Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

What gifts did you get this holiday? Did you get everything you wanted this year?  Did you have a favorite gift?  (Hey, we already asked what you’re giving, what the holidays mean, and now it’s time to play with new goodies!)

I received some clothes, tons of scarves, a south sea pearl set, and checks from relatives (guess where those are going…).  I have a few more gifts from my boyfriend’s family, but I won’t be visiting his family until the 29th.  It’s like a second Christmas, ha!  Hope everybody has a lovely (and safe) holiday.

P.S. – Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and happy holidays to those who don’t!

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44 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What gifts did you get this holiday?

  1. Beautywise I got Fendi Palazzo that I have been dying for since I first smelled it and a lovely blue OPI varnish. My son and man knows how to please me :)

  2. L

    my family doesn’t celebrate christmas but I got a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans from my sister and $100 from my dad.

  3. victoria

    we don’t celebrate x’mas too but my family enjoys the holidays being together, going shopping. i did receive a new years gift, a mac traincase and my first pigments. i was so blown away because i never told anyone i was that into mac and i finally get to try out pigments, oh boy, they are so vibrant, now i know what all the fuss is about. i think this is a start of a new investment.

  4. Tekoa

    For Christmas I got MAC gift certificats from both my friends and family. I’m so easy to buy presents for. Hee hee!

  5. so far, my dad and stepmom got me a new laptop (which i needed!!), and my mom got me some nice stationary and gift cards. in a few hours the rest of my mom’s fam is coming over, so we’ll see what goes down theN!!!

  6. Lala

    I got a Laptop, laptop bag, eternity diamond bracelet, bath and body product, some perfume, and yes of course some mac makeup.

  7. I got tons of kitschy penguin-related stuff, a cookbook, HP5 on DVD, a new set of cookware (it’s really nifty Rachael Ray stuff), some baking pans, a nice set of makeup brushes (I have a fair amount of brushes, but the set was nice and has face brushes that I didn’t have), the MAC cool pigment set, Parrot, Reflects Transparent Teal, a set of perfume from Bath and Body Works, a NARS double-ended lip gloss, Moulin Rouge! and Bend it Like Beckham. (This is from many different people; I promise I’m not too spoiled!)

    My favorite gifts are probably the cookware set (it’s very nice and it’ll take up less space than the 2 sets my roommate and I have at the moment) and the NARS lip gloss because it’s from my boyfriend :-)

    Wow, that was rambly and long, haha.

    • Are you a penguin buff? I used to really be into anything that had to do with camels, lol. I received camel children books one Christmas because of it!

      Looks like you got lots of fun makeup 😀 I love the Indian Red/Moon Fleet (or something) gloss by NARS.

  8. Stacey

    I got money, perfume, random beauty products, mary poppins, chocolate (yum) AND $450 in MAC vouchers aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    And they’re not open boxing day.. it’s killing me!!!

  9. Tonee

    I don’t celebrate Christmas but I do get a lot of gifts :) So far I got a whole load of books including Atonement (going to start on this right away) and some from Terry Brook’s Shannara series (I am a big sci-fi/fantasy fan and everyone knows it!).

    Make up: I got some MAC products (fluidlines and lipstick), Laura Mercier blush and lip stain – which looks fab and of course Smashbox Soft Lights (which I LOVE.

    Perfume: Burberry, Stella and Euphoria.

