where I will be in the sun for a long period of time I will wear SPF 60 on my face!

  28. Andrea

    My moisturizer has SPF 15 and my foundation has SPF 6.

  29. Kirsten

    15 in both moisturizer and foundation. Usually 15-30 on my body

  30. Kendall

    15 on my face and 8 everywhere else

  31. Jo-Anne

    body: 15
    face: 30

  32. mlou

    NW10 – love the outdoors, but try to avoid any damage. face/neck/ears: SPF 55-70 under my TM (which only has 20 and is possibly less IRL).

    body/hands: 30-55 all year long.

  33. Miss_M

    Usually SPF15 or 20. I work indoors most of the day and I live in Holland, where summers are a pretty rare event 😉

  34. Sass

    70…I don’t need to get any darker.

  35. Ruth

    When I’m in the sun, which is hardly ever, I hate it, I wear at least 70+. I go for the 100 spf now, I’m super pale.

  36. A

    spf 55 all year long everyday!

  37. karen

    50 spf on face w/ 25 spf foundation on top
    45 on body
    all waterproof + prefer japanese sunscreens

  38. Lily

    I use spf15 in the winter, spf30 in the summer. I’m trying to find an spf50 face sunscreen for this summer though.

  39. Victoria

    When I go to the beach or am out all day in the sun I wear spf70 because I naturally have a good tan, and I don’t like getting any darker..
    Plus skin cancer is not cute. =x

  40. Vivian

    I live in N. America, so we`re kind close to antartica. However, I use a daily (if i can and have time) SPF 15. Going out under the sun, it will have to be SPF 30. I never go above that, because I HATE suntan or going under the sun, I don`t like the idea of frying myself. neutrogena has a line of sunscreen like SPF 60 with Helioplex that stablizes under the sun. Maybe all you gals who frequently go under the sun should check that out.

  41. Carly

    SPF 45
    Neutrogena Sheer is really good.