Monday, February 9th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What do you use to clean your brushes? Brush cleanser? Shampoo?

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64 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What do you use to clean your brushes?

  1. Shanel

    for regular cleaning, I use mac’s brush cleaner.
    for deep cleaning, I use baby shampoo.

  2. Dea

    i spot clean myy brushes using MAC brush cleanser and deep clean them using Johnson&Johnson Shampoo and Conditioner… ^^

  3. chuarmk

    MAC brush cleaner for spot cleaning,that’s all.

  4. Spot cleaning: i just run the brush gently on a fibre free paper towel. I find most of the powder and colour comes off.

    Deep cleaning: gentle shampoo for natural hair brushes, and cleansing oil and dish detergent for symthetic brushes.

  5. Saira

    I clean my brushes with the face wash I normally use on my face. I haven’t used the Mac brush cleaner before. Is that for disinfecting/thoroughly cleaning the brush or is it more for a quick clean? Should you also clean it with water and a soapy wash every so often if you use the brush cleaner?

    • JADE


  6. vinna

    Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. Its cheap, smells nice and does the job.

  7. AbbyL

    I use my face wash too! Is that harmful?

    • Saira

      I don’t imagine so. I use face wash on my brushes as I know that my face wash is good for my face, doesn’t bring me out in rashes, etc, so I’m not likely to get an adverse reaction if I use it on my make-up brushes as well and it’s going to clean them well.

  8. i use my daughter’s baby shampoo. sometimes i use alcohol with the baby shampoo but i heard it can dry the brushes.

  9. Anitacska

    Only water.

  10. Cat

    I use the Mac cleaner every now and then but to get a really deep clean I use baby shampoo.

  11. rowan

    tiny amount of moisturising shampoo in lukewarm water

  12. i use my Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo.
    it does a good job!

  13. MissTiss

    Baby shampoo all the way. Best thing out there. I do have MAC’s brush cleaner for quick cleans, but it’s rare that I need it. I’m fortunate enough to have a good sized brush collection and don’t have to do a lot of sharing when creating a look.

  14. Once i’m done applying my makeup I clean them with the ‘quick change’ brush cleanser from Bare Escentuals.
    Once a week I clean them with baby shampoo :)

  15. reesa

    for quick cleaning and changes in color, i use baby wipes. for regular, deep cleaning i use philosophy purity face wash.

  16. Frances

    I absolutely LOVE MAC’s brush cleaner, it cleans and conditions the brushes so well, and leaves them really soft.

  17. Amanda Rene

    Mac brush cleaner for spot cleaning. For deep cleaning I use a gentle face wash (I know I need to pick up some baby shampoo instead for those). After using the face wash, I follow up with Mac brush cleaner to soften and condition.

  18. mahalia

    I read in a glamour magazine that salicylic acid found in face wash was good your brushes.

  19. Ilaria

    I use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. For deep cleaning I use a bit of body disinfectant, rinse off and then I wash them using baby shampoo.

  20. Carrie

    I just wash my brushes with my regular bathroom hand soap from the natural foods store. Been doing it for years and they are holding up fine.

  21. Lena

    MAC brush cleaner. It works great!

  22. Karla

    I spot clean with water. For deep cleaning I watched Enkore’s video to make your own brush cleanser. Saves ME tons of money. Instead of buying MAC brush cleaner I make my own. Works like a charm. I have the receipe or you can watch enkores video. I need to clean them today actually…lol.

  23. sophielou

    I use Ben Nye Brush cleaner…simply for the reason that there is a stage makeup shop near where I live and that’s what they had!

  24. Laura

    Like pretty much everyone else here (LOL) I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I use it to take my eye makeup off too!

    • MissTiss

      I do this too! I have eye allergies and the eye doctor specifically recommened washing the eye area with baby shampoo. It works!

  25. Dewy_Blueeyes

    i use baby shampoo too!! used to just use handwash but figured it might be a bit harsh for it….

  26. Vivian

    I use Johnson baby shampoo, because it’s gentle… and I don’t think i need to buy a brush cleaner anytime soon, since I don’t feel the need for spot cleaning right now. I also use my H2O face foam to clean my brushes. :)

  27. Mamainak

    Feminine hygiene wash :)

  28. Vanessa

    I use Johnson & Johnson baby wash… works great!