    DVDs: LOST, CSI, Scrubs

    Quite happy with everything so far :)

  10. Tanya

    I was totally spoiled this Christmas :)
    I received –
    Sex and the City dvd’s season 5 and 6
    My sewing room painted hot pink with purple trim (value about 1,500$), after Christmas we are putting in new flooring and hitting IKEA for two tables, and a nice chair, which will complete the gift.
    I recived a new lap top a month early, but as a joke they wrapped it up and gave it to me again :) heheheh its the new yellow dell.
    Cannibal Holocaust and Edward Scissorhands
    A silver neckless that says “Vegan” from PETA
    A yellow messanger bag also from PETA that shows a picture of a baby chicken and the caption reads “I am not a nugget”
    my Mom knitted me a scarf (she hasn’t knitted for twenty years maybe and I have been bugging her to teach me so this is a pretty big deal and I am realy excited)
    A soy candle in green tea scent
    Several face products from my favorite line
    new slippers
    a speaker system for my Ipod Nano
    a bunch of sewing supplies (two pin cusions, cute pins, a large cutting mat and much more)
    five or six crafty sewing type books
    this funny pair of glasses you wear when you cut onions so you don’t cry (I do all the cooking and detest cutting onions so this is a total crackup)

    deep sigh, its hard being a princess :) LOL
    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and its been really fun reading what everyone has received for Christmas!!!

    • Oh, yes, Tanya, I think you are indeed a princess this year, utterly spoiled :) But deservedly so!

      I’m so envious of your sewing room! I need a huge room dedicated to beauty… honestly! With amazing light, yes *envisions*

      Congrats on all of the amazing gifts!

      Love the onion glasses, lol!

  11. Carrie

    My husband picked out for me the Fresh Winter Picnic eye palette. :) I haven’t tried their eye shadows before – very silky smooth, less color payoff than some MAC fans might like, but I really like it!

    happy holidays everyone!

  12. Ashlee

    I got a bunch of clothes[that fit!!!] a holiday 06 palette that i got early. A curling & flat iron. VS dream angels perfum body wash & lotion. earring, 2 bath sets, pj bottoms & a pj set. A new robe.And a gold & opal watch & bracelet set, with little crystal accents.

    • Yay!! I got a suit and a pair of pants, and both were ordered online from etailers I’ve never bought from, so I was QUITE happy when they fit, too! I do need to lose a couple pounds for the pants to fit *perfectly*, but ’tis the holidays and thus weight gain is… inevitable, lol.

      The watch/bracelet set sounds gorgeous!

  13. dee

    I got 2 coats, 2 ipod radios, 1 barnes and noble gift certificate, one AmEx gift certificate, and a digial camera.

  14. Lala

    Yeah the bracelet is fierce!!! thanks to my mom :)…

    perfumes: Lancome – Hypnose & Emporio Armani – Diamonds..both smells great!

  15. Merry Christmas my dear!! Christmas here is now for the little ones (well toddler mostly) and watching him open the presents with a smile on his face is enough of a Christmas present for me. But I did get a MAC giftcard!! YAYAYAY!!

    • You too, hun!! :) Awww, that’s so great! I still try to make sure my parents get their share of things to open! My sister always make out like a bandit!

      Yay, MAC giftcard!

  16. Monica

    sounds like you got a lot of good things for Christmas
    for me I got a lump o’ coal in my stocking (bc my bf is oh so silly), french jasmine & rose fragrance beads (smells divine), french vanilla candle & a stand to go with it, 50 of the best excuses & lies (bc I suck at lying lol) I Am Legend book (watched the movie recently good movie), Post Secret book, Lindt chocolate (best chocolate ever) and my favorite thing in the world now a logitech dock for my ipod

  17. Lindsay

    Oooo…I love the Post Secret books!

  18. Niki

    I’m in LOVE with the NARS Night Flight shadow my sister gave me for Christmas. I applied it as an eyeliner with a wet brush and it applied like a dream. My first time getting into NARS and I’m not disappointed. :)

  19. Niki

    Also I got new boots, black wedges(love them cause they can be dressed up or dressed down), 2 Forever 21 gift cards, an AmEx gift card(can’t wait to go shopping especially since my birthday is in 2 days :p), Victoria’s Secret Angels perfume gift set, undies from VS Pink, $100 from my aunt, and some other stuff I just can’t remember at the moment. But it was a fantastic Christmas especially since I wasn’t expecting anything.