Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What five brushes could you not live without? Make sure to state the brand and type!

MAC brushes: 219, 239, 150, 168, 182

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64 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What five brushes could you not live without?

  1. Nell

    MAC 129, 239
    Bobbi Brown large powder brush

    thatΒ΄s it, the others I have are not essential.

  2. Briodmun

    Powder brush, foundation brush, lash/brow comb, large eyeshadow brush & small brush.
    Saying that however, i really do think i wouldnt be able to live without all my brushes..

  3. Stephanie

    My MAC 187 foundation brush (you barely need any product with this one), my angled brow brush from Sephora, and I usually just use any big powder brush and cheapie eyeshadow brushes-but those two are definitely a must!

  4. Lori

    cheap-o annabelle e/s brush, use them for udpp and paintpot application (as I got pissed at the udpp bottle, cut it up and put its insides in sample jars!)
    242–eyeshadow lid application
    217–heavenly for crease application and my beloved blender!
    187–liquid foundation application and blending for flawlessness!
    a small liner brush from quo (looks like a concealor one) as I like to put fluidline but try to tightline, and i find an angled brush gives me a huge line that to me looks wonky!

    I hope to procure a buffer brush and some more MAC brushes when I take a trip to the states hopefully soon!

  5. Three brushes from my Sephora Smoky eyes kit: detail brush for lining with Fluidline, the allover shadow brush, and the brow/lash comb duo.
    MAC kabuki.
    Sonia Kashuk tapered blending brush.

    But I love all my brushes equally!

  6. BaDKiTTy

    MAC 217, 275 and 182.
    The cheap one foundation brush.

  7. Nicole

    MAC 266, 217, 249, 134, 239, 169, 187, 224 and BE angled eyebrow brush. I can’t live without those since i use them everyday but I actually can’t live without any of my other MAC, MALLY, Smashbox, and BE brushes either.

  8. Ross1977

    I cannot live without the following MAC brushes:

  9. Body shop blusher brush and eyeshadow blender and sephora bronzer brush, liner and medium shadow brush.

  10. kachelle

    MAC 213,217,224,239,266 and since you commented about the loew-cornell brushes it’s a few of those i cant live without but i definitely love the amm mini mop1/4 and the 270maxine’s mop 3/8. Thanks for the tip Christine :)

  11. victoria

    mac 187, 217, 116, nars #15 and my cheap but awesome posh kabuki brush, this is just as soft as the mac kabuki, and i have both and tested it but posh cost just $17.

  12. smashbox #19 kabuki, MAC 187, MAC angled liner (266? i dunno), BE flathead, adn teh MAC liner brush (it’s d’ced, i don’t remember the # off the top of my head)

  13. Tammy

    MAC 182
    MAC 116
    MAC 187
    MAC 242
    MAC 217

  14. MAC 266, 217, 252, 239, 219 (yikes, and I used to hate this one)

  15. Jenny

    Gosh, I have so many brushes that I love! But, the brushes I could not live without are MAC 129, 187, 239, 217 and Nars #13.

  16. Davina

    this is hard! MAC has got me hooked on every brush they make, ha ha! but if i had to choose: 109, 187, 239, 217, 242. i use a combo of tiny flat & angled art store brushes for my fluidline, i love them more than the 266. πŸ˜‰

  17. Sanayhs

    If I could only choose 5 brushes to have forever… it would be the 182, 239, 266 and two 217s. Yes, two of the same brush: one for playing with and blending eye colour, the other for under-eye concealer.

  18. MAC 194, 239, 219, 217
    and Prescriptives Bronzer Brush (ItΒ΄s fantastic for the blush)

  19. Amanda

    Question-what do you all use the 219 for? I bought one recently but I haven’t been able to figure it out to get much use from it…but if you are putting it in your top 5, then I’m definitely missing something, haha! What do you do with it? Thanks!!

  20. Arness

    Bobbi Brown kabuki brush
    MAC 109, 187, 190

  21. MAC 239, 187, 222, 129
    Clinique concealer brush

  22. Chrissy

    If I have to narrow down to five, I think it would be:
    MAC 187/188/217/242/209

  23. Sarah

    I could NOT live without my MAC 224 blending brush. Also, I need my 266 for my brows, my 150 powder brush, 168 blush brush, and I love the 242 and 252 brush to apply eyeshadow!

  24. Pia

    I can’t live without my 266. It’s great for brows, tightlining my eyes and even for creases.

    For applying eye shadows, any brushes which could pick up color are good enough for me. Besides, I could always use my fingers to apply and blend.

  25. Sovann

    Hi Christine! I absolutely love the 182 also. I love how I can buff foundation so easily!!!! Also, love: 224, 217, 266, 222.

  26. Linda

    I can not live without

    MACs 187, 182, 252, 222, 219

    I love them to death! :)

  27. jes

    oh man, do i really have to choose only five?
    182, 187, 219, 231, 205, and i’m gonna cheat and have one more.. my 223. i would also say my 169, except i don’t always contour my cheeks. well, i’ll also say my 169, anyways. yeah, i’m two over the limit.. oh well! :o)

  28. Ariele

    MAC 187
    MAC 239
    MAC 227
    Posh Large Crease Brush (similar to MACs 219, but a little larger & softer, I find this is perfect for depositing color into the crease AND blending it – something I used to use 2 separate brushes for)
    theBalm Shady Lady Liner Brush (best angled liner brush EVER – & its only $5 at Sephora!)

  29. Victoria

    1. Quo cream e/s brush
    2. MAC #187
    3. MAC #239 eye shader brush
    4. Quo small concealer brush (super tiny for very precise application!)
    5. I’m FINALLY getting a #182 and I know I’m gonna love it!

  30. SOPHIA

    MAC 187
    MAC 217
    SHU UEMURA #14

  31. MAC 187, 217 and 239
    Sonia Kashuk blush brush and smudger brush :)