Monday, December 1st, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What is your favorite red lip combo? Is it just one fabulous lipstick? A certain shade and a gloss? Share!

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29 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What is your favorite red lip combo?

  1. Aimee

    I was always deathly afraid of red lips until I found Stila’s Cherry Lip and Cheek stain. Haven’t used it on my cheeks yet, but I now love a glossy, sparkling red lip using this. It’s kind of repetitive and insane but I love the results for me.

    Stain with Stila’s stain.
    Line with naked.
    Stain again with Stila’s stain (since it’s not a very strong stain with just one layer).
    Fix any lining problems caused by the stain.
    Venetian (MAC) lip gloss.

  2. Amanda

    Red lips just seem like such hard work. All those touch ups… I couldn’t be bothered.

  3. Russian Red l/s and Venetian lustreglass!

  4. Fie

    Cranapple Cremestick Liner
    Port Red lipstick
    Lustre White lustreglass

  5. Sandy

    Port Red l/s + Cult of Cherry l/g or
    Russian Red l/s + some Red Dior l/g I have (forgot the number)

    I love red lips

  6. AshBash

    russian red lipglass alone looks good on me

  7. KyaLyn

    Ooo! I love Port Red + Cult of Cherry!

    I also do sunsonic + cult of cherry for a subtler red.

  8. Porcelain

    My perfect red lipstick is ‘Boudoir’ by B. It looks amazing on its own, or with clear gloss. If I REALLY want to up the drama, I add red glitter over the top of it… so glamorous!

  9. I like to wear Urban Decay Ultra glide lip gloss in Gash all by itself :)

  10. IZzySA

    CHILI by MAC.. and Nars REds.. especially Red lizard.

    Red gloss by Yves St. Laurent, and Vincent Longo..

    yea.. I do love my REds!

  11. naomi

    My favorite combo:
    Too faced Drop dead red and YSL pur gloss in black overtop= vixen!!!!!!!

  12. CodyMag

    NO QUESTION- Benefit Cosmetics Flirt Alter full finish lipstick with a dab of the gilded pencil in the middle. Fab!! Plus, it lasts allllll day

  13. Chica

    Rimmel Red Diva lipliner and MAC Ladybug lipstick – LOVE it :) I have tonne of red lipsticks though and probably wear red lips at least once a week.

  14. Jess

    I’m a red lip girl allll the way. Right now I love Clinique’s new red Party Red with Bamboo lipliner. I also love Clinique’s Red-y to Wear. I also love MAC Red She Said with Cherry lipliner. I also love Red She Said with Love Alert or Cult of Cherry. I like So Scarlet with Cult of Cherry on top. I could go on and on!

  15. mahalia

    my favorite red lip is velveteen (i think) lip liner, diva lipstick, and oversexed plushglass. all MAC. deep red for darker skintones. you know it’s good when men compliment it lol

  16. jess

    Besame Cosmetics Cherry Red lipstick is my favorite red. Sometimes I top it off with some clear gloss, but usually not.

    I also like Rimmel’s Ballistic lipstic.

  17. Nicole

    I like MACs Cult of Cherry Gloss on top of MAC Strawbaby (Fafi LE) or Rue d’Bois (from Euristocrats).

  18. retrofox

    This look has been boyfriend approved (as in he melts when he sees me wear it!)
    Dare You cremesheen
    Burgundy lip pencil
    Fan-Plastico laquer for that vinyl lip look!

  19. Rani Faye

    I prefer a deep, dark red lip and MAC’s So Scarlet l/s and Jampacked l/g give me that look!

  20. Carrie

    Lancome PS Kiss over MAC Chicory lip pencil. Maybe with a little Boundless 3Dglass on top if I want some shine.

  21. Kellye

    I’m a red lip girl, too. I don’t use liner and hardly ever think of topping my lipstick with gloss. My favorite of the moment is Cargo’s Shanghai. It’s a deep true blue-red.

  22. Alison

    i wear NYX cherry liner with MAC ruby woo lipstick, no gloss.
    perfect red for pale skin, imho.

  23. claudine

    brick lipliner
    russian red lipstick
    1 coat of cult of cherry lipglass
    everything by MAC
    its vavavooom red and not for the shy lol

  24. DJ

    Mac brick lipliner, all over
    then Three Custom lipstick in Warm Red

    matte, no gloss
    on very pale warm toned skin it is a great retro lip & my fave–my husband loves it too

  25. MAC Cherry liner with NARS Flamenco lipstick
    Cult of Cherry gloss over this combo occasionally

  26. Courtney

    Viva Glam 1 with just a touch of Red Romp l/g. Mmmm.

  27. mars

    I could never narrow it down to one red. Some of my favs are Russian Red or Ruby Woo l/s with cherry or brick lipliner, Viva Glam I, IV or VI with Red Enriched cremestick. I still have a few LE colors like Port Red, Red She Said, Classic Dame & Rapturous Mattenes, that I rotate. I don’t like to wear gloss over my red lipsticks although I will wear a gloss by itself like Russian Red or Cult of Cherry L/G.
    Every red lip starts for me with Benetint, Clear lip liner, a lip brush, and blotting with tissue and powder between layers.
    I believe every woman should wear and own a gorgeous red lipstick. Don’t think you can pull it off? Buy one and wear it everywhere for a few weeks. At the end you’ll feel naked without it.

  28. mars

    BTW, I’ve owned many other amazing non MAC reds but have let them go away since it has to be MAC for work. Plus they always ended up getting discontinued.