Monday, November 5th, 2007

What is the most expensive beauty product you’ve bought? What made you shell out the big bucks for it? Was it worth it?

I think my Sephora haul from a few days ago was my most expensive – the Givenchy diamond powder, which I haven’t received yet, so I don’t know!  I have bought Dior Addict perfume, which was lovely and worth every penny!

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46 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What is the most expensive beauty product you’ve bought?

  1. The MAC Barbie collection…I bought 2-4 of everything. And I LOVE all of it. My favorite colors ever!

  2. I would have to confess to just shelling out the $45 for the MAC 182 – Kabuki brush from my most recent haul. I have yet to give it a bath but I did love the way it felt when I tried it at the store the other day. VERY soft and the finish is smooth and flawless.

  3. bec

    $100 on a dior flight palette

  4. bev

    since i’m just a student my allowance can buy me olay total effects moisturizer for $12. it’s an investment. it’s an anti aging and it makes my skin glow!

  5. Adina

    Probably my luxe makeup splurges- the ysl holiday lipsticks, guerlain meteorites and gold shimmer dust, and givenchy diamond dust and lash sparkles. So gorgeous i can’t stand it all!

  6. It’s going to be the Chanel Palette (the $85.00). And um, I think I’m gonna buy it when we go to Nordsdtrom on Saturday at the crack o’ dawn (this is your offical date reminder!).

    • I should call and see if there is a YSL counter… I have no idea where my nearest YSL counter is, to be honest.

      Thank you for the reminder, my friend!

  7. The most I ever paid for a single beauty item was my MaxiGlide straightner for a little over a hundred-so worth it!

    But cosmeticwise- My 182! again, so worth it.

  8. Vy

    Chanel palette and YSL palette, and once I did the whole custom blend at prescriptives and that was alot too.

    but i love them all!

  9. becki

    I spend too much on everything LOL
    Hun would love to hear your thoughts on the diamond powder when you get it as its one Ive been lusting over!!

  10. allison

    I would have to say the 300 for the M.A.C case…

  11. tanya

    Though it wasn’t really a “product” but the 800$ I forked over for the laser peel thingy for my face was quite a splurge in the name of beauty and the Dr suggested I have three of them to totally erase any and all imperfections (acne scars) I will say that I have seen an amazing difference just with the one.

    • Wow!! That is a pricey facial treatment. Will you be getting the other two treatments or are you going to stick with one?

      • tanya

        LOL well since it was about as freakn painful as childbirth I think I need a few more months to totally forget the pain level and then maybe I will do one more. Actualy for sure I think I will do one more…but OMG did it hurt. Its the most painful laser process on the market because it goes in quite deep vs a photofacial which is much more topical and thus much less painful.

  12. Madeleine

    That would be this year,end of July,in Ottawa.Went to the Bay and spent roughly close to 600$ within 30 min.on MAC only (Chanel happened later that day,in downtown,but that was NOTHING comparing to MAC – lol).My husband has said only that I must have made this person(meaning the sales person) very happy lol,lol,lol.I don’t know…maybe 😉

  13. My YSL Palettes are worth it, i love them

  14. lisa

    Bare Escentuals rare minerals skin revival treatment for $60 after hearing so much about it i had to try it.

    • How did you like it, Lisa?

      • lisa

        Just been using it for a week now and already ive have started to see less visible pores and clearer skin. I definietly am seeing an improvement in my skin. I usually moisturize and wait 15 minutes then apply it. I hear the sponge puff falls apart after a few uses i personally use a brush tho. This is definietly a keeper for me.

  15. Ashlee

    The most I paid for was a mac haul after christmas last year[when i first started wearing it]. It was 145.32. But the most my step dad paid was for moonbathe & c-shock it was about 260.

  16. Most recently it was the Bobbi Brown Pink Quartz Shimmerbrick.

  17. Zsofi

    an Estée Lauder cream fop strech marks,it was around $120. and i bought it twice. i did not work 😀
    i also got a limited edition Escada Parfume for a Christmas,i don’t konow exactly how much did it cost,but is got to be expensive…

  18. ice

    Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Deluxe for 695 Saudi Riyals… a whooping $185, yep make up products here in saudi is way too expensive! i love it, but sometimes i just can’t make myself use it because of the price lol! and to think i don’t even wear makeup most of the time (i’m a stay-at-home momma)…i love my EL IDEALIST skin refinisher which i’ve been using for the last 2 years already(4 30ml bottles) and EL IDEALIST Micro-D…

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