  29. Right now i use MAC’s brush cleanser but im going to start just using baby shampoo as well. I used to use shampoo but since i now have expensive brushes, i dont want them ruined.

    I used regular shampoo on my cheapy brushes as to not waste my MAC cleanser now though.

  30. Cinema secrets brush cleaner and once a month a shampoo and condition them. I just did it yesterday and I have brushes all over the bathroom drying!

  31. Inky

    I use the MAC brush cleaner or shampoo.

  32. HoneyBrown1976

    Baby shampoo

  33. I spot clean with my MAC brush cleaner, but once a week i use a green tea conditioner. leaves them softer than the MAC cleaner does :]

  34. CeeBee

    Seba-Med face and body wash – the same stuff I use to take my makeup off!
    For stubborn residues (foundation, concealer) I follow up with a good squirt of isopropyl alcohol and blot to make sure I have removed every last bit of gunk.

  35. Brush cleanser most days, baby shampoo once a week. At work, the others wash their brushes with kinda cheap shampoo and conditioner and it makes all the bristles splay out and go weird. No thank you! I wash my own brushes.

  36. Andrea

    I clean mine with baby shampoo. and for a quick clean, I use these wipes from Sephora.

  37. After I’m done using them I tap them off on a paper towel. Getting alot of extra makeup off them. And once a week I use Baby Wash.

  38. Megan

    I just use good old hand wash then I lay them down so the water wont get down into the handle and losen the glue

  39. Justine

    usually just hand wash :) but i only do that probably once a week, and between colours i just wipe with a face cloth.

  40. carriespooner

    Spot clean: Mac brush cleaner

    Wash day: Dr. Bronners

  41. For spot cleaning I use MAC’s brush cleanser but for a more thorough cleaning I use regular shampoo mixed with a bit of conditioner.

  42. i shampoo & condition my brushes…

  43. Macaddict

    MAC brush cleaner and, for deep cleaning & big dense brushes, my antibacterial liquid hand wash. I have never – and never will use baby shampoo – bcz I once read that it’s really harsh on hair (apparently whatever product(s) they put in for “no more tears” is no good for hair (totally 2 different pH levels). Just my opinion. :-)

  44. MAC’s brush cleaner. That reminds me they’re due for a cleaning.

  45. Sara

    MAC brush cleanser followed by a mild, liquid soap :)

  46. I use to clean them with mac’s brush cleaner but i ran out, so now i clean them with baby shampoo every night.

  47. Anna

    i actually use my old facial wash which i stopped using cuz i bought a new one. but after reading all the comments above, i’m prob gonna buy the J&J baby shampoo too!

  48. Yeah I use a bit of shampoo and I have the brush cleasner for spot cleanng too but don’t think I will be buying it again when I run out. Face washes/shampoo seem to do the job just as well!

  49. I wash my brushes with dish washing detergent. I put a dime size drop of soap in my hand, swirl the brush in my palm, rinse it out, and have them air dry on the window sill.

    • Claudia M.

      I do the same, but use either my face wash or ivory soap bar, basically the two things that I KNOW won’t break me out

  50. Cassykins

    For quick color changes I spritz rubbing alcohol and give a quick swish on a towel. For better cleaning, I use shampoo (though I have also done dish detergent, but find it’s too harsh sometimes)

  51. Hannah

    I use generic baby shampoo & water.
    For lip brushes I sometimes use hand soap to get the lipstick out (baby shampoo doesn’t do the best job).

  52. Jessica

    ulta brush cleaner sometimes if its just a little dirty. a few spritzes gets it out (: but for deep cleaning – baby shampoo

  53. Kayc

    Spot cleaning: MAC brush cleanser

    Deep cleaning: Bare Escentuals Well Cared For brush shampoo (sometimes I use my Purity face wash from Philosophy).. I might try the J&J baby shampoo and conditioner though :)

    • Kayc

      Oh, by the way for lip brushes I use the MAC brush cleanser for spot cleaning (I keep a small spray bottle in my purse for when I’m on the go) and for deep cleaning I use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) before using my BE brush shampoo :)

  54. ice

    i use J&J baby shampoo every after use. But i’m planning to get the MAC cleanser now for spot cleaning, and use the J&J for deep cleaning instead